Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 740 – Choosing A Life Fire Monster

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Chapter 740: Choosing a Life Fire Monster
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the border of the Peaceful Ocean, a teenage boy gradually opened his eyes in one of the sea view rooms at a luxury hotel.

He did not even seem to have reached the age of 20. His black, fluffy short hair and the pair of black eyes he had would make him one of the most handsome young man on Earth.

Clearly, he was Lin Huang. He had just returned from the floating land.

Mid-August was summertime in Victoria City. There were many tourists who visited the sea town and most of the hotels were fully booked.

Lin Huang only managed to book this hotel with the help of the Heaven Alliance. It was one of the three best hotels in Victoria City, and it had an attached training room. From the moment he returned from the floating land, he had never left the training room.

Lin Huang took a deep breath after leaving his training.

He spent most of his time in organizing the memories inherited from Wu Mo in the next four days. As for the Royal Sword, it took him only a short while to completely master the Legendary level sword skill since he had obtained the Skill Card.

Despite having a connection with the tribal members, Lin Huang did not have a thorough understanding of them. As for witchcraft, he had only mastered the Witchcraft Rune. Also, most of the runes were not made by him, and the inheritance of Wu Mo’s memory had helped him improve the weakness he had in this aspect.

After reading through Wu Mo’s memories for about four days, he did not only did he have a better understanding of the tribal members, but his witchcraft abilities were upgraded as well.

“The memory storage of that True G.o.d was huge. It took me exactly four days to organize the part of the memories that were unsealed,” he mumbled while shaking his head. Soon, he checked on the condition of his body condition, and said in a deep voice, “After circulating it for more than a month, the Life Power in my body has been stabilized. It’s time to level-up to the gold flame-level.”

He had been maintaining the same position while he meditated in the training room for the past four days. When he stood up, popping sounds from the joints of his body could be heard.

He slightly moved his body and pushed open the door of the enclosed training room.

When he left the training room, he took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh air with the scent of the ocean. Soon after, he mumbled, “Why did I feel hungry as I smell the scent? Could it because it reminds me of seafood?”

Although he had not eaten anything for four days, Lin Huang would not feel hungry with his physique. However, when he thought of food, he began feeling hungry.

After contacting the hotel staff, Lin Huang ordered room service and slowly walked toward the liquor cabinet in the living room. After a moment’s consideration, he took out a blue liquor.

It was a blue-green algae liquor made from the blue-green algae.

It was one of the species of the algae living in the neritic zone of the Peaceful Ocean. It was food for many fishes and other ocean animals. It was highly nutritious, so humans who live near the coast tend to use it as food as well. It was an ingredient often used in making cold dishes or soups. Eventually, people began using it to make liquor.

The blue-green algae liquor was common in the neritic zone but beyond that, it was a rare sight. Lin Huang had never tasted it before so he wanted to give it a try.

After opening the bottle of liquor, the light scented herbs spread through the entire living room. The fragrance of the herbs boosted Lin Huang’s concentration and he immediately poured himself a gla.s.s and walked toward the balcony.

He was on the 96th floor. Opposite his balcony was the beach of the Peaceful Ocean which was hundreds of kilometers long.

During the summer, the sun was high in the sky, the beaches were crowded, and everyone was in their beachwear. It was a beautiful scene.

Lin Huang took his gla.s.s of liquor and began observing the liquid in it under the sun.

In the blue liquid, there were dark blue granules of the size of rice. These granules were the form of crushed blue-green algae. Under the sun, the algae looked mysterious as they sank in the gla.s.s.

Lin Huang sipped at his warm liquor and felt a minty feeling at the back of his throat. He then recalled that he had once read from a book that said blue-green algae liquor was amazing to be used as refreshment on a hot day. It could also be paired with seafood.

After finis.h.i.+ng the gla.s.s of liquor, there was a knock on the door, and Lin Huang headed back to the living room. As he opened the door, the waiter was there, pus.h.i.+ng a trolley with a tray to serve the seafood.

It was quite expensive, seeing as Lin Huang spent more than 100,000 Life Crystals for that meal. The ingredients were not ordinary fishes but instead, they were marine monsters that lived in the Peaceful Ocean. The combat level of most of these marine monsters ranged from immortal-level rank-1 to rank-3. In addition to that, the dishes were prepared by a food hunter.

Lin Huang began dealing with some things after having his luxurious lunch. He disguised himself as Lin Xie and dialed a number for Hu Lu’s who was from the black market.

The call was answered on the first ring. Hu Lu was in her dress, and she was projected in front of Lin Huang less than three meters away.

To be honest, Hu Lu was not slim. No, she was rather curvy. However, her dress that looked like a cheongsam flattered her body shape. She looked rather beautiful in an inexplicable way.

“Mr. Lin, it’s been a long time since we last met,” Hu Lu smiled as she greeted him.

“Yeah, it has been a while.” Lin Huang nodded. He then continued with the conversation and said, “Let’s get straight to the point. Have you prepared the information that I’m looking for?”

“I’ve been researching it all this while. Do you want it now?” Hu Lu asked.

“Yes. Send it to me by today if it’s possible.”

“Alright. I’ll organize the information before sending it to you.” Hu Lu paused for a moment and asked, “Mr. Lin, do you have monster for sale?”

“I only have a small number of monster I’m quite busy recently and I don’t have time to hunt for monsters.” Lin Huang shook his head. “However, there might be something else that I’d like to sell. I’ll bring it to you when I’m free tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

“Alright, just pa.s.s it to me.” After hanging up the call, he received the doc.u.ment from Hu Lu within three minutes.

Lin Huang downloaded the doc.u.ment to his Emperor’s Heart Ring and started checking on it.

He breezed through the information and felt somewhat excited. He was choosing the last tinder monster for himself in order to level-up to gold flame-level.

The Mutilated Man was an undead-type monster that had gone through its third mutation. It was immortal-level rank-7.

The monster looked like a human covered in grey armor. However, its waist was broken and there was a 20 centimeters gap between its upper and lower body. It was a unique monster that could separate its upper torso from its lower body during combat.

Then Cunning Sting was a triple mutated psychic-type monster at immortal-level rank-6.

Similar to humans, the monster could walk on both legs. However, there would be bony spurs growing from its body. Each bony spur penetrated through their skin. The shape and the size of each bony spur could be adjusted according to their needs. Not only could it be used as a defense mechanism, it could be used as a weapon. Also, the tail of the monster was about three meters long and was completely formed by these bony spurs. It was an extremely terrifying weapon.

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