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Chapter 785: Guerrilla

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At about 7 p.m., the sky was pitch black.

All the monsters on the Stairway Tree looked like they had consumed stimulants as they got ready to hunt for food.

On each of the checkpoints with monsters, a variety of creatures headed towards the human gathering point.

There were three checkpoints with monsters between checkpoints 55 and 63, namely checkpoints 56, 58, and 61.

The monsters that occupied checkpoint 56 were the venomous Combat Hornetdemons. They lived in a large swarm and were extremely difficult to handle.

The Mutated Serpent, a unique snake monster, occupied checkpoint 58. Almost all Mutated Serpents would go through a genetic mutation when they were young, causing each of them to be different from one another. Some of them were huge, some of them could release venom, some of them were terribly fast, while some of them could even control the elements. Even twins would be utterly different from each other after the mutation.

As for checkpoint 61, it was occupied by the Luna Beast. The Luna Beast was a type of monster with long ears, looking somewhat like a rabbit. It had red fur all over its body, fangs, and sharp claws which looked like the cat’s claws. Its body was usually two to three meters long. It had explosive power and speed, and at the same time, it possessed immense strength. It had a very powerful defensive ability and was adept at close-range attacks. It could also absorb moonlight, going on a rampage whereby its combat strength would be multiplied.

All three types of monsters were not easy to handle. Still, Lin Huang decided to fight the monster hordes.

Just as Lin Huang returned to the Secret Forest on checkpoint 55 along with b.l.o.o.d.y and the rest while waiting for the arrival of the monster hordes, the people at the gathering point on checkpoint 55 started discussing when they saw that Lin Huang’s name was still lit up on the leaderboard.

“The sky has turned dark, and the monster hordes are arriving. Has Lin Xie not logged out yet?”

“According to the points he has just gained, he must be on checkpoint 56. He hasn’t returned to the gathering point yet. Could it be that he wants to fight the monster hordes on his own?”

“He must’ve cheated. Why didn’t he come back and fight the monster hordes with us? He didn’t want us to see him cheating!”

The people from Heaven Alliance soon noticed that something was wrong.

“What’s Lin Huang doing? The monster hordes are arriving, and he’s still there to collect points?”

“Perhaps he’s surrounded by the hornets and is unable to get rid of them.”

“If he dies, he’s going to have to bear the loss. He’ll lose half the points from the 200 million points that he just gained.”

As the creatures from the outside entered the Secret Forest on the 55th checkpoint of the Stairway Tree, their bodies would be reduced 1,000 times smaller. Lin Huang and the rest had many places to hide like behind the gra.s.s, the flowers or even the splits in the bark. This made their hunting much more convenient.

At that moment, Lin Huang and the rest were hiding in one of the bark fissures, patiently waiting for the monster hordes to appear.

At about 7.20 p.m., the sky had turned completely dark. Lin Huang knew that the monster hordes would come very soon.

After almost half an hour, Lin Huang heard a buzzing sound from far away. The sound was fast approaching.

“It’s the Combat Hornetdemon. It seems like after their body size has been reduced, they scattered everywhere. There aren’t many hornets, less than 50,000 of them. I guess they’re from the same hive.” Lin Huang could tell what was happening a few kilometers away with his Divine Telekinesis. “No other monster hordes are discovered so far within the area covered by my detection. However, we need to be fast. The monster hordes behind will catch up soon.”

“Let’s get ready to fight and give your all. Try to kill all the enemies at the fastest speed possible. After killing the hornets, we’ve got to move.”

b.l.o.o.d.y had discussed with Lin Huang earlier that it was not practical to launch a frontal attack on the monster hordes that consisted of tens of thousands of monsters. Therefore, they planned to launch guerrilla attacks according to the topography of the Secret Forest. They would move after the fight and try to get rid of the monsters.

“I’ll be aware of what’s happening out there. If there’s any monster horde that approaches us, I’ll judge whether if it’s going to be harmful to us. If it is, I’ll recall of you back into your card forms whether or not the hornets have been cleared. I’ll then leave the battleground immediately. The same goes for the rest of the battles.” Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y whispered to each other and came up with a strategy.

Bai and the rest had no objections. They clearly knew that their abilities were far from being capable of handling all the monster hordes.

After a short while, the hornets appeared in front of Lin Huang and the rest.


Bai and the rest immediately rushed towards the hornets after receiving the instruction from b.l.o.o.d.y.

Charcoal had returned to its original size. Despite it being reduced to 1,000 times smaller, it still looked gigantic at about four meters tall.

Black dragon flames gushed out as it opened its mouth. The hornets fled.

It was not easy to put the flames out once the dragon flames tainted them. Charcoal was a high-level dragonkin. With its dragon flames, even an imperial-level would not dare to offend it. Perhaps even the chief of the Heaven Alliance, Chan Dou, would not want to get tainted by the dragon flames.

Lancelot had fully activated its Sword Manipulation as well. Thousands of black swords accompanied by powerful sword intent penetrated through the swarm of hornets like swimming fish. If it were not on immortal-level rank-4 with its ability being restricted, perhaps it could fight the hornets with ease.

Bai’s attack was like an artistic performance. No extra movements were needed. As it flowed, it managed to cut a few of the Combat Hornetdemons into half without a second attack. Despite it only being on immortal-level rank-4, encountering the immortal-level rank-9 Combat Hornetdemons, the fight was like slicing vegetables to it.

Ghastly was probably the most relaxed one compared to the rest. He made it through the Combat Hornetdemons leisurely, creating chaos wherever he pa.s.sed. Not only could they not see Ghastly at all, but they had also gone insane and even attacked each other.

Other than Bai and the rest, even Lin Huang joined the fight so that they could get rid of the swarm of hornets as soon as possible.

Three supreme telekinetic weapons and thousands of telekinetic flying daggers whistled in the air. Controlled by his Divine Telekinesis, they penetrated through the Combat Hornetdemons’ bodies.

Lin Huang was unable to dominate the ancient telekinetic weapons without using the Transformation Card. Despite the fact that the power of his flying daggers was much weaker than before, they were capable of killing the immortal-level rank-7s and rank-8s. Even if he could not kill the immortal-level rank-9s in one hit, the monster would be severely injured, and it would be much more convenient for Kylie and the rest to kill.

The battle lasted for about 20 minutes before it ended. Before completely obliterating the Combat Hornetdemons, Lin Huang suddenly raised his head and frowned, looking towards the border of the forest.

“Luna Beast?!”

Using his Divine Telekinesis, he could see that at the crossing point of checkpoints 55 and 56, a large number of Luna Beasts were heading towards the Secret Forest.

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