Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 768 – Leveled–Up To Gold Flame–Level

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Chapter 768: Leveled-up to Gold Flame-level

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The golden card was crushed in between Lin Huang’s fingers. Soon, it transformed into a beam of black light and flowed into Lin Huang’s chest. Lin Huang then snapped out of his thoughts, carefully observing the changes that had occurred in his body.

If the G.o.d’s Blood Pod were in its original state, he certainly would not have inserted it into his body. Since it was a True G.o.d-level item, if there were any problems, he would be putting his life at risk. However, after Xiao Hei had transformed it, he was relieved to use it as a card. After inserting the Divine Pod into his body, it then went into Lin Huang’s main Life Wheel, becoming a black tinder.

The black tinder began to engulf the Life Power in Lin Huang’s body as soon as it formed. It expanded rapidly at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. In less than three minutes, in his main Life Wheel, the dozen circles of the purple Life Power in the 360 columns were depleted. Lin Huang was about to activate the nine other Life Wheels and insert the Life Power into his empty Life Wheel so that more energy could be used to replenish the black tinder.

Just as he was about to do so, the black tinder that had grown to a height of ten meters began to exude a layer of faint black mist, enveloping the four Life Fire next to it. Lin Huang frowned as he witnessed the phenomenon. He could not tell if the change was beneficial or malevolent. Soon, the four purple Life Fires were tainted black as they were shrouded in the layer of black mist. Not only did the color change, but even their shape also began to merge with the black flame.

Naturally, the state of his Life Fire should be made of five Life Fire, and there would be five Life Fire petals. However, the four Life Fire which he initially had started to merge with the black Life Fire as if they were merging into one Life Fire. “Xiao Hei, are you sure what’s happening right now is normal?” Lin Huang did not immediately stop the strange phenomenon from happening because he could clearly feel that the process of leveling up was somehow normal. There was no sign that he had failed to level up.

“Perhaps the Divine Pod is too powerful. It might have treated your Life Fire as food and engulfed it. Do you need me to stop the process so that the Divine Pod can be separated? Before finis.h.i.+ng the merging, it can be separated anytime. However, after it’s completed, I’m not sure if it can still be separated.”

Lin Huang hesitated when he heard what Xiao Hei said. He was no longer sure how the leveling up process worked and he could vaguely feel that the unknown might not be necessarily bad.

Seeing the rest of the Life Fire starting to merge with the Divine Pod, Lin Huang made a decision courageously. “No, I’d like to see how it’ll look like later.”

In his Life Wheel, the four Life Fires then merged with the black flame. The black flame had already grown 300 meters tall, and it was the same height as the most towering Life Fire. However, Lin Huang could feel that the new Life Fire was much stronger than the previous four.

Before Lin Huang could react to it, the black flame suddenly separated into nine thumb-sized flares in his main Life Wheel. They shot towards the remaining nine Life Wheels. Soon, the nine Life Wheels experienced the same thing that had just happened in his main Life Wheel whereby the black Life Fire completely replaced their Life Fire.

As soon as ten of the black Life Fires were formed, Lin Huang could vaguely sense the hunger coming from the black Life Fire. At the same time, the Life Power in the rest of his body was quickly drawn towards the ten Life Wheels, embedding into his Life Fire. Lin Huang immediately took out his Life Power Refill Card and crushed it so that the Life Power in his body could be replenished.

In less than three minutes, the first Life Power Refill Card had been used up. In a matter of time, the second and the third Life Power Refill Cards were exhausted as well. The black Life Fire had reached a height of 1,000 meters tall, and it was still hungry for more.

“The power supply isn’t sufficient yet!” Lin Huang frowned. He immediately took out a large number of Life Crystals and began extracting power from them to fuel his Life Fire. However, it was likely to be but a drop in the ocean.

After slowly absorbing the energy for less than a minute, the black Life Fire in his body was no longer satisfied with the speed of his Life Power being supplied. In his Life Wheel, the black Life Fire started releasing a black mist, and Lin Huang could vaguely predict what the Life Fire was thinking. It wanted to release the black mist to engulf the Life Crystals on its own. “Alright, you do it on your own then.” After getting permission from Lin Huang, the black mist soon dissipated out of his Life Wheel. It was then released into the real world through Lin Huang’s chest.

The layer of faint black mist seemed to have its own consciousness as it covered the regions with Life Crystals and began absorbing the Life Power. The Life Crystals shrank swiftly, resembling snow under the sun.

In less than a minute, the Life Crystals right in front of Lin Huang were absorbed by the layer of black mist. Lin Huang then took out more Life Crystals and piled them up in front of him.

The black mist then covered the area and started engulfing the Life Crystals. The speed of the black mist shrouding the crystals far exceeded the rate at which Lin Huang could absorb. Lin Huang noticed that the black Life Fire continued to grow while the black mist was absorbing the Life Crystals. Its height grew from 1,000 meters to 2,000 meters, and then it reached 3,000 meters. Just as it reached 10,000 meters, only then did it stop growing.

More than three hours had pa.s.sed. In Lin Huang’s storage s.p.a.ce, he found that he had used about a billion of his Life Crystals. If the tinder continued to absorb power at this rate, Lin Huang had no idea what else he should use to feed it. “I’ve just gone broke overnight…”

Lin Huang twitched his mouth, forcing a smile. He had never expected to become poor because of a tinder.

In his Life Wheel, after his Life Fire had reached 10,000 meters, the Divine Pod finally felt satiated and gradually recalled the layer of black mist that had been released out of Lin Huang’s body.

As the Life Fire vibrated, Lin Huang’s ten Life Wheels that had been drained were restored within three minutes.

The black Life Power started coursing through Lin Huang’s body, restoring his veins and changing every single cell in his body.

The change in his Life Power was much faster than before as it took him less than 20 minutes. The upgrade process to become a gold flame-level had been completed. Although he only had one Life Fire left in his body, he could feel that he was more than ten times stronger than before.

Seeing the black Life Power moving through his palm, he could clearly feel that the quality of the Life Power was far beyond the strength of a holy fire-level’s. To be exact, the precision of his Life Power could be compared to an immortal-level.

“I’ve finally leveled up to gold flame-level. I used to think that using five Life Fires was the right cultivation technique. It seems like merging five Life Fire into one is better,” Lin Huang mumbled. Soon, he frowned. “The Life Fire is so powerful. How am I going to light up the Life Lamp?”

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