Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 782 – A One–Sided Fight

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Chapter 782: A One-Sided Fight
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were ten monster cards, and b.l.o.o.d.y was there to be in charge of what went on behind the scenes.

Kylie, who was in her black armor, flapped the 12 pairs of black wings on her back and in the next moment, she arrived right in front of the hornet’s nest.

Despite her flying abilities being restricted by the rules of the Stairway Tree and her speed being affected by her size, her short-distance flight was still the fastest among all the other monster cards. Even Thunder could not compare to her.

Before everyone else arrived, Kylie picked up her spear. A razor-like, purple electric glow sparked on her black spear.

As soon as the tip of the spear was flung out, a few of the Combat Hornetdemons were engulfed by the purple electric glow and instantly turned into ashes.

Just as Kylie attacked, the Combat Hornetdemons flapped their wings and surrounded Kylie. Many of the Combat Hornetdemons in the nest could sense the energy generated outside the hive. They immediately gushed out of the hornet nest, and Kylie was besieged on all sides.

Just before Kylie got entangled in an intense battle, Bai then joined the fight.

In its black robe with its 12 pairs of wings on its back too, Bai was a sight to behold. Its wings were made of Vampire Particles which were utterly blood red in color. Compared to Kylie’s wings, Bai’s wings were more like a weapon that possessed a terrifying ability to slice and kill.

As soon as Bai joined the battle, it was surrounded by another swarm of Combat Hornetdemons.

However, it had no fear at all. Its killing speed was even faster than Kylie’s. Transforming its Vampire Particles into sharp blades or thorns, dead bodies of Combat Hornetdemons fell wherever its wings sliced through.

Soon after, Bai’s attack had lured a large number of Combat Hornetdemons away, and Kylie’s side of the battle had become less stressful.

Before the swarm of hornets surrounded the both of them, Charcoal and the rest struck.

As Lin Huang had leveled up to gold flame-level, Charcoal’s combat strength was upgraded to immortal-level rank-4. It was now 4,000 meters tall. Despite the fact that its body was compressed to thousands of times smaller, it still stood at a staggering height of four meters. Charcoal was considered huge compared to the Combat Hornetdemons which were only about two centimeters tall.

As it opened its mouth, black dragon flames gushed out of its mouth and enveloped the ma.s.sive swarm of hornets. Its speed was even faster than Bai’s.

Not far away from Charcoal, Tyrant crushed the swarm of hornets like a tank. Although its body was less than a tenth of the Combat Hornetdemon’s, each attack it rained managed to kill the monsters. As Tyrant struck a heavy blow on the Combat Hornetdemons, they exploded without him having to make a second attack.

Tyrant had never released its body after feeling the Celestial Giant’s bloodline in his body. Its body had always been only about 2.5 meters tall all the while. Even Lin Huang had no idea how huge it could truly be.

Typically, the size of a giant could reach thousands of meters tall, and its body could be as large as a king sea monster or a super gigantic monster. An adult could grow more than 10,000 meters tall.

However, Lin Huang knew nothing about the Celestial Giant.

Not much information was pa.s.sed down from the ancient times. He had referred to many of the information sources in the Martial Hunter College, but he found nothing about the Celestial Giant.

According to what Tyrant told him from the memories it had inherited, the body of the most powerful Celestial Giant during the ancient times was comparable to a galaxy. It was a tremendously powerful and terrifying creature.

Although Lin Huang had never seen Tyrant’s real body before, he guessed that even if it was not a Celestial Giant with pure blood, it would not be any smaller than a king sea monster or the supreme giant.

Lin Huang was pumped up when he saw Tyrant’s attack strike right into the Combat Hornetdemon’s body.

Lancelot, the Ghastly Clown, and the rest of them were incredible. The one-sided slaughter began as soon as they got into the fight with the swarm of hornets.

In fact, the combat strength of Bai and the others were only 4-stars. Since they were immortal-level monsters that had gone through three mutations, they were capable of engaging in a battle to fight enemies that were two levels higher than themselves. In addition to that, the G.o.d’s Blood creatures, the fiends, and the Celestial Giant had an enchantment effect on their blood. Even if it were only beginner-level enchanted blood, it could fight enemies that were a level higher, let alone Bai and the rest who now had advanced-level blood power. They were only one step away from getting the pure blood whereby they could then fight enemies that were three levels higher easily.

Although their combat strength was only on immortal-level rank-4, the addition of their combat strengths resulted in their abilities being on par with an immortal-level rank-9. Besides, Lin Huang would train them when he was free, and he would occasionally teach them something related to martial arts. As long as they did not encounter a supreme genius, they were capable of handling enemies below imperial-level.

The Combat Hornetdemon was only an ordinary double mutated monster and did not possess enchanted blood. Even if their combat strength was on immortal-level rank-9, they could definitely not fight Bai and the rest. Despite there being a large number of Combat Hornetdemons, they could not harm Bai and the rest.

The fight was a one-sided ma.s.sacre. The horrifying Combat Hornetdemons were like helpless little lambs in front of them as they had no way of fighting back at all.

b.l.o.o.d.y, who was in charge of the entire battle, did not give any instructions mid-way at all. At the beginning of the fight, b.l.o.o.d.y issued some brief instructions and distributed the work among them. They then did the work on their own.

Bai and the rest knew each other’s abilities very well, and they had great teamwork.

It took them more than half an hour to defeat more than 10,000 Combat Hornetdemons.

Just as Lin Huang was about to recall them back into their card forms, he heard b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice. He nodded after listening to what b.l.o.o.d.y said, gathering Bai and the rest. “Your overall performance is quite good, but there are some minor problems. b.l.o.o.d.y, please explain to them.”

b.l.o.o.d.y nodded and stood out from the rest. It then called out their names.

“Ghastly, I know that your fighting style tends to be lazier, but I hope that you can change your att.i.tude in the following battles. You’re only using about 20% of what you’ve got to protect yourself. You relied on the others to kill the enemies, and it’s kind of irresponsible as a team member. Luckily, you didn’t slow us down. Otherwise, I’d have asked Master to expel you.”

Lin Huang frowned, looking at Ghastly. It was the one with the worst att.i.tude among all his monsters.

“I actually think that the rest of you were capable of handling them. That’s why I didn’t help out. Since you’re telling me this, I’ll take it more seriously next time.” The Supreme Overlord shrugged its shoulders, worried that Lin Huang might not summon it anymore.

b.l.o.o.d.y caught a glimpse of the Supreme Overlord and did not say anything else, s.h.i.+fting its gaze towards Bai.

“Bai, you went too deep into the monster horde. Your physique isn’t completely immune to the Combat Hornetdemon’s attack like Tyrant. Although the defenses of your Vampire Particles is quite good, I guess you’ll still collapse if you’re attacked by tens of the immortal-level rank-9 Combat Hornetdemons.”

“I’d suggest you not to go too deep into the battle. Try to reduce the number of enemies that you need to deal with at any one point in time. According to the control you have over your Vampire Particles, fighting 12 enemies at the same time will be ideal. There won’t be a significant increase in your efficiency if you were to fight more enemies. There’ll be only a 20% increase in your efficiency at the most. Therefore, as soon as you make it through the monster horde, it’s unnecessary to fight 20 to 30 monsters at the same time. You should make sure that you’re fighting at the best efficiency instead of the highest killing rate. The latter will cause you to make mistakes more easily. In the following battles, we’ll fight in a team. If any of you happen to collapse, the pressure faced by the rest of us will increase. I hope that you’re not the one that collapses.”

“Got it.” Bai accepted its comment.

b.l.o.o.d.y nodded its head and s.h.i.+fted its gaze towards Kylie.

“Kylie, I know that you’re pretty strong on your own. However, I wish that you can do better when you fight in a team. Instead of simply killing the monsters, you can actually have better control of the fight by unleas.h.i.+ng your Lightning Control. Attacking with lightning reduces the number of monsters the rest of the team members will encounter, and it’ll be much easier for them to handle the monsters. Moreover, the number of monsters killed in this way might not be lesser than what your number from directly killing them.”

Kylie did not refute and nodded her head, expressing that she understood what b.l.o.o.d.y was trying to say.

b.l.o.o.d.y then pointed out each of their shortcomings and suggested ways to improve. All of them accepted his suggestions.

After recalling all the monster cards, Lin Huang looked towards the hornet’s nest hanging on the tree branch and grinned. “The Combat Hornetdemon’s honey is fantastic stuff. Selling it together with the hive will be worth even more!”

Lin Huang then appeared at the bottom of the hornet’s nest in a flash. He took out his combat sword and hacked at the nest for about seven minutes before storing it in his storage s.p.a.ce.

After putting the hive away, he summoned the Mighty Ape again and quickly climbed towards the forest.

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