Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 739 – Encountering The Divine Alliance Again

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Chapter 739: Encountering the Divine Alliance Again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After it had been turned into a Combat Soul Card, Lin Huang could not wait to take the card out and began looking through it carefully.

The Combat Soul Card was orange in color, and Wu Zhi’s face was printed on the front with a semi-transparent body. Moreover, there were the floating black sigils flickering on top of it with two diagonal lines connecting from the four corners to form a cross, and there was a word “sealed” printed in the middle of the card.

Flipping to the back of the card, Lin Huang began reading through the exact information of the card.

“Combat Soul Card”

“Rarity: Mythical”

“Type of Combat Soul: Human (Tribal member)”

“Combat Level: Virtual G.o.d rank-1”

“Skill: Unavailable”

“Summon Authority: Deactivated (Immortal-level required)”

“Card Remarks: Pa.s.sable”

“Remarks: Since you have insufficient authorization to access the card, it is not available for use. As soon as you achieve the immortal-level, it can be summoned once. Upon achieving the imperial-level, you’re allowed to summon it three times. The summoning authority will be completely activated after transforming into a DemiG.o.d or a Virtual G.o.d.”

After he thought of The Devil’s Horn that he had just obtained being sealed as well, Lin Huang did not bother to look at the other legendary skill card, the Royal Sword. He divided his telekinetic powers into multiple thread-like strands and searched through the snowy land. Soon, Zhu Xing’s Emperor’s Heart Ring was found, and he stored it in his storage ring.

Looking at the time displayed on the Emperor’s Heart Ring, it was slightly after 11 in the morning. There was only half an hour left until the deadline set by the Union Government.

Lin Huang raised his head and fixed his gaze in a certain direction, looking worried. Thousands of kilometers away was the foothold where Bai Gu and the rest were staying.

Seeing Lin Huang remain still for several moments, b.l.o.o.d.y extended its head from his sleeve. It could read Lin Huang’s mind.

“You don’t have to worry about Bai Gu and the rest. They’ve contacted the rest of the ethnic groups and are ready for the fight.” b.l.o.o.d.y said, projecting several monitoring scenes in front of Lin Huang.

In the monitoring scenes, a few ethnic groups were busy preparing for war. They all seemed ready for it.

“The Union Government’s troops have entered their land three days ago. The tribal members might not be able to win the war.” b.l.o.o.d.y continued, “Since the deadline is over, the Union Government’s troops will start wiping out the humans beginning this afternoon. It isn’t a wise choice to stay. The conflict between you and the Union Government will get worse. If you’re still worried about Bai Gu and the rest, you may leave first and get back to them a few months later. Your inheritance of the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’ memory will allow you to enter these lands whenever you please.”

Lin Huang remained silent for a moment. Eventually, he nodded his head and replied, “Okay, let’s leave.”

After summoning the Golden Wheel, Lin Huang went through it without a moment of hesitation.

A few moments later after he stepped out of the dimensional relic, Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y appeared from an entrance at the previously marked coordinates.

About ten Union Government’s soldiers were stationed somewhere close to the entrance, and a few teams were there to register themselves.

Lin Huang walked toward them and was about to leave. However, after registering with his fake ident.i.ty, Lin Xie, he was stopped by one of the soldiers.

Lin Huang’s heart was racing as he thought to himself, ‘Has my true ident.i.ty been revealed?’

“Wait a moment. Where are your teammates?” Looking at his uniform, the one who stopped Lin Huang must be one of the small leaders among the ten of them.

“We’ve been attacked by monsters and we lost track of each other.” Lin Huang did not lie.

“Which organization are you from?” the leader asked again.

“The Heaven Alliance, Division 3.”

“What’s the name of the leader?” The leader asked as he lowered his head, glancing at the information shown.

“Shen Tao. He’s from the headquarters in Division 1.” Lin Huang was relieved because he roughly knew why the soldier asked him about it. “Do you have any other questions?”

“No, I don’t. You may leave now.” The leader waved his hand, allowing him to leave.

Lin Huang was originally worried that his true ident.i.ty being discovered since the detection instruments used by the armed forces must be more advanced than the regular ones. However, the questions asked by the leader were apparently unrelated to his ident.i.ty. It might have had involved the tribal members instead. The Union Government was likely to have already discovered the presence of the tribal members. They were afraid that the tribal members would sneak into a human group and leave these land. Therefore, they would further question people if they met lone rangers wandering around like Lin Huang.

Of course, Lin Huang knew that the investigation might be rendered useless. The tribal members could perform a spirit transfer on a person and obtain most of their memories. However, from the way the soldier questioned him, the Union Government did not seem to know that the tribal members were capable of performing a spirit transfer.

However, the Union Government’s omission was none of Lin Huang’s concern. He twitched his mouth and left.

He then pa.s.sed through the thin film that covered the entire land instantly. It seemed as if there was nothing there.

After leaving, Lin Huang appeared in the sky above the Peaceful Ocean.

Lin Huang was surrounded by a few people the moment he appeared and as he gazed at them, he could roughly remember four of them being members of the Divine Alliance. However, Gu Li was not there and the number of people there was different. Perhaps, they may have gotten lost.

“Why are the people from the Divine Alliance here? Are you guys going to bully a lone ranger like me?” Lin Huang raised an eyebrow.

“Lin Xie, give us the Emperor’s Heart Ring and we’ll release you. I promise you that we won’t do you any harm.” A skinny young man smiled with an evil demeanor.

“Is this how the Divine Alliance’s members behave? How could four immortal-levels surround a holy fire-level just to steal an item from him? Don’t you guys feel any embarra.s.sment?” Lin Huang insulted.

“Stop bulls.h.i.+tting me! Just tell me if you’re handing over the item to us. If you keep talking nonsense, don’t blame me for being rude to you!” the skinny young man yelled.

“Okay…” Lin Huang pointed at the Emperor’s Heart Ring on his left middle finger. Then, he turned the ring around and said, “How about the four of you give me your Emperor’s Heart Rings, and I’ll let you leave.”

“Lin Xie, you’re just a purple flame-level. Despite being a supreme genius, your ability is only on par with immortal-level rank-4 or rank-5 people. The weakest among the four of us is an immortal-level rank-7. Why do you want to make such a useless attempt?” One of the most handsome men among them said.

“I’ll repeat myself. The four of you, give your Emperor’s Heart Rings to me. Otherwise, leave your arm here.” Lin Huang completely ignored the guy as an ancient sword relic was gradually formed in his hand.

“Is he insane?”

The four of them exchanged glances with each other and a similar thought ran through their mind. They did not know that Lin Huang had just used a Transformation Card to increase his combat strength. Since the card was still in effect, his combat strength was not on the purple flame-level. Instead, he was on immortal-level rank-3.

“If you guys are not going to take it from me, I’m going to do that to the four of you…” Lin Huang grinned. Before he could finish his words, he disappeared from his original position.

In just a short while, he could hear people growling in pain. Four arms with their respective Emperor’s Heart Rings were detached from their body at almost the same time.

With Lin Huang’s telekinetic powers, he took the Emperor’s Heart Rings and threw the four arms into the Peaceful Ocean.

“This is just a lesson for you. You won’t be so lucky next time.”

Lin Huang then put the four Emperor’s Heart Rings away into storage. Then, he summoned the Golden Wheel and strode into it. The four of them were frightened, and none of them dared to stop him. They could do nothing as they saw him leave with the dimensional relic.

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