Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 758 – Second Kill

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Chapter 758: Second Kill
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The evil spirit was lingering mid-air. Half of its head that was struck by the Dark Mirror recovered in a blink of an eye.

It was not surprised even though Lin Huang’s Dark Mirror had almost killed it. It stared at Lin Huang without fear, looking possessive instead.

It seemed like an irrational fan who had just met their favorite idol. The only thing was that it did not scream, “Marry me!”

Lin Huang did not comment on the evil spirit’s possessive instinct.

It was not because he did not want to insult it. It was because his opponent was terribly fast. It might attack him when he was unaware, which was why he decided to keep quiet, maintaining his focus on the discernment of his territory.

Seeing Lin Huang not bothering to respond, the evil spirit seemed to know what he was thinking about. He laughed softly and said, “Since you remain silent, I’ll consider that you’ve agreed to surrender your body to me.”

As soon as it finished its words, the evil spirit disappeared abruptly. What emerged next was a green beam of light shooting out at lightning fast speed.

Although he could capture the complete path of his opponent’s movements with his Territory skill, he still did not manage to pick up his sword in time.

He could do nothing. Again, he pointed in the air, and the Dark Mirror formed. It blocked the saber’s glow at a distance of about 20 centimeters away.

Although the mirror reflected the green saber glow, the evil spirit had no fear at all. It grinned instead and slightly inched its body aside, managing to avoid the reflected attack.

The main reason that it got struck by the first reflected attack was not due to its lack of speed. It was because the attack had been too sudden and was entirely out of its expectations.

On the contrary, it was well prepared for the attack this time. It immediately dodged immediately as the tip of its saber hit the Dark Mirror. It did not wait for the attack to be reflected.

However, it was still a little bit slow as the reflected green glow sliced through the left of its face, leaving a bruise that was about five centimeters long.

However, the injury meant nothing to it. It felt nothing at all. Instead, the smile plastered on its face looked even more ferocious as if it was gleeful that the attack did not strike its head.

Although the evil spirit’s combat strength was only on immortal-level rank-7, its attack speed was on par with the imperial-level. Even Lin Huang, who had upgraded to immortal-level rank-3, was no match for it. Perhaps even Kylie who was extremely fast could not compare to her.

Still, Lin Huang did not manage to lift his sword during the second attack. Nevertheless, he did not feel upset. He had already activated his Omniscient Nature just as the evil spirit advanced. The moment when he was a.n.a.lyzing his opponent’s attack with his Boundless Vision, he managed to record the entire process of his opponent’s attack with his Third Eye.

His failure to avoid the attack was not because he did not have a clear picture of the evil spirit’s movement since his Territory and his Boundless Vision skills were capable of capturing his opponent’s movement and its attack pathway. The most significant problem was that his body could not react in time.

Although his combat strength had leveled up to immortal-level rank-3 whereby his body strength and his sensory abilities had improved by leaps and bounds, it would still take some time to adapt to the upgrade. If it were an ordinary battle, one might not realize it. However, since he was encountering a pro, it would be difficult for him to hide his flaws. The slightest discoordination would be apparent to a pro like the evil spirit.

Of course, despite having a well-coordinated body, Lin Huang’s speed was still incomparable to that of the evil spirit’s. At least, the situation would not be the same as he did not even have the chance to fight back now.

“What happened to you, human brat? Are you going to hide in your sh.e.l.l for the rest of your life?”

“I thought you used to be very arrogant. Why are you behaving like a cowardly b.a.s.t.a.r.d now?”

“Battling is for the adults. A little brat like you should go home and drink your milk!”

The evil spirit launched several saber attacks, and at the same time, he taunted Lin Huang again and again.

Still, Lin Huang was not offended. He knew that the evil spirit was merely trying to trigger him, forcing him to fight back.

After several attacks, the evil spirit soon mastered the order of the reflection. It managed to dodge the reflected attacks without getting injured at all, instigating it to react more aggressively.

Also, Lin Huang gradually adapted to his body with the powerful combat strength during each attack.

After confirming that his body had adapted to his opponent’s attack speed, Lin Hung’s face still preserved a neutral expression as he patiently waited to attack his opponent’s weak point.

The evil spirit launched its attack one after another. Each attack was driven at the maximum speed of an imperial-level. Within half an hour, Lin Huang was completely pinned down by the evil spirit without a single chance to fight back.

“Human brat, how long do you think your Life Power can sustain the sh.e.l.l? Half an hour? An hour?”

While talking nonsense, again, the evil spirit cast his saber forward.

The green glow of its saber streaked across the sky and appeared less than 30 centimeters away from Lin Huang. The water-like black mirror appeared out of nowhere again.

The tip of the green blade struck it. The attack was capable of killing an immortal-level rank-9. However, black ripples appeared as usual, and the attack could not go any further.

The evil spirit was not surprised by that though as it had already made several attempts. It was Lin Huang’s absolute defense and the evil spirit was unable to break through it.

Regardless of that, it was not worried about it at all. Before the reflected attack appeared, it dodged again. It moved its body a few centimeters away, slightly to the right. It knew that it could evade the attack right there.

At this moment, the reflected green glow suddenly blasted off. However, it deviated from its expected direction and struck right in front of the evil spirit.

“How could that be?”

The evil spirit was shocked. It had made hundreds of attempts, and the attack reflected by the mirror had never deviated from its expected direction. However, this time was different.

At that moment, it finally understood the reason that had happened, but it was too late now.

Less than a meter away, it was too weak to block the attack. The reflected green glow of the blade pierced between its brows and went straight through the back of its head. A hole the size of a baby’s fist was formed.

Then, the Dark Mirror collapsed on its own. Behind the mirror and on Lin Huang’s back, b.l.o.o.d.y wings quickly formed. Six b.l.o.o.d.y wings stacked on top of each other and protected Lin Huang against the continuous saber attacks from the evil spirit as a result of inertia.

The green glow penetrated through three layers of the wings and failed to go any further, becoming stuck right between the wings.

There was a gap between the wings, and a b.l.o.o.d.y sword suddenly flew past it. The evil spirit was caught unaware, and the sword penetrated the left of its chest.

“Go to h.e.l.l!” Lin Huang yelled. The blade that pierced through the evil spirit’s body radiated, and the b.l.o.o.d.y glow became more and more intense. Soon, it exploded, and the evil spirit’s body turned into pieces…

Lin Huang then retracted his sword, gazing in the direction where the black mist could be seen.

“I’ve never said that the direction of the Dark Mirror’s reflection can’t be adjusted. You just a.s.sumed that it works this way.”

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