Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 752 – The Unwelcome Reinforcements

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Chapter 752: The Unwelcome Reinforcements
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mid-air, the black, and the purple glow appeared in a flash and crashed into each other intensely. Both of the glows faded and the collision repeated again and again.

It looked like someone had caused a fire, but each time, the location of the fire could not be confirmed.

In less than a minute, Lin Huang had collided with the evil spirit for more than ten times.

Each time that they clashed with each other, it would always result in a strong explosion and a terrifying shock.

In an area within hundreds of kilometers, almost all the transcendents could sense the battle happening.

Some of them were shocked at their abilities, but they could not understand why the both of them would fight in the city. There were also those who guessed that the battle must be somehow related to the murder cases that had happened within the first half of the month.

Both of them fought right at the center of the city, not far away from the Union Government. The majority of the Union Government’s officers were staying somewhere near the Union Government’s office. As soon as they could sense the intense battle that was happening, the immortal-levels in Martel City quickly rushed towards the place where Lin Huang and the evil spirit were.

The evil spirit did not manage to take advantage of Lin Huang even after several collisions. It began to feel nervous. It knew very well that the longer the battle, the less favorable the conditions would be. It was the human world. The people from the Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation would arrive very soon to back Lin Huang up. If it were to be surrounded by them, it would not be able to make it.

After giving it some thought, the evil spirit type no longer had the urge to fight. It was eager to kill the human who had ruined its plans. However, saving its own life was more important. The evil spirit would be the one to bear the loss if it continued fighting the human.

Lin Huang noticed that it wanted to retreat as well. His attack grew more and more intense.

After clas.h.i.+ng with each other several times, the black glow was gradually covered by the purple glow.

Initially, the both of them were equally powerful. Then, the situation got warped. It turned out to be a one-sided battle.

Lin Huang did not want his opponent to escape. If it happened to run away, it would be more careful the next time since its whereabouts had now been found. On the other hand, he wished that he could kill the evil spirit before the rest of them got there because those who were stronger than the evil spirit would arrive later. Their appearance would cause the tinder in the evil spirit’s body to disappear right after its death and he would not be able to extract the tinder. Then, his efforts over the past few days would have been in vain.

“Hmph. I’m giving up today. I’ll definitely kill you the next time!”

A flicker of fury flashed through its eyes. It did not expect that it would be suppressed by a holy fire-level. How humiliating!

However, it knew the situation very well. If it were to stay there, perhaps in less than two minutes, more humans and the rest of them would be here and it would be unable to escape by then.

As the thought flashed through its mind, the evil spirit type did not hesitate any more. Again, it struck a heavy blow in mid-air and crashed with the purple glow. It was apparent that it did not strike at full force. Even its fist was slashed by the purple blade and a long, b.l.o.o.d.y wound appeared. However, it did not look like it suffered from the wound pain. Instead, it glanced at Lin Huang with an insulting expression. It stomped on the ground and with the help of the aftershock as a result of Lin Huang’s sword attack, it retreated at a speed that was three times faster than its top speed.

The evil spirit almost managed to leave Lin Huang’s territory. Lin Huang did not block its way. He grinned, calling out a name instead, “Kylie!”

Soon, a tall and slim lady, who was clad in her black armor, suddenly appeared next to Lin Huang on his right. She wore a black mask which covered half of her face. Twelve black wings extended from her back, featuring white lightning patterns on them as if they heralded the arrival of a G.o.d. The black spear in her hand was surrounded by the purple patterns and her aura had reached its peak.

“Block its way,” Lin Huang uttered three simple words.

Kylie instantly transformed into a black shadow and flew towards the evil spirit in a flash. In just the blink of an eye, the black shadow was there to block its way.

Seeing Kylie appear out of nowhere, the evil spirit’s pupils dilated. The both of them were on immortal-level rank-3 and Kylie was at her maximum speed. None of the creatures of the same combat level could be faster than her, including the evil spirit.

The evil spirit could confirm that the lady who was blocking its way was not weak. However, it had no other choice. Vengeance flickered in its eyes as it attempted to make it through to strike a blow at Kylie. Since Kylie was much faster than it was, its effort to avoid her and to escape in the other direction would be rendered useless as Kylie would block its way again. However, it did not want to bug Kylie anymore. It wanted to escape as soon as its attack struck her. Despite her tremendously terrifying fast speed, it did not mean that she would have powerful close-range skills. It was very confident in its close-range combat.

The evil spirit was surrounded by a black mist. As it was ready to strike, its black Life Power had reached its peak as if its arms and fists were shrouded in black colloids. Just as it struck a heavy blow, black Life Power was released, gus.h.i.+ng out like a flowing river. It did not restrain its power at all, hoping that the lady would be severely injured and that it could make its way through.

In her black half mask, Kylie had no facial expression on the other half of her face. Even when she was summoned, she did not speak a single word. As usual, she had a stone cold expression on her face. Even seeing the evil spirit launch an attack at her, her facial expression did not change.

She lifted her hand and swiftly hurled the black spear that she was holding towards the evil spirit. The white lightning pattern on her spear transformed into a dazzling, white spot at the tip of the spear in an instant.

Before cras.h.i.+ng with the black, river-like Life Power, the white spot exploded abruptly. A white shockwave suddenly appeared and clashed with the black, river-like Life Power.

The black and the white glow attracted everyone’s attention. The collision between the two beams of lights resulted in countless thunderous booms, creating a strong wind.

Many of them who witnessed this felt strange. Originally, the purple glow was fighting the black glow. They wondered why the white glow would appear and how come the aura exuded by the white glow was slightly different. Could there be a third person?

Lin Huang floated in mid-air and he remained unaffected by the strong wind. He fixed his gaze at the region where the both of them collided and seemingly, he was not affected by the intense light resulting from the explosion at all as he could still see the situation of the battle clearly.

Both of them were on immortal-level rank-3. Lin Huang was surprised as the evil spirit was capable of fighting Kylie face-to-face even after Kylie had gone through her third mutation in addition to possessing advanced dark angel blood.

Lin Huang had seen how powerful Kylie’s close-range skills were. Along with the transformation of her blood and the increasing number of mutations which she had gone through, Kylie was much more potent than before. Kylie was one of the strongest summoning monsters that Lin Huang owned. If Kylie were to fight Lin Huang, the outcome of the battle would be unknown.

“What is the evil spirit actually?” Lin Huang slightly narrowed his eyes, looking at the evil spirit that had transformed into a human form.

After sizing up the evil spirit for a short while, he suddenly turned his head in another direction. His facial expression immediately changed.

He could sense that several powerful auras were approaching him swiftly. Two of the auras were of at least immortal-level rank-7 or above.

“Someone’s coming. It seems like they’re from the Union Government.”

Lin Huang knew that reinforcement was arriving, but he did not look happy. He frowned instead. Their appearance would indicate that even if he managed to kill the evil spirit, he would not be able to extract the tinder as the Life Fire would vanish.

“I’m in trouble…”

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