Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 755 – Murder

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Chapter 755: Murder
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Purple flame-level!

Gold flame-level!

Immortal-level rank-1!

After several moments, Lin Huang’s combat strength had upgraded from purple flame-level to immortal-level rank-3. Still, he transformed into Bai with his Transformation Card. The incremental effect on his combat strength was maintained, restricting only the transformation effect. However, his physique was a carbon copy of Bai.

Bai’s physique ranked on top when he was compared to triple mutated monsters since he possessed G.o.d’s blood. He was much more powerful than Lin Huang’s original body and he also far exceeded most of the people with similar combat strength.

Sensing that his internal strength was rapidly growing, Lin Huang experienced a temporary delusion of ruining the entire mini world in one strike. However, he knew that it was merely an illusion.

As Lin Huang’s combat strength was improving, the evil spirit had a strange expression on its face. It originally thought that if its body could upgrade three levels higher, it could definitely fight Lin Huang regardless of what his trump card was. It did not expect the increase in Lin Huang’s combat strength as well. Moreover, his combat strength was now four levels higher, narrowing the gap in combat strength between them.

Noticing the complicated expression his opponent had, Lin Huang calmly retracted the black sword in his hand, switching to an ancient combat sword – the Air Slicer. Soon after, he took out another ancient relic – the Black Feathered Armor and put it on.

He had obtained both of the ancient relics from the black-robed man in the Leib Lab.

“You’re the one who asked me to use my trump card. The equipment and the skill to increase my combat strength are my trump cards.” Lin Huang laughed, looking at the evil spirit. He continued, “Are you surprised?”

“Dumba.s.s!” The evil spirit thought to itself. However, it maintained a neutral facial expression. “Do you think that you can defeat me this way?”

“You’ll know after giving it a try!” Lin Hung’s silver Air Slicer was gradually covered by his red Life Power at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Right after the Transformation Card had been activated, there were no changes in Lin Huang’s body size and at the same time, he could not use Bai’s skills. However, the Life Power element in his body had somehow been taken over by Bai’s Vampire Particles to a certain extent. The purple color his Life Power used to have due to his purple Life Fire had now turned red, the color of the Vampire Particles. In addition to that, he had inherited part of the Vampire Particles’ characteristics.

The blade of the Air Slicer seemed to be shrouded in a thick layer of blood, extending the length of the combat sword which was initially fewer than 80 centimeters to about two meters. The rotation of Life Power resembled lava coursing through the blade of the sword.

On the other hand, the evil spirit’s body was enveloped by the black mist. Each and every minute was suppressing as if it the Devil himself was arriving. Its abilities were way more powerful than before due to the increase in its combat strength. Despite the larger upgrade in Lin Huang’s abilities, the evil spirit was shocked for a short while. Soon, it managed to calm itself down. It had no fear. Instead, its intention to fight grew stronger due to the pressure coming from Lin Huang.

In mid-air, the both of them were cras.h.i.+ng into each other incessantly. It was like a fuse lighting up the sky.

As they exchanged glances with each other, the grey and the white figures moved at almost the same time.

The black and the purple glows covered the entire sky again, cras.h.i.+ng into each other violently in an instant.

A beam of dazzling white light suddenly appeared as they collided with each other. It was so bright and almost covered the sun that was hanging up high in the sky.

Due to the impact that resulted from the explosion, it stirred up the atmosphere, creating a ripple-like storm.

All the flowers and the gra.s.s on the field were repressed by the storm, seeming as though they were expressing their fear of the force.

Kylie had retreated thousands of meters away, watching the fierce fight between the both of them from afar. Having achieved an upgrade in their combat strengths, their abilities were far beyond hers. Even the aftershock of the battle would be harmful to her if she got too close.

The purple and the black glows in the air lasted for a short while before the winner was revealed. Soon after, the purple glow smothered the black glow.

Before the black glow started to fade, the evil spirit immediately retreated as it attempted to distance itself from Lin Huang.

Thousands of meters away, the evil spirit glanced at its right hand. Lin Huang’s attack had almost managed to cut its palm in half. Even the recovery rate of its body was much slower than before.

It then looked at Lin Huang’s combat sword which was shrouded in the purple glow with fear. Apparently, there was something special with the sword which hindered its recovery rate.

In just one hit, the evil spirit suffered a great loss beyond its expectation.

The sharpness of Lin Huang’s Air Slicer was far beyond the supreme relic which he used earlier. Initially, the effect of his attack could do no harm to the evil spirit type and its wound could be healed in just a blink of an eye. However, the attack which he just made almost caused his opponent to lose an arm.

Although the evil spirit type was covered by black mist, still, Lin Huang saw that he almost managed to cut his opponent’s palm in half.

“I can finally break through its defense. That’s an encouraging start.” He grinned. Before the evil spirit’s wound could fully recover, Lin Huang seized the opportunity, raising his sword up again and das.h.i.+ng towards the evil spirit.

Mid-air, the black and the purple glows clashed with each other again.

Each time after the collision, the purple glow grew bigger and bigger. On the contrary, the black glow was now weaker than before.

A new wound was formed on the evil spirit’s body after each collision. The evil spirit’s physique was capable of healing the ordinary sword wounds in an instant. However, there was something special about Lin Huang’s Air Slicer and that it most probably hindered its ability to recover. The more collisions they had, the more wounds there were on the evil spirit’s body. Even after multiple collisions, the first wound made on its body had not recovered yet.

Despite the fact that it tried to avoid the important body parts, the increasing number of wounds had caused it to become weaker.

Noticing that its body was getting weaker and weaker, the evil spirit’s eyes flashed with a trace of fury.

When Lin Huang was about to a.s.sault it again, it did not dodge and even ignored the attack, striking a blow at Lin Huang’s brain.

“Are you trying to exchange wound for wound?”

Soon, Lin Huang figured out what its intention was. He then s.h.i.+fted the direction of his sword. He wanted to attack its waist and turned out to be attacking his opponent’s arms instead.

After several attacks, the evil spirit had less control over its body. In addition to having just struck at full force, it could no longer hold back.

The next moment, as the blood red sword sliced through it, black blood started oozing out from its wound and its arm was blown high up in the sky. The limb had completely detached from the evil spirit’s body.

With just one mistake, the evil spirit had lost an arm.

As for the upcoming battles, the evil spirit could no longer fight back. It looked like a collapsing dam that could no longer stop the torrential flow of blood.

In less than three minutes, Lin Huang ended the battle, cutting the evil spirit in half with his blood red sword.

Seeing the two halves of the body that had fallen to the ground, Lin Huang frowned.

“I didn’t receive any notification that I’ve obtained the dropped item and there isn’t any notification regarding the extraction of the tinder as well… Is it still alive?”

Lin Huang gradually descended, staring at the upper body of the evil spirit.

The evil spirit with only half of its body remained glaring at Lin Huang without an ounce of fear. It laughed wryly instead. “Human brat, the battle isn’t over yet!”

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