Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 771 – Dark Knight

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Chapter 771: Dark Knight
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Congratulations! You’ve completed nonuple cross-ranking kill – Reward Card Draw x60!”

“Congratulations! You’ve obtained an Epic Monster Card – Dark Knight (Spirit) x2!”

As soon as Xiao Hei’s second notification was heard, Lin Huang frowned.

He was not expecting to obtain a complete set of monster card from the last cross-ranking kill. Thanks to the Double Reward Card, he managed to get two monster cards.

Lin Huang, who already owned a large number of Legendary Monster Cards, was not interested in a double-mutated Epic Monster Card. He was going to put them away after catching a glimpse of the monster cards.

There was nothing special on the front of the card. The image of the monster was similar to its real body. Both of them were also humanoid monsters with black armor, holding a long, black spear in its hand.

Lin Huang took a glance at it and flipped to the back of the card. He wanted to see what skills the monster possessed.

As soon as he skimmed through the first description line, Lin Huang suddenly fixed his gaze on one of the skills. After several moments, a smile was plastered across his face.

“How is it possible to own such a skill?!” Lin Huang did not expect the Dark Knight that could not perform well in battle would possess such an attractive skill.

“Knight: It allows the Dark Knight to ride on any non-human monsters. On a ride, the Dark Knight can unleash its true ability, and the mount’s combat strength will be one to three ranks higher (it depends on the mount’s grade and combat strength). At the same time, the Dark Knight can share the skills that the mount possesses, which increases the skill power anywhere from three to five times stronger.

“Remarks: A knight without a mount is not a complete knight.”

Lin Huang decided to train the two Dark Knights after seeing the skill. He did not act on impulse. The Knight skill seemed to be the most powerful skill Lin Huang had ever seen on an Epic Monster Card.

After reading through the skill description twice, Lin Huang already knew which mount to choose for the two Dark Knights.

Earlier in Division 7, Lin Huang had killed two Black Serpents. After that, both the Black Serpents went through their third mutation and evolved into Dark Crescent Snakes with ancient blood.

Both the Dark Crescent Snakes were pretty strong, but Bai and Lancelot outshone them. That was the reason why Lin Huang rarely summoned them. However, since he now had the two Dark Knights, both of the Dark Crescent Snakes could be paired perfectly with them.

“I’ll upgrade both of the Dark Knights into a triple mutated monster after I return. After matching them with the Dark Crescent Snakes, perhaps their abilities will be on par with Bai’s,” Lin Huang thought to himself, “However, I’m not sure whether turning the two Dark Knights into card form would be affected by the curse or not.”

Theoretically, the Monster Cards which he obtained after killing the Dark Knight would have nothing to do with the monster itself. However, Lin Huang was still feeling dubious.

It took a total of three hours to obtain ten cross-ranking rewards, and he got a total of 600 card draws. Lin Huang’s main task had been completed.

In fact, the ten battles took him only about half an hour. He spent 2.5 hours traveling.

If he could summon Thunder, perhaps he would have gotten it done within two hours and could have even saved a Double Reward Card.

However, Lin Huang was pretty satisfied with the outcome. He had obtained 300 extra card draws with three Double Reward Cards. It was a great deal.

After recalling both the Dark Knight cards, Lin Huang tapped the map open again and looked at the rest of the marks made by b.l.o.o.d.y.

“The burial ground is situated at the west of the island. From here, I’ll pa.s.s three lakes and a place marked with the question mark. I need to detour.”

Lin Huang soon made up his mind and chose the first destination: the largest lake on the island.

After more than 40 minutes, Lin Huang eventually arrived at his destination after avoiding an imperial-level monster lair on his way.

The largest lake on the island was not that vast at just about 80 square meters.

The vivid water of the lake enhanced the beauty of the greenery. If this were a place on Earth, it would definitely be a favorite tourist spot for sailing.

Lin Huang did not really enjoy the beautiful scenery in front of him.

When b.l.o.o.d.y explored the island with its Leech Pods, the pods had actually parasitized a small number of the monsters. He then managed to retrieve some useful information from the monsters.

On this island was a monstrous bird on demiG.o.d-level. It liked to hunt for monsters living in the water. If there were any imperial-level monsters in the lake, they would be eaten in the first place. Sometimes when it was hungry, even immortal-levels would be killed.

This was also the reason why almost all the monsters in the lake were incapable of fighting Lin Huang.

As he recalled the information provided by b.l.o.o.d.y, Lin Huang felt relieved and soon, he dove into the water.

Despite the lake not being huge, it was deep. Lin Huang surrounded himself with Life Power and dove to the bottom of the lake, which was about 200 meters deep.

The lake water was quite clear, and in addition to Lin Huang’s terribly good eyesight, he could see everything about 100 meters away clearly.

He monitored a four-kilometer radius with Telekinesis. At the same time, he sized up the surroundings while monitoring the monster activities with his territory.

It took him about half an hour to thoroughly explore the lake. Despite the wall of the lake being scanned by his Telekinesis, he found nothing.

Therefore, he emerged from the lake and did not go in for the second time. He immediately opened the map and headed towards the second lake.

After exploring the second lake, Lin Huang then arrived at the location which was marked with a question mark on the map.

It was a swamp. b.l.o.o.d.y had marked it with a question mark because its Leech Pods were unable to detect whether if there were any hidden items in the swamp.

The area of the swamp was no smaller than the first lake he had gone to. Based on the memory of the monsters which the Leech Pods had parasitized, there was nothing strange about this place. However, since it remained a mystery, b.l.o.o.d.y had marked it on the map for Lin Huang so that it would not be neglected.

After entering the swamp, Lin Huang activated his Telekinesis again. He walked deeper in the swamp and began to explore.

He spent more time exploring the swamp compared to the time taken to examine the first lake. It took him about 40 minutes to complete combing the swamp.

Thanks to his Telekinesis, he discovered the greatest secret of the swamp. A large number of monster were buried beneath.

After leaving the swamp, Lin Huang spent another ten minutes exploring the third lake and still found nothing.

“Let it be. Perhaps the rest of the places will be more or less the same.”

Since there was no new discovery after four attempts, Lin Huang’s desire to explore gradually subsided. “Let the burial ground be the final destination. I shall leave after exploring it.”

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