Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 764 – 10,800 Daggers

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Chapter 764: 10,800 Daggers

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When Lin Huang was at the Stairway Mall, the first thing that he had redeemed with his points was the Ink Feather. There had been only three sets of the Ink Feather available at the Stairway Mall and he had bought them all. He had never used them since then.

Since an ancient relic could only be dominated by an immortal-level, he would need to use his Transformation Cards in order to achieve immortal-level. Otherwise, Lin Huang was capable of handling his enemies with his Air Slicer.

The evil spirit was the first enemy he encountered that forced him to use a whole set of his Ink Feather. The evil spirit would also be the first to witness Lin Huang use all three sets of his Ink Feather.

There were 3,600 daggers in each set of the Ink Feather and they were sufficient to force the evil spirit to focus its attention on defending itself. It did not even have the chance to counterattack.

What would happen if he were to use all three sets of the Ink Feather?

The answer to this question would be revealed very soon.

Lin Huang put both of his hands into his pockets and an increasing number of daggers shot out like swimming fish.

The Ink Feather that resembled black fishes soon gathered, forming into a school of fish and covering the entire sky.

Looking at what just happened, the evil spirit was upset.

The reason behind having only thousands of telekinetic weapons in a set of the ancient relic was because the majority of psychics were only capable of controlling that many telekinetic weapons.

However, Lin Huang could control them with ease and even managed to control the movement of every single dagger. The evil spirit felt that this was not an easy feat.

Right now, three sets of the Ink Feather, which had 10,800 daggers, were flying towards the evil spirit. It was terrified.

More than 3,000 of the G.o.d’s Blood Pods were dispersed into more than 3,000 gravel worlds and the longest that the pods could stay there were more than 500 years. It had only met two people who could be as strong as Lin Huang. The both of them majored in Telekinesis and they were also on imperial-level.

Aside from feeling afraid, the evil spirit soon realized that it was in great trouble.

It had given all it had to avoid being killed by the 3,600 daggers. It could imagine what the consequences would be as the number of daggers had tripled.

Hundreds of tentacles were in straitened circ.u.mstances right after they were attacked by the daggers which outnumbered them by at least ten times.

More than 10,000 daggers split up their tasks as they were all manipulated by Lin Huang. Half of them were used to restrict the evil spirit’s tentacles, controlling their path. The other half of the daggers were like piranhas picking up the scent of blood as they attacked the evil spirit’s jellyfish-like brain through the gaps beneath the tentacles.

The daggers struck the evil spirit’s body, boring holes. Although they could not completely pierce through its body, each attack inflicted wounds on its body which were about ten centimeters deep.

However, its ability to recover was extremely strong. Flesh grew on its body within seconds and the wounds were quickly healed despite the wounds being more than ten centimeters deep. Nevertheless, the speed at which the wounds were formed was far beyond its recovery rate. Therefore, it had an increasing number of injuries on its body.

The a.s.sault had only begun for less than five minutes and there were already wounds all over the evil spirit’s body. The face of the floating sculpture looked scarier and became even more ferocious.

Still, it had no means of retreating. It knew very well that if it happened to retreat, it would be completely pinned down by Lin Huang and would not have the opportunity to fight back after that. Right at this moment, if it managed to survive through this until Lin Huang’s telekinesis was exhausted, it would emerge as the winner.

Manipulating more than 10,000 daggers at the same time did really put a huge strain on Lin Huang’s body. However, his telekinetic power originated from Divine Telekinesis, which was the integration of Telekinesis and Demonic Telekinesis. His telekinetic power was way stronger than the rest of the psychics and at the same time, the consumption of his telekinetic power was much lower compared to the rest. Otherwise, with his combat level, his telekinetic power would have been depleted in less than ten minutes if he were to control this amount of weapons.

The evil spirit struggled to survive for another half an hour, concentrating all its efforts to defend and dodge. It could no longer maintain in its hidden state.

Its movement skill was at its peak performance, performing various forms mid-air which even the best yoga masters would not be able to do. Hundreds of tentacles wove in the air at their maximum speed and not a second’s rest was allowed. However, there were countless wounds on its body and there was blood all over.

Seemingly, black blood stains had tainted all over its body, covering almost its whole semi-transparent body. It no longer had the additional strength to get rid of the blood stains with its Life Power.

However, for the past half hour, Lin Huang’s attack had not backed down at all. Be it his attack frequency or his attack strength, they were comparatively strong. They were so stable, resembling a machine that would not fail or fatigue.

It initially intended to rely on its strong recovery ability in order to exhaust Lin Huang’s telekinetic power. However, after the half an hour attempt, it finally realized that it had underestimated how powerful Lin Huang’s telekinetic power was.

It was too late when its realized the problem. Despite the fact that the wounds on its body were recovering, there were too many injuries that had acc.u.mulated over the last half hour which resulted in excessive blood loss. Its condition was deteriorating. It began to feel dizzy and no longer had control over its body. Its defense was slowing down as well.

“It’s dying!”

Lin Huang noticed that the evil spirit’s movements were slowing down and its defense had become much weaker. Its condition had worsened.

Still, he remained calm, maintaining his attack rate, frequency, and damage. Despite the fact that the defense of the evil spirit’s tentacles was much weaker than before, he did not reduce the number of daggers that restricted the movement of the tentacles; neither did he increase the number of daggers attacking.

He knew the boiling frog syndrome very well, whereby it was safest to patiently let the frog being slowly boiled alive to be cooked to death. If one were to suddenly put the frog into boiling water, the frog would jump out and the cook might even be scalded.

Of course, the evil spirit would be killed faster if he were to increase his attack strength. However, this would cause it to fight more aggressively.

If he were to slowly torture the evil spirit, it would suffer from more severe injuries. Even if it were to counterattack, its damage impact would definitely become weaker.

The evil spirit panicked and its body became substantially weaker due to excessive blood loss. After all, this was its initial body through which the G.o.d’s Blood Pod had been first dispersed into this world. If it happened to lose its original body, the consequences would be very grave.

In order to avoid being rejected by the gravel world’s rules, each of the G.o.d’s Blood Pods created by the evil spirit carried a limited amount of energy.

All the G.o.d’s Blood Pods had to parasitize its host within 24 hours as soon as they entered the gravel world. After parasitizing its host, the pods would use up a large portion of the energy within its body in order to create its initial body, exploiting the host’s potential so that the pods and the body itself could be integrated perfectly. If it happened to lose its initial body which it had put in so much effort to cultivate, the G.o.d’s Blood Pods would not have any extra energy to enter another host for the second time.

Of course, it did not mean that the hosts could not spread the G.o.d’s Blood Pods to others.

There were two ways to do so.

The first way would be to acc.u.mulate sufficient energy within its body. Then, it would need to parasitize another host and perform some modification. It would take several years for the process of acc.u.mulating energy to do so.

The evil spirit had said earlier that it wanted to possess Lin Huang’s body. In fact, it wanted to spread the G.o.d’s Blood Pods into Lin Huang’s body this way.

Another way was known as summoning the body, which required the will of the body itself.

With its will, the G.o.d’s Blood Pod could leave its initial body without causing harm to its body, spreading it to another host. However, the consciousness of the G.o.d’s Blood Pod would be like a reformatted hard disk as its initial body would lose all its memory and inheritance and it would have to start from scratch.

After being formatted and losing its consciousness, whether it would still be the same G.o.d’s Blood Pod or not would be a philosophical issue that was worth addressing.

Seeing that he was about to destroy its initial body and its vitality was quickly disappearing, the evil spirit knew that there was no way that it could be rescued.

It raised its head, staring at Lin Huang who was not far away from it. A flicker of fury flashed through the eyes of the floating sculpture.

“You forced me to do this!”

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