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Chapter 75: Leng Yuexin is Missing!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the border of w.a.n.gyou Forest, a three-meter-long dragon attacked a group of bronze-level Viridian Wolves. A smirking young man who looked to be 15 or 16 rode on the back of the Dragon. He looked at the pack of Viridian Wolves that was running for their lives, seemingly unable to defend themselves in any way. Running on the ground was a young man with a pair of crimson wings in the shape of blades chasing after the wolves as well.

The dragon in the air was the Undying Baby Dragon, Charcoal that Lin Huang had just obtained not too long ago. It was Lin Huang who was riding on the back of the dragon and the young man on the ground was his partner, Bai. They were chasing after this group of Viridian Wolves as Lin Huang wanted a cool ride. Their bodies were muscular and they had fantastic muscles. Such monsters were in high demand.

Within 20 minutes, more than 30 Viridian Wolves were killed by Bai and Charcoal. Lin Huang combined the 30 card pieces into a complete Monster Card and took a look at it.

“Monster Card”

“Rarity: Normal”

“Monster Name: Viridian Wolf”

“Type of Monster: Mutated monster”

“Combat Level: Bronze-level 1 Star”

“Skill 1: Robust (Intermediate)”

“Skill 2: Blood Hunt (Beginner)”

“Summoning Limit: Activated”

“Card Remarks: Useless”

” Blood hunt? This seems like a tracking skill.” Lin Huang’s eyes lit up, he then read the skill description.

” Blood hunt (Beginner): After the skill is activated, the monster will obtain an enhanced ability to smell, allowing it to differentiate different odors within a 10-kilometer range. The monster will be extra sensitive to blood. In the presence of blood, the range of its ability would be enhanced and cover a distance of up to 30 kilometers.”

“Xiao Hei, extract card skill!”

Lin Huang was excited about the extraction. A single monster could only go through one extraction. If he extracted  Robust , his existing skill would be upgraded and if he extracted  Blood Hunt , he would obtain a tracking skill. He wanted either one of those skills.

“Skill extraction activated… Randomly selecting one skill… Random selection completed… Congratulations, you have obtained – Blood Hunt (Beginner) .”

“Cool, I finally got a tracking skill!” Lin Huang knew that after hunting monsters in the wild for such a long time that it would help him in battle. It would also help him in surviving in the wild in the future. Lin Huang kept the card and brought Charcoal and Bai to his next destination.

Time pa.s.sed and Lin Huang had been in w.a.n.gyou Forest for seven days but had yet to receive a message from Leng Yuexin. If he did not know her himself, he would think that Li Yanxing and the rest ditched him here on purpose. Fortunately, Lin Huang was different from who he was a few days ago. With Bai and Charcoal, he was unstoppable.

Within the few days since he leveled-up to iron-level, he got busy killing various monsters at the border of w.a.n.gyou Forest. Within five days, he had already managed to collect more than 3,000 bronze-level card pieces and combined three Monster Cards. He even obtained a complete Rare Monster Card from killing a monster. During this time, he used three Double Cards during crucial times and obtained double rewards from 10 cross-ranking kills, giving him 20 Function Cards. The only b.u.mmer was that the Rare Monster Card only dropped after he finished all his Double Cards.

It was the seventh day Lin Huang had stayed in the forest. Seeing that the sun was setting, he set up a tent in an empty plot. After that, he started a fire nearby and took out the meat slices that he prepared a few days back for a barbecue. He sat next to the fire with his legs crossed and he watched as the meat slices cooked on the grill as he relaxed with a drink in his hand. He had just bought the grill a few days back. Ever since he saw Fatty’s complete set of kitchen tools, Lin Huang began thinking about taking good care of himself, even in the wild. It was ridiculous if he had to survive on snacks every single day so he got himself simple kitchen equipment and the grill was one of them.

The sky was getting dark as the meat slices on the grill turned a golden brown, smelling incredible. While he flipped the meat slices over on the other side on the grill, Lin Huang said to Xiao Hei, “Xiao Hei, please do an inventory of all the cards I have now.”

“You have Function Card x25, Concrete Cards – Advance Card x3, Provisional Transformation Card x5, Mission Card x3, Treasure Card x3, Life Power Storage Card x2, Prop Card x3, Limitless Card x1, Flawless Card x2, Healing Card x3.”

“Monster Card x9 – Charcoal (Epic), Bai (Rare), Tyrant (Rare), Alexandrian Eagle (Rare), Ox Demon, Lion-Headed Troll, Viridian Wolf, Demonic One-Eyed Ape, Spectre”

“Card pieces – Iron-level pieces x1027, Bronze-level pieces x3051”

“Take a look at my Exclusive Card.” Lin Huang instructed.

His Exclusive Card popped up immediately.

“Host: Lin Huang”

“Gender: Male”

“Age: 15”

“Combat Strength: Iron-level rank-1”

“Life Seed: Sly Hands (Rare)

“Combat Skill 1: Great Sword Scripture (Sword Skill)”

“Combat Skill 2: Spectral Snowsteps (Body Movement)”

“Monster Skill 1: Blood Power (Level-2)”

“Monster Skill 2: Robust (Intermediate)”

“Monster Skill 3: Immense Strength (Intermediate)”

“Monster Skill 4: Magic Eye Deterrence (Intermediate)”

“Monster Skill 5: Absolute Defence (Beginner)”

“Monster Skill 6: Blood Hunt (Beginner)”

“Monster Skill 7: Boundless Vision (Beginner)”

“Monster Skill 8: Third Eye (Beginner)”

“Monster Skill 9: Supreme Breath (Beginner)”

“Summon Authority: Activated”

“Available Number of Summons: 2”

“Remark: Still wandering in iron-level?”

The additional four skills were extracted within these few days. Blood Hunt was obtained from the Viridian Wolves, Boundless Vision was obtained from the Alexandrian Eagle, Third Eye from the Demonic One-Eyed Ape and Supreme Breath  from Spectre.

Lin Huang was familiar with the new skills but he did not use them often. He kept his Exclusive Card and was ready to gobble up the meat slices. Just when he was enjoying the food, a warning came from Xiao Hei.

“Warning: There’s a situation, the content of your Mission Card has been changed!”

“New Mission: Enter deep into w.a.n.gyou Forest to look for Leng Yuexin who’s currently missing. Return her back to Carefree City! Mission time limit: 20 days.”

“Mission Completion Reward: Prop Card (Relic Level) x1, Advance Card x1”

“Punishment If Mission Is Incomplete: Two Monster Cards will be randomly removed.”

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