Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 784 – A Sudden Rise In Points

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Chapter 784: A Sudden Rise in Points
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The only tip the Heaven Alliance could give anyone to break through the 56th checkpoint was: get through it in one sitting!

It was as simple as that because the hornet nests on this checkpoint were densely distributed. There was a nest for about every 1,000 meters. Most of the areas with hornet nest overlapped one another. There was no safe route where they could actually avoid fighting the Combat Hornetdemons. Therefore, getting through the checkpoint in one sitting could significantly reduce the chances of encountering the Combat Hornetdemons.

However, Lin Huang’s main intention was not to get through the checkpoint. Instead, he wanted to collect points.

At this moment, he was engaged in a tough battle as what he intended to do was different from the rest.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, the first wave of reinforcement is arriving. There are eight hornet nests that have joined the reinforcement. The eight reinforcements have at least 2,000 of them and probably 4,000 at the most,” Lin Huang whispered to b.l.o.o.d.y, sharing what he observed according to the discovery of his Divine Telekinesis.

In less than a minute after Bai and the rest began to clear the first hornet nest, a few of the hives nearby discovered that there was a battle going on and immediately sent reinforcements.

Lin Huang was not surprised though as he knew earlier that it was only natural of the Combat Hornetdemons to do so.

On the 56th checkpoint, all the Combat Hornetdemons were the future generations of the hornet queen. Although they were living in different hives, they did not cla.s.sify themselves according to the different nests but followed the entire hornet group instead. Realizing that one of the nests was being attacked, they would immediately send reinforcements to defend against the enemies.

In the beginning, the hives would send about a tenth of the total number of Combat Hornetdemons in the nests as back-up.

If the reinforcements were unable to help the besieged hornet nest, the second wave of Combat Hornetdemons reinforcements would swarm out, leaving only about 10% of the Combat Hornetdemons to guard their home nest. The rest of the Combat Hornetdemons would join the army, fighting the invaders at full strength.

Apparently, they understood that mutual dependence was needed for survival. Once the hornet nest nearby was being attacked, it indicated that their hive would soon be attacked.

Therefore, before their nest was attacked, sending reinforcements to kill all the invaders was the most cautious solution to get rid of the danger.

Unfortunately, the hornets were going up against Lin Huang and the rest.

“Ghastly, your task is to create chaos, activating an illusion to cover a wide area. Walk around the entire battleground and try your best to set the Combat Hornetdemons up.

“Lancelot, activate Sword Manipulation with extensive coverage. Each attack doesn’t necessary have to kill. Causing severe injuries is good enough.

“Kylie, you are the fastest. a.s.sist Lancelot and hit the Combat Hornetdemons that haven’t died after being attacked by Lancelot’s Sword Manipulation.”

Bai and the rest that were led by b.l.o.o.d.y launched a one-sided ma.s.sacre.

Lin Huang’s Stairway points increased tremendously.

He initially had about 24 million points when he was ranked first on the leaderboard. When he entered the Secret Forest and encountered the first hornet nest, his points had exceeded 60 million within half an hour.

The points were now increasing at an even terrifying rate.

60 million, 70 million, 80 million…

Just as the sky was turning dark, Lin Huang’s points had exceeded 200 million.

n.o.body had ever racked up points like that before, and it immediately became a hot topic among the members of the Stairway Tree who were now online.

“Is there something wrong with the system!? He has acc.u.mulated 200 million points in just a day!”

“If there’s nothing wrong with the system, it means that even the Stairway Tree system can’t detect when Lin Xie is cheating!”

“I’m saddened by Lin Huang’s cheating. He has broken the rules of the Stairway Tree and has even violated the fairness and justice of the leaderboard on the Stairway Tree. He has disregarded everyone’s else efforts. What I wanted to say is, bro, please count me in!”

There were only a small number of people who believed that Lin Huang had collected the points with his own ability.

“The monster with the highest combat strength on the 21st checkpoint is on immortal-level rank-4. Killing each of the monsters can only earn 80 points. Lin Xie managed to acc.u.mulate eight million points in one night. He’s now on the 56th checkpoint where the monster with the weakest combat strength is on immortal-level rank-7. He’ll gain 640 points by killing such a monster. He can even obtain 2,560 points for killing an immortal-level rank-9. It’s not impossible to acc.u.mulate 200 million points in a day.”

“If anyone else collected 200 million points in a day, I’d have thought that the person was cheating, but Lin Xie might have gotten the points with his own capabilities. He’s incredible.”

Lin Huang knew nothing about their comments. He was busy fighting the Combat Hornetdemons.

Many of them believed that Lin Huang had cheated because even people like Chan Dou would not want to offend the Combat Hornetdemons.

There were at least 20,000 Combat Hornetdemons in a regular hive. Although Chan Dou was strong, he did not have a monstrous physique like Tyrant and the rest. Furthermore, he was not immune to poison like Kylie. He could only deal with about 3,000 Combat Hornetdemons at the same time. He might die if he were to handle more than 3,000 Combat Hornetdemons. It was impossible for him to kill hundreds of thousands of Combat Hornetdemons in a single afternoon.

The reason why Lin Huang had managed to wipe out the hornets with ten summoning monsters was that the monsters that he had chosen were capable of controlling the Combat Hornetdemons to a certain extent. In addition to the bloodlines they possessed and the distribution of work almost being perfect, he could fight the Combat Hornetdemons with ease.

Of course, if Lin Huang were to fight them alone, he would be unable to collect points in this way.

At about 6.30p.m., the sky was turning dark.

“It’s getting darker, and the monsters on the Stairway Tree are coming out to hunt for food,” b.l.o.o.d.y whispered to Lin Huang, “If we were to continue collecting points, we’re not only going to face the Combat Hornetdemons. Two other types of monsters are way more powerful. We won’t encounter monster hordes like this by then. It’s going to be a ma.s.sive monster horde consisting of tens of millions of monsters.”

As the sky turned dark, the Stairway Tree would be a paradise for the monsters. All the monsters above checkpoint 55 and below checkpoint 66 would head over to the human gathering point on checkpoint 55.

“I’d suggest to exit first and continue tomorrow,” b.l.o.o.d.y added.

Lin Huang frowned, stroking his chin. Soon, he made up his mind and said, “The auction will begin three days later. I’m going to meet Yi Zheng tomorrow, so I guess I don’t have much time left tomorrow. If I were to give up collecting points at night when there’ll be monster hordes, I only have one day left…”

“I guess we can give it a try even though it’s riskier at night. We can go back to the Secret Forest since it’s rather s.p.a.cious over there. When the monster horde appears, they’ll become smaller in size. The monsters will scatter all over the place, and we can take advantage of that to hide. If the outcome of the detection happens to be undesirable, I’ll recall all of you back into your card forms right away and log out of the Genius Union.”

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