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Chapter 74: Glorious Return

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang left the Six-Armed Demon’s territory immediately after he leveled-up to iron-level. Although he obtained a card piece for killing the Six-Armed Demon in purple dress earlier, he could not bear the sight of that monster. If he were to summon the monster on the street, people would be terrified.

After a fairly decent distance from the Six-Armed Demon’s territory, Lin Huang found an empty s.p.a.ce in the forest and summoned the Undying Baby Dragon. It was a three-meter-long baby dragon and was pitch black. Its wings were about five meters wide when they were fully spread and there were horns on its head that were about 10 centimeters long. Its face was flat and round, looking nothing like the ferocious monster it was from the dragon family, more like an ugly monster that was quite adorable.

It rubbed its head against Lin Huang when it saw him, almost causing Lin Huang to fall from its playful act. “I did not expect you to have such great strength.” Lin Huang smiled, shaking his head. He patted the baby dragon’s head, “Since you’re black, I’ll name you Charcoal.”

“With one more upgrade, Charcoal’s rarity would be upgraded from Epic to Legendary. The concentration of dragon blood in its body would also be upgraded from beginner to intermediate.” He then said, “Xiao Hei, I would like to use an Advance Card on Charcoal.”

“You do not have enough Advance Cards.”

“How is that possible? I remember that I have one Advance Card.” Lin Huang knew he had kept an Advance Card and had been waiting for the perfect time to utilize it.

“To upgrade Normal Cards to Rare Cards, one Advance Card would suffice but from a Rare Card to an Epic Card, you require two Advance Cards. From an Epic Card to a Legendary Card, you would need three advance cards and from a Legendary Card to a Mythical Card, you would need five Advanced Cards. Lastly, to upgrade Mythical Cards to G.o.dlike Cards, you would need 10 Advance Cards!” Xiao Hei finally explained the rules of upgrading.

Lin Huang was b.u.mmed. He only had one Advance Card at the moment and that card not enough, not even for Bai and the Sand Monster. He would be rewarded one Advance Card if he completed the mission and from then, he would still only have two Advance Cards!

“Even if you have acc.u.mulated enough Advance Cards, I don’t suggest you upgrade your Undying Baby Dragon.” Xiao Hei seemed to know what Lin Huang was thinking about.

“Why?” Lin Huang asked, confused.

“You do not meet the required qualification. The Monster Cards that you’re able to master at the moment are limited to cards that are Epic and below. Monster cards that are Epic and above are temporarily sealed and can only be unsealed when you are a transcendent.”

Hearing Xiao Hei’s explanation, Lin Huang had to give up on his wishes of upgrading Charcoal. In reality, Lin Huang knew very well that even if Charcoal was not upgraded, its ability combined with Bai was sufficient for him to handle the risks at the borders of w.a.n.gyou Forest. If Charcoal was not restricted by Lin Huang’s combat level, such dragonkin types were usually stronger than a common transcendent at birth. Bai, on the other hand, was a mutated vampire at bronze-level rank-3 since the very beginning.

Since Lin Huang was leveled-up to iron-level, Bai and Charcoal’s combat strength was automatically upgraded to bronze-level rank-1. Lin Huang was fearless for what danger may lurk the border of w.a.n.gyou Forest because he felt safe with Bai and Charcoal. He trusted their strengths.

In the two days since he leveled-up to iron-level, Lin Huang has killed plenty of iron-level monsters with Bai and Charcoal’s help. When the first 360 columns in the first layer of his Life Power circle for his Life Wheel was almost full, he got Xiao Hei to disconnect his Life Wheel.

He did that because he was concerned that Li Yanxing and the rest would figure out what he was able to do. After all, he was in w.a.n.gyou Forest to level to iron-level. If they found out that he managed to level-up from an ordinary person to iron-level rank-3, Li Yanxing and the rest would know that he had the ability to acc.u.mulate Life Power quickly.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, earning Life Power required the practice of Life Skill. By absorbing Life Crystals using Life Skill or the Life Light in Life Crystals and to convert them into Life Power. There were different grades of Life Skill depending on the conversion rate of Life Power.

A Life Power conversion rate between 30% to 40% would be considered as a Beginner Life Skill.

A Life Power conversion rate between 40% to 50% would be considered as an Intermediate Life Skill.

A Life Power conversion rate between 50% to 60% would be considered as an Expert Life Skill.

A Life Power conversion rate between 60% to 70% would be considered as the Ultimate Life Skill.

A Life Power conversion rate that surpa.s.sed 70% would be considered as Holy Life Skill. Lin Huang had never heard about any that surpa.s.sed 80%.

An iron-level’s Life Power was 10 times concentrated than Life Power. A hundred years worth of Life Crystal could only fill 10 columns of Life Power even though the conversion rate was 100%. Aside from the Ultimate and Holy Life Skill, most of the Life Skills had a conversion rate of 30% to 60%. That said, a Life Crystal that was worth a hundred years could only fill three to six columns of Life Power.

However, even with sufficient Life Crystals, the level-up from iron-level rank-1 to iron-level rank-2 could not be done within a couple of days as it would take a large amount of time for Life Skill to convert Life Light into Life Power. With sufficient Life Crystals, it would usually take around two hours to convert one Life Power. Time spent on eating and sleeping aside, it would be good if a person could convert seven or eight Life Power a day. 360 columns of Life Power would take at least more than a month for the conversion to complete itself.

Of course, some people with unique body physiques would have a faster conversion rate which would result in a shorter conversion time. As for Lin Huang, the cycle was shorter. Whenever Bai and Charcoal killed monsters, they would absorb Life Light which would be converted into Life Power immediately and sent to Lin Huang’s Life Wheel. As long as Bai and Charcoal killed sufficient monsters, Lin Huang could easily level up to iron-level rank-3 without needing to do anything.

Considering that he would need to be with Li Yanxing and the rest during the return trip, Lin Huang had to maintain his level at iron-level rank-1 so that they wouldn’t find out. After disconnecting his Life Wheel, Lin Huang brought Charcoal and Bai to the borders of the forest to fight bronze-level monsters.

Since Lin Huang was leveled-up to iron-level, he could use his Life Power and had more combat skills now. Aside from the Blood Power wings, he had a couple of weapon rings on his fingers. A black armor, a sword, and a BlackEagle33 gun. The BlackEagle33 gun was especially useful – it can morph between a rifle and a pistol. It was no less powerful than a bronze equipment. It could easily kill a bronze-level monster when it was in the form of a rifle.

He used to be very careful wherever he was because of abrupt monster attacks but now, he feared nothing in the forests. He had only one goal at the border of w.a.n.gyou Forest – acc.u.mulate as many card pieces as he could.

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