Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 751 – Lin Huang Versus Evil Spirit Type

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Chapter 751: Lin Huang Versus Evil Spirit Type

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Under the dark sky, the street lights emitted a faint, yellow glow, lighting up the street.

Two glows suddenly crashed into each other under one of the street lamps.

One of the glows was as black as ink whereas the other glow was purple in color.

The black and the purple glow covered the light of the sunstones in an instant and collided with each other.


A loud explosion was heard as if hundreds of thunders had crashed together at the same time.

Neither of the glows would give in, spreading out like mist. All the lights emitted from the street lamps were engulfed as they flew by.

The aftershock of the force as a result of the collision stirred up the atmosphere. It was akin to throwing stones into still water. The atmosphere resembled waves, bringing forth an aggressive wind that rippled everywhere.

The street lamp, which was situated right at the center of the force, was shrouded by the two beams of lights in an instant, being crushed into powder. Despite the fact that the main material used to make the street lamps was the biochemically manufactured alloy, which was corrosion-resistant and had high tensile strength when encountering a strong immortal-level, it was just as weak as a plastic toy.

The street lamp was not the only thing destroyed.

Almost everything within the area covered by the two glows turned into ashes. Not only did the walls on both sides of the area disappear, even the ground beneath their feet had collapsed, creating a huge pit which was about ten meters deep.

The wind blew ferociously, causing the trees and plants on both sides of the street to fall. Some of them were even uprooted. The garbage bins on the roadsides clattered to the ground and there was trash everywhere as they were blown by the wind. Some of the garbage bins were sent hundreds of meters away.

The loud explosion stirred up the atmosphere, causing the gla.s.s in many of the houses to break. Countless people were awakened by the thunderous booms and many of them thought that an earthquake was rumbling. Some of them even ran out of their houses naked.

Some of the transcendents could sense the vibration of the force and they knew that it was a battle between immortal-levels. They carefully looked through the window from afar in the direction where the explosion had happened.

In mid-air, the two glows gradually faded like mist after the collision. The black and the white shadows each retreated tens of meters away from the mist.

Lin Huang could confirm that his opponent’s ability was on par with his after the collision. Despite being merely a purple flame-level, he could actually fight against an ordinary immortal-level rank-8. Although the monster’s combat strength was only on immortal-level rank-3, its ability could be compared to Bai and Charcoal’s.

“It’s a battle between advanced immortal-levels!”

In the luxurious area, a middle-aged man’s pupils dilated as he looked in the direction where the both of them fought. Although he was an immortal-level rank-3, he could clearly sense from the aftershock of the explosion that his ability was far beyond theirs. He would definitely be killed within seconds if the attack struck him.

The middle-aged man was startled. Soon after, it seemed like something dawned on him as terror filled his face. He immediately left his house through the window and quickly headed in the opposite direction where the battle was taking place.

Of course, Lin Huang could sense that the potential victim was escaping using his Territory skill.

“He’s not stupid. He knows that the battle might have happened because of him.” Lin Huang took a glance in the direction where the potential victim was heading.

Right at this moment, the evil spirit seemed to possess some unique detection abilities too as it could sense that its target had fled.

It caught a glimpse of Lin Huang and seemingly, it was reluctant to fight him anymore. It stomped down hard on the ground. Along with the howling of the wind, it headed towards its target and chased after it.

“Hey, the game is not over yet. Where are you going?”

Lin Huang grinned, remaining still. However, he thrust his purple combat sword forward. A beam of purple light appeared in mid-air hundreds of meters away, blocking the evil spirit’s way.

It was the effect of Lin Huang’s Territory as his attack could simply reach any place within the coverage of his skill. In an area with a 3,000-meter radius, the power of the attacks launched within 1,000 meters would not be weakened. Attacks made within 2,000 meters might have 90% of its original attack power whereas 80% of the effect of the attack’s strength could be maintained within 3,000 meters.

Despite the evil spirit leaping hundreds of meters forward, it was still within the area covered by Lin Huang’s territory. The power of his attack was almost the same as the attack he had struck previously.

Seeing the glow appear in front of it out of nowhere, the evil spirit’s eyes flashed with a trace of fear. It was curious about how Lin Huang had managed to do so. However, it reacted immediately.

It did not dodge, but it struck a blow instead!

Its black Life Power resembled the torrential downpour of a waterfall and again, it b.u.mped into the crescent purple glow.

The black and the purple glow lit up again. Each of the glows engulfed an area which was tens of meters wide, wiping out everything within that region.

A loud thud exploded as if hundreds of cannons had just fired at the same time.

During the explosion, one could still vaguely hear the residents screaming in fear.

In fact, the position where Lin Huang attacked had avoided the residential area. n.o.body was injured, but the majority of them were frightened.

As it was blocked by Lin Huang’s attack, the evil spirit retreated tens of meters away. Lin Huang was relieved as he could sense that the potential victim had left the region covered by his territory.

The evil spirit seemed to have realized that it would not be able to chase after its target as Lin Huang had obstructed it. It then decided to give up on its target. It turned its body around, giving Lin Huang a death glare.

“Since you want me to let go of my material, you have to replace him and be my material. Although you’re weak, you’re considered a high-quality material with the abilities and the unique skills you currently have.”

“It seems like the both of us are thinking of the same thing.” Lin Huang grinned, showing both of his canine teeth. “I wanted to extract your Life Fire tinder as well so that I can level up to gold flame-level.”

The evil spirit smiled evilly. “Since that’s the case, let’s see who’s going to be whose material!”

Having uttered these words, the evil spirit completely gave up on its initial target.

With its coat fluttering in the wind, black mist enveloped its entire body as if a heinous monster was arriving. All the areas that he pa.s.sed by were covered in the black mist. The dark sky became even more ominous and it seemed like an apocalypse was happening within hundreds of meters around them.

Lin Huang had no fear at all. He took a step forward with his sword and flew up into the sky. The purple mist surrounding his body got thicker as he pa.s.sed through the sky. It looked like a purple ribbon was streaking across the sky as he flew by, resembling a gigantic purple python.

In mid-air, many of the people witnessed the strange phenomenon that was happening thousands of meters away.

After watching this, the majority of the ordinary residents knew that the thunderous booms did not happen because of a natural disaster. Instead, it was a battle between them.

Many of the residents who were once brave lowered their heads, hiding behind the building. They secretly watched the rare scene from afar.

The cultivators nearby were extraordinarily excited as they watched the battle with antic.i.p.ation and respect.

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