Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 775 – A Conversation With The Stone Tablet

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Chapter 775: A Conversation with the Stone Tablet

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Since you know nothing about your Goldfinger, I can surmise that the att.i.tude of your current Goldfinger is quite bad. It might not like you either. Considering that it’s only a 2-Star Goldfinger, you still won’t know whether it can level up to 3- or 4-Star.

“But I’m different. I’m a 4-Star Goldfinger. All the functionalities from 1-Star to 4-Star have already been activated. Despite my authority being restricted to only 2-Star after getting into a contract with you, I’ll definitely be stronger than your current Goldfinger. If necessary, I can even activate my 3-Star Authority with some special skills to provide a.s.sistance to you.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you that I’m capable of dominating spirits. To be exact, my functions include engulfing, controlling, sealing, endowing with spirits, and more. If I may exaggerate, I possess many skills that spirits have. I was on Level-S when I was a beginner. It’s a level with the most powerful functions.”

“Level-S?” Lin Huang picked up yet another concept which he had never heard from Xiao Hei before.

“It’s our initial grading quality,” the stone tablet explained, “The lowest level would be Level-D, followed by C, B, A, and S.”

“A Level-D Goldfinger basically has defects as some of them don’t even have an instinct. However, some of the Level-D Goldfingers with acceptable functions might be a.s.signed to some unlucky travelers.

“Most travelers will randomly be a.s.signed a Level-C or Level-B Goldfinger. Less than 1% of them will get a level-A Goldfinger. It has been said that the probability of getting a Level-S Goldfinger is less than 0.0001.

“Since your Goldfinger is hiding this from you, ostensibly, it’s less likely to be a Level-A Goldfinger. If it’s a Level-S Goldfinger, it’s definitely going to brag about it. It won’t keep quiet like this.”

After understanding what the grading quality was all about, Lin Huang remained quiet. He was not considering the stone tablet’s suggestion though. Instead, he was secretly guessing Xiao Hei’s level.

After a couple of moments, the stone tablet then asked, “How’s it? Have you made up your mind?”

“I’m sorry. I think Xiao Hei is great. I’ve been with it for several years, and I’ve gotten used to it. I’m not going to change.” Lin Huang shook his head and rejected it.

“I don’t really understand the logic behind this. I thought humans used to say ‘The new should replace the old’?”

“Well, there’s indeed a phrase like this. However, there’s also a saying which goes ‘Choose something that best suits your needs’.” Lin Huang smiled, nodding his head. “The golden ax and the silver ax aren’t as good as my iron ax. Perhaps you’re much stronger than Xiao Hei, but I’m pretty satisfied with Xiao Hei’s functions. I’m not going to change.”

“You’re a fascinating person,” the stone tablet commented, “My previous master told me something like this before. People on the planet where he was born all strove to get the best car, the best house, the nicest clothing, the prettiest woman… Humans have always been doing things like that regardless of where they are.

“Humans have an endless desire like a bottomless dark pit. There are always more beautiful clothes, prettier women, and better cars in this world. If one were to endlessly chase after things like that, spending even a lifetime on that will not be enough for them.

“Perhaps giving what one desires can temporarily satisfy one’s need. However, people tend to ask for more after feeling satisfied. They’ll ask for more to have greater satisfaction and you’ll need to give more. In the end, you’ll be devoured when you can no longer satisfy them.”

Lin Huang shared, “This sounds like the concept of the ascetic cultivators. I’ve met those who only need a few essentials whereas the rest of the things are unnecessary to them. The clothes that they are wearing have patches everywhere, and they only eat once in a few years. The rest of the time, they survive by only drinking water. Even during their training sessions, they don’t need external resources. What they rely on are constantly oppressing their bodies and the energy of their souls.” What Lin Huang said reminded the stone tablet of the ascetic cultivators it had encountered.

“There’s a big difference between the ascetic cultivators and me.” Lin Huang roughly guessed that they must be similar to the ascetic monks on Earth. “The ascetic cultivators never strive for anything, but I will when there’s the need to do so. I don’t take whatever that doesn’t belong to me, unlike the ascetic cultivators who refuse all worldly goods.”

“So, do you think that I’m something that you shouldn’t take?” The stone tablet asked when it heard what Lin Huang said.

“If I need to exchange Xiao Hei for you, I don’t think that’s what I should do.” Lin Huang nodded. “Even if you’re a 5-Star Goldfinger that’s in perfect condition, I shouldn’t take you as well.”

“Should I say that you’re dumb or that you’re stubborn?” The stone tablet had no idea how to comment on Lin Huang.

“If I were to replace Xiao Hei with a Goldfinger that has more stars, I’d rather train Xiao Hei until it reaches 4- or 5-Stars. I believe Xiao Hei will be on par with the Goldfingers that are on the same level by then.” Lin Huang had no idea where he got the courage to say words like that.

The stone tablet kept quiet for a long while before responding, “Xiao Hei is lucky to have met you.”

“I think that I’m lucky to meet Xiao Hei though. Without Xiao Hei, I wouldn’t have been able to survive in this world for even three months. Because of it, I’m still alive now.” Lin Huang knew very well that without the Monster Card, Bai, he would not have pa.s.sed the Reserve Hunter a.s.sessment. All credits should go to Xiao Hei.

“I hope that you’ll appreciate it till the end…” The stone tablet sounded depressed. Lin Huang did not know if it was because it was thinking of its previous master. It stopped being emotional after a while and asked, “Human, I saw that you were digging the burial ground just now. What are you looking for?”

“The G.o.d’s item,” Lin Huang said. He then briefly told the stone tablet about the Cursed Land.

“I’m looking for a spiritual G.o.d’s item that can store the Divine Fire in my body. I didn’t manage to find any G.o.d’s item, but I found you.”

“How did you get a Life Fire of this level?” The stone tablet knew Lin Huang’s body condition. “It’s definitely a good thing to have a high-level Life Fire. However, you’re in trouble now. None of the monsters’ souls in this gravel world can withstand your Life Fire.”

“I know. That’s why I’m looking for a G.o.d’s item or a G.o.d’s relic with a spirit that can subst.i.tute the monster soul.” Lin Huang was helpless.

“That’s right. But there are only a small number of G.o.d’s items and G.o.d’s relics in the gravel world, let alone those with spirit.” The stone tablet could understand the gravel world quite well. “I guess you won’t be able to gather enough G.o.d’s items and G.o.d’s relics to level up to immortal-level rank-9 after tens of years.”

“Do you have any ways to overcome my problem?” Lin Huang could vaguely feel that the stone tablet might have a solution.

“Yes, I do. But whether you want to use it or not depends on you.” The stone tablet smiled.

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