Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 776 – The Deal Has Been Made

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Chapter 776: The Deal Has Been Made
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“What’s that?” Lin Huang immediately asked.

“I’ve told you earlier that I’ve mastered many of the spirit secret skills.” The stone tablet then explained, “I guess one of them can help you with your problem.”

“Which skill is that?” Lin Huang asked skeptically.

“It’s the Spirit Visualization skill.” It did not explain any further.

“Do you mean that I could visualize the True G.o.d-level monster’s soul with the Spirit Visualization skill, making it the container to store the Divine Fire in my body?” After listening to the stone table’s terse answer, Lin Huang immediately understood what it meant.

Lin Huang knew a little about the Spirit Visualization skill. It was a talent that was usually used to visualize a particular object, and his body could imitate the corresponding monster’s soul. The visualized object could be the monster’s skeleton, the monster’s remains, a statue, a portrait, and more. However, the difficulty level of cultivating a skill like this was extremely high. Also, it had a very high requirement of one’s comprehension and intelligence, without which, it would be difficult to even master the regular visualization skill, let alone the True G.o.d-level one.

“Yeah, you’re right. Are you interested in giving it a try?” The stone tablet tempted.

“What would it cost?” Lin Huang knew very well that the price for the skill to visualize the True G.o.d-level monster soul would come at a huge cost. It was impossible that the stone tablet would give it to him for free.

After raising his question, the stone tablet remained silent for a moment. Lin Huang did not urge it to answer though. He patiently waited for its reply instead.

After a couple of moments, the stone tablet seemed to have made up its mind. “I want to create a clone and keep it in your body.”

Lin Huang frowned when he heard what it said. If he allowed the stone tablet to enter his body, it would know many of his secrets. What it asked for had surpa.s.sed what his tolerance level.

“I’m not interested in knowing your personal issues. However, my real body is trapped in the burial ground. There’s only one way to leave, which is to look for a new host. Since you don’t agree with becoming my new host, I’m not forcing you to do so. I just wish that you can bring along my clone when you leave. Then, I’ll get to access the outside world through my clone, and it’ll be easier for me to look for a new host.”

The stone tablet knew what Lin Huang was concerned about. In fact, all the travelers who owned a Goldfinger would have the same concern. “I can create a s.h.i.+eld imprint that blocks my clone from reaching your secrets. You don’t need to worry about me having access to your personal matters then.”

Right this moment, Xiao Hei’s voice was suddenly heard. “Just promise it!”

“Are you sure?” Lin Huang was stunned and immediately contacted Xiao Hei through his mind.

“You can promise the stone tablet, but you have to request for something. I don’t feel secure if it were to create its own s.h.i.+eld…”

After communicating with Xiao Hei, Lin Huang accepted its suggestion.

“Alright, I promise you, but I have a request,” Lin Huang stated what he had just discussed with Xiao Hei, “I don’t need you to create a s.h.i.+eld imprint. I just need your clone to be a 2-Star Goldfinger.”

“That’s not a problem. With my current ability, I’ve only managed to create a 3-Star clone, and it’s going to consume quite a large portion of my power. To find a new host, a 2-Star Goldfinger is sufficient.” The stone tablet immediately agreed with him. “I’ll pa.s.s you the skill first.”

After finis.h.i.+ng its words, a golden glow appeared and penetrated right between Lin Huang’s brows.

“The visualization skill is named the True Spirit Guide. There are 183 portraits of true spiritual monsters which are True G.o.d-level monsters. There are descriptions of various types of monsters in the guide. Choose whichever you like. After visualizing it, the embryo of the monster’s soul will be formed in the form of a monster egg. The spiritual power that you need to fill has to be at least equivalent to the strength of the DemiG.o.d’s soul in order to hatch the monster egg. Of course, it’s not necessary for you to kill a DemiG.o.d-level monster. You can also kill a large number of monsters with low combat strength in order to acc.u.mulate their spiritual power.”

“Although the monster egg’s combat strength is only on DemiG.o.d-level after hatching, the soul itself is still on True G.o.d-level. It’s not going to be afraid of the Divine Fire in your body, and it’ll be sufficient for you to use it as a container for your Divine Fire.”

As the stone tablet explained the circ.u.mstances, Lin Huang quickly skimmed through the True Spirit Guide. He could then confirm that the skill would work for him.

“Alright, you can create your clone now.”

“Wait a moment.” Upon getting the confirmation from Lin Huang, the size of the stone tablet expanded rapidly. In just a few seconds, it recovered to its initial size, transforming into a ma.s.sive object that was even bigger than the stars.

After returning to its original form, a shadow slowly left the stone tablet like its spirit was freeing itself from the physical body. The overlapping images seemed unreal.

As time pa.s.sed, the shadow gradually withdrew itself from the body of the stone tablet, and the number of overlapping images was getting lesser and lesser. It took about five minutes to leave the stone tablet completely. It looked exactly like the stone tablet, but it was somewhat similar to a virtual projection as it was semi-transparent.

After leaving its body, the size of the shadow diminished quickly. After a short while, its size reduced from the colossal size of the stone tablet to only three meters tall. However, it did not stop shrinking. Lin Huang was shocked to witness it rapidly shrinking to the size of a palm.

The huge stone tablet had now become a token in the shape of a tombstone. It gradually floated in front of Lin Huang.

“The clone only has the basic functions of a 2-Star Goldfinger. The authority to use the functions are open to you. However, if you were to use it, you have to pay for it with an equal amount of spiritual power.” Lin Huang did not expect the stone tablet to give him the authority to use the functions. It was already deemed a fair exchange to use the functions at an equal value since he could not use Xiao Hei’s functions for free either.

“In order for it to work conveniently, I’ve granted it consciousness, and it has inherited most of my memory. It can be considered a semi-finished 2-Star Goldfinger. I hope that both of you can get along with each other happily.”

After the stone tablet finished its sentence, the clone flew around Lin Huang’s body and soon, it transformed into a golden glow and went right between Lin Huang’s brows.

Lin Huang immediately inspected the world within his body. After the clone had entered its body, it circled around in his body. It noticed the existence of Xiao Hei, but it did not provoke it. Instead, it moved away and kept a certain distance from Xiao Hei. It then landed.

After settling down, the body of the stone tablet’s clone began to expand. However, it stopped changing in size after growing to the size of an ordinary planet. Lin Huang noticed that it was different from how it had looked like when it was in its shadow form. The stone tablet’s clone looked like a tangible object now.

Lin Huang then felt relieved.

Seeing that Lin Huang had recovered from his thoughts, the stone tablet then said, “Since the deal has been done, I’ll send you out if you don’t have any other questions.”

Lin Huang gazed upon the sky, keeping quiet for a moment and finally, he asked out of curiosity, “Where’s this place? How did you manage to bring me here? Is it a teleportation dimension?”

“The dimension doesn’t really exist. It’s a spiritual world. I didn’t drag your body over. It was your soul instead. Your body is still right in front of the cliff,” the stone tablet explained.

“Why can’t you leave then? I remember that Xiao Hei told me before that once the host dies, the Goldfinger will be recalled and rea.s.signed,” Lin Huang continued.

“The soul of my previous host isn’t completely dead. The contract between us hasn’t been terminated as well. It has become a contract without a host whereby one party no longer has an instinct.”

The stone tablet further explained, “Just when the spiritual world was being created, my host integrated his soul with this world. Simply because of the remaining soul, the contract between us can’t be terminated. The spiritual world has since become a prison for me. The only way to leave this place is to look for a new host and enter a new contract so the current contract can be replaced.”

“I understand. I’ll try my best to look for a new host for you,” Lin Huang promised.

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