Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 741 – A Free Piece Of Information

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Chapter 741: A Free Piece of Information

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According to the information provided by the black market, there were only 31 triple mutated monsters. Compared to the information that he got more than a month ago when he leveled up to purple flame-level, the number of triple mutated monsters had reduced by three, and there were eight newly added monsters in the list. However, 11 of them had been removed from the list.

Among the 31 triple mutated monsters, none of their Life Fire tinder could satisfy Lin Huang.

After scanning through the information, Lin Huang frowned. “Is there no suitable tinder among all the monsters in Division 3?”

Though it was within his expectations, he did not hope to see this happen.

He remained silent for a moment and called Chan Dou.

Chan Dou answered the call on the second ring. As usual, he appeared in the video dressed in his white s.h.i.+rt as if he had never changed his clothing before. He was holding a green drink, slouched on a leather sofa as he raised his gla.s.s.

“I know you’re still alive. I heard from Shen Tao that an imperial-level Frostyape Corpse attacked you and you guys lost each other. They never saw you after that. He even told me that you’re most likely already dead.”

“I’m lucky as I managed to run away,” Lin Huang said humbly.

“So, did you get anything from the floating land?” Chan Dou sipped his drink while he asked.

“Yes. However, with my ability, I only barely managed to survive over there. It’s quite satisfying to get some rewards from the floating land.” Lin Huang did not reveal the truth. Although Chan Dou was kind, Lin Huang was not that close to him to tell him that he had gotten the Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s inheritance.

“That’s great. I didn’t expect you guys to get anything over there. It’s just about gaining some experience.” Chan Dou did not think any further. Although he knew that Lin Huang was strong, his combat strength was somehow restricted. Regardless of how strong he was, his ability was still being controlled. From what he learned from Shen Tao, the level of danger in the floating land far surpa.s.sed the range which Lin Huang could explore freely.

“Oh yeah, we’ve been chatting for a while. Why did you call me?”

“I’d like to look for the information of the triple mutated monsters via the Heaven Alliance’s databank,” Lin Huang immediately requested when Chan Dou asked.

“You’re looking for the monsters in Division 3? We didn’t build any information network in Division 3 as we don’t have many people over there. It costs a lot to build the information network on our own. We got the information in Division 3 from the black market,” Chan Dou explained calmly without feeling sorry at all. “If you’re looking for the monster distribution graphs in Divisions 1 and 2, I can get it for you and send it to you by tomorrow the latest.”

Lin Huang was speechless. He knew that there was only a small number of the Heaven Alliance members were in Division 3. However, he did not expect them not to have an information network in Division 3. “Alright, send me the information about Divisions 1 and 2.”

After thinking for a while, he decided to get a copy of the information in the two divisions in case he needed them. If he could not get a tinder that suited him in Division 3, he might have to go to the other two divisions.

After hanging up the phone on Chan Dou, Lin Huang poured another gla.s.s of blue-green algae liquor and took a shot. He then summoned Bai. After instructing Bai, he walked towards the bedroom and quickly fell asleep.

Only on the first day when he returned from the floating land, he slept. In the next four days, food and sleep were far from his mind.

Lin Huang could finally relax as he was not as stressed as he was when he was on the floating land. Also, his training had ended. In addition to having Bai to keep watch over him, he could sleep tight. He dozed off from about one o’clock in the afternoon until seven o’clock in the next morning.

Lin Huang felt energized after he woke up.

He then got up from the bed and walked to the living room after was.h.i.+ng up. He realized that Bai was sitting on the floor, resting its mind with its eyes closed.

When it heard the sound of footsteps, it slowly opened its eyes and looked towards Lin Huang.

“I’m going for breakfaster later after changing. However, I have something to deal with after breakfast. I’ll have to store you back into your card form. What do you want to eat for breakfast? I’ll buy it for you,” Lin Huang said to Bai.

Bai nodded its head, pointing at the bottle on the tea table that had been emptied. “It’s quite tasty.”

Lin Huang then found out that Bai had finished half a bottle of the blue-green algae liquor.

“I’ll buy you another bottle later.” Lin Huang knew what Bai was trying to convey. It meant that it wanted that for breakfast as it found the blue-green algae liquor tasty.

Bai never ate any solid food. He used to be interested in all sorts of red drinks. Lin Huang had no idea why it would be interested in the blue liquor all of a sudden.

Bai tilted its head and thought for a while as if one bottle was not enough. It hesitated for a while and said, “Two bottles?”

Although Bai sounded like it was asking a question, it could hardly hide its excitement.

“Alright, two bottles then.” Seeing it smiling happily, Lin Huang said, “You’re so genuine.”

It was how Bai behaved. Bai would never s.n.a.t.c.h things out from another’s hands. Also, it would always obey Lin Huang’s instructions and was quite reliable.

Lin Huang always had faith in his first summoning monster. If there were chances to level up, it would be the first summoning monster that Lin Huang would think of.

After changing, he went for breakfast. Upon returning, he saw that Bai was looking at him with enthusiasm.

“Here’s your blue-green algae liquor.” Lin Huang took out a box of blue-green algae liquor with a dozen bottles. “I’ve bought 30 boxes, and all of them are yours. The boss wanted to keep some for his customers, so he could only sell me 30 boxes.”

“However, that’s liquor. It’s not healthy if you drink too much. Keep it moderate,” Lin Huang reminded.

“Two bottles a day.” Bai nodded, setting a limit for itself.

“You promised. You can’t drink more than that.” Lin Huang smiled.

After downing the two bottles of blue-green algae liquor, Lin Huang then recalled Bai back into its card form. At the same time, he stored a box of blue-green algae liquor in his storage box.

Having got all these done, he then summoned the Golden Wheel and entered it.

He fixed the coordinates somewhere near the black market street of Sweep City. As he got out of the dimensional relic, he appeared on the roof of a skysc.r.a.per.

Lin Huang took a leap and soon, he disappeared from the black market street. A few minutes later, he went deep into the black market street and stopped at one of the shops.

In a room, Lin Huang took out an Emperor’s Heart Ring and gave it to a woman in a dress. “Everything is stored in the Emperor’s Heart Ring. Please quote me the price.”

“Alright. I’ll ask someone to do it for you.” Hu Lu grinned as she took the ring. After checking the items in the ring, she looked even brighter. She asked a female staff to come over and instructed her. She then pa.s.sed the ring to the staff. Seeing that the staff had left, Hu Lu then turned back and looked at Lin Huang. “Mr. Lin, let’s drink some tea while waiting.”

“By the way, about that monster list that I gave you yesterday, is there any monster that meets your needs?” Hu Lu took a sip of the tea and asked.

“No. I wanted to ask about this. Do you have any other information?” Lin Huang could not wait to look for a suitable Life Fire monster.

“All the information that we provide to our customers has been verified. We don’t sell information that hasn’t been verified. We don’t want to ruin our reputation.” Hu Lu smiled, shaking her head.

“It’s okay if the information hasn’t been confirmed. I’m willing to buy it at its original price as long as you’re not selling me fake news,” Lin Huang insisted while looking at Hu Lu.

“That’s not right,” Hu Lu insisted.

“Rules are dead, and people are alive. Please lend me a hand.” Lin Huang was not giving up.

Hu Lu remained quiet for a short while and said, “I’ll give you the information for free. If it’s fake, just don’t mention that you got it from us.”

“Okay. It’ll just take me some time to verify it,” Lin Huang promised, “Whether it’s reliable or fake, I won’t get you into trouble.”

“Regarding the serial murders that have occurred in Martel City, the deceased aren’t ordinary residents. They range from immortal-level rank-1 to rank-3 instead. Some people suspect that the parasites or the highly intelligent monsters might be the culprit. Many of them from the Union Government is investigating this issue. More than ten days have pa.s.sed. Still, they have no idea who the suspects are at all…”

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