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Chapter 750: Evil Spirit Type

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was about midnight right now and the night was pitch black. The sky was covered by a cloak of dark clouds and the stars could not be seen.

Without the street lamps, one could see nothing in the dark as they walked along the street.

Martel City experienced a light drizzle, which made the weather a little chilly, adding to the joys of autumn which had just started in August.

On a lonely street next to the luxurious area, there were two figures standing on the opposite side of the street lamp.

One of the figures was about two meters tall and was dressed in a dark-colored coat, looking very muscular. Lightning crackled through the sky and its face could be clearly seen in an instant. It had extremely short hair which was very close to the scalp. It looked ferocious and the scar on the bridge of its nose enhanced its terrifying appearance.

As for another figure, he looked like an ordinary teenager at the height of about 1.8 meters. Compared to the man next to him, he looked rather skinny. He was in casual wear. He wore a white T-s.h.i.+rt and a pair of jeans. The only difference was that he had an attractive appearance. His pair of black eyes looked brighter at night as if they were two priceless, black gemstones.

The sunstones emitted a faint yellow glow, projecting light over up to ten meters away. The light highlighted the s.h.i.+mmer of the rain, resembling snowflakes that were falling from the sky. However, the two of them who stood under the streetlight, did not get soaked in the rain. With careful observation, one would notice that the raindrops were actually repelled before touching their clothes. Seemingly, there was a layer of thin, transparent film that repelled the rain.

Sleet Repel!

Only those who were on holy fire-level possessed such a skill.

With a slight activation, the rotating Life Power in the body of the holy fire-level would cause a force field to appear on the surface of their body. Despite the fact that the force field did not possess the ability to defend them, it was sufficient to protect their body from rain or hailstones. It was also one of the differences between transcendents and ordinary humans.

In fact, after getting to the immortal-level, one’s Life Power would be further strengthened and there was no need to deliberately activate their Life Power. The force field would be activated on its own and it would last for 24 hours. Not only would it protect them from sleet, even dust would not settle on their clothes. Generally, it could keep one’s body away from dirt even if one did not shower for a year. (Hmmm, I feel like spa therapists are going to lose their jobs…)

Lin Huang sized his opponent up through the rain. If he had not witnessed the entire process of his transformation in addition to knowing that the human that he transformed into had already died, Lin Huang might have thought that he was indeed a human.

The aura exuded by the monster was exactly the same as a human’s. Despite Lin Huang only being ten meters away from it, he could not figure out anything odd. Furthermore, he could sense just from its aura alone that the strength of the monster was the same as the victim’s; the both of them were on immortal-level rank-3.

An ordinary immortal-level rank-3 would mean nothing to him. However, he dared not underestimate the monster that had appeared right in front of him. He witnessed how he managed to poison two immortal-level rank-9s through the Backtracking Mirror. He could not even confirm whether the monster’s ability was of immortal-level rank-3 or not as it might be trying to mimic the victim’s combat strength.

Just as Lin Huang was carefully sizing the monster up, the monster was studying Lin Huang as well. Not only was it sizing him up, it looked at the surroundings carefully as well.

After confirming that n.o.body was there to back Lin Huang up, it suddenly released its aura that was initially suppressed. Earlier, the aura resembled Mars, but eventually, it burnt the entire gra.s.sland.

At that moment, only then Lin Huang was able to sense its fiendish aura that was different from humans.

“The aura… Are you a fiend?” Lin Huang frowned. However, he could vaguely feel that the aura it released was slightly different from the fiends’. Although it was as brutal as the aura released by the fiends, it was rather wicked.

“No, it should be an evil spirit type. The aura of the fiends tends to be darker, but the evil spirit’s aura will be eviler.” b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice was heard.

Lin Huang frowned again as he heard of the evil spirit type. He had to be careful and his dark combat sword instantly formed in his hand.

Since Lin Huang used to be a teacher who had read through all the monster guides and other monster information in the Martial Hunter College, he knew very well what the evil spirit type was.

Most of the evil spirits were created after going through a spiritual transformation. Some of them were transformed from the spirits of the dead due to resentment. Also, some of the spiritual creatures were transformed into evil spirits as they were contaminated. Evil spirits were also formed simply due to the acc.u.mulation of negative emotions.

In short, this type of monster was extremely wicked and they had shockingly sinister attack skills.

“Isn’t the evil spirit type often controlled by their negative emotions and that there’s a limit to their intelligence?” A thought suddenly came across Lin Huang’s mind. “The monster managed to plan chain murders without leaving any evidence. It doesn’t look like it’s a monster with low intelligence.”

“I wouldn’t get it wrong based on the aura it released. It’s dark, brutal, and evil. They’re all mixed up… It’s definitely the evil spirit type,” b.l.o.o.d.y said confidently, “Although it’s smart, it might just be a special case.”

As soon as the aura emitted by the monster reached its peak, the evil spirit suddenly moved.

Despite moving with a bulky body that had a height of more than two meters, its speed was terribly fast, which far surpa.s.sed an immortal-level rank-3. Lin Huang could only see a moving shadow.

However, not being able to capture its motion was not a big problem for Lin Huang as his territory managed to cover about three kilometers. Even an ant would not be able to escape him, let alone a muscular man that was more than two meters tall.

Lin Huang reacted just as his Territory sensed it. He brandished his sword forward without a moment of hesitation.

The purple Life Fire in his Life Wheel was burning vigorously. His Life Power resembled a river, flowing through his body. Right at that moment, the black combat sword turned purple and a purple glow covered its blade. The blade which was about 80 centimeters long instantly transformed into a giant blade that was about two meters long.


At almost the same time when the purple blade was formed, the evil spirit came right in front of Lin Huang. It was so muscular and had bulging veins. One could even vaguely see the blood coursing through.

The evil spirit did not hold any weapons in hand. However, it had a gigantic fist. After stretching it back, it struck a heavy blow at him.

At that moment, there was a loud explosion in the air. Before the blow struck, a vacuum was formed and the rain stopped.

Lin Huang’s pupils dilated as he witnessed the attack unfolding. He immediately activated his Life Power to its maximum and the purple blade expanded a few more feet.

The blade was extremely sharp as the air was slightly distorted while it flew by. His sword slashed through the raindrops right in front of him.

The both of them did not hold back, striking with murderous intent.

Right under the streetlamps, a white and a black shadow crashed into each other.

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