Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 795 – Yi Zheng Is Here

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Chapter 795: Yi Zheng Is Here

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Late August marked the beginning of autumn at Wanbao City. The temperature was about 27 degree Celsius and it was much more comfortable than the climate a week ago.

Framing both sides of the road were Jingui Trees with stunning blossoms and its fragrance permeated the air.

It was named the Jingui Tree because its flower was golden in color. It glowed as the sun shone on it, looking luxurious.

The plant was somewhat similar to the sweet osmanthus on Earth. However, it was lightly scented and did not overpower the senses.

Contrary to its reserved scent, the Jingui Tree was larger and taller than the sweet osmanthus on Earth. Most of the trees were 15 meters to 25 meters tall. A few of them reached 30 meters and above. Those with a height of 50 meters and above were known as Jingui Kings. They were rare and their price could be compared to that of an ancient relic’s.

Lin Huang had taken his bath early in the morning. He leisurely walked toward the portal located at the center of Wanbao City.

He went to a café opposite the portal and sat by the window. He then ordered a set of breakfast with a black coffee, patiently waiting for Yi Zheng to arrive.

He even captured a photo of his breakfast and posted on his social media.

There were a few comments and likes less than three minutes after the photo was posted.

“Are you waiting for my brother?” Yi Yeyu was the first person who commented. She seemed to be tracking all of her friends’ activities constantly.

“Why are you taking pictures of food? You should’ve taken pictures of the beautiful ladies!” Li Lang posted the second comment.

Leng Yuexin liked the post without commenting on anything.

Lin Xin commented with an emoji showing bared teeth.

On his way, Yi Zheng saw his post as well and he commented, “I departed without eating breakfast. I’m ravenous now… Xiao Yu, comfort me, please. Boohoo!”

However, Yi Yeyu’s reply was “F*ck off!!!”

Lin Huang did not expect Mr. Fu to comment as well. However, his comment was “Does it taste good?”

After chatting with his friends for a while, Lin Huang browsed the news on his Emperor’s Heart Ring since it was still early.

By default, the Emperor’s Heart Ring would show the local news. Unless he changed its default homepage, the news that first popped up would be the local news regardless of where he was.

As he tapped the webpage open, he was startled to see the news headlines.

The headline was “Wanbao Auction Will Have Three Secret Items to Be Auctioned Off on the Last Day of the Auction!”

Lin Huang immediately tapped it open to read the contents.

The news reported that there was a demiG.o.d who secretly visited Wanbao Auction House at night, leaving three items to them and left.”

The news did not mention what those three items were. However, it did say that the two demiG.o.d relics that they intended to sell on the last day of the auction would be s.h.i.+fted to the first day of the auction instead.

Right after the news was published, many people began commenting.

“The three items have replaced the demiG.o.d relics. Could they be G.o.d relics?”

“They might be G.o.d relics or G.o.d items.”

“Items offered by a demiG.o.d must be at least on demiG.o.d-level. The quality of these items must be better than the previous two demiG.o.d relics in order to be able to replace them. The three secret items are definitely worth looking forward to.”

The people from different royal families and organizations panicked after reading the news early in the morning.

“There might be the appearance of Virtual G.o.d items at the auction. I need more cas.h.!.+”

“Regardless of the probability of having a G.o.d relic or a G.o.d item at the auction, as long as there’s a gleam of hope, we have to be well prepared and get them all!”

“The last time there was a G.o.d relic at the auction was 31 years ago. As for the G.o.d item, the last time they had such an item for sale was at the Land of Origin 46 years ago. If there really is a G.o.d item or a G.o.d relic at the auction, we’re getting it by all means!”

Lin Huang was the culprit who had caused all this to happen. He was now leisurely reading the news while drinking his cup of coffee.

At 9.26 a.m., Lin Huang received a voice message from Yi Zheng. “I’m here. Where are you?”

“Exit from the south door. I’m in the café opposite.” Lin Huang then finished his last sip of coffee and strolled out of the café.

Just as he stepped out of the café, he saw Yi Zheng walking towards him from the south door of the portal.

He waved his hand and Yi Zheng walked towards him with a smile.

“I haven’t seen you in half a year. You’ve grown taller.” Yi Zheng patted Lin Huang’s shoulder.

“Is it?” Lin Huang asked as he raised his brows. He had been in Division 3 for more than four months using Lin Xie’s fake ident.i.ty most of the time and he did not realize the changes in his body.

“You’re almost the same height as I am,” Yi Zheng compared. The difference between their heights was probably less than a centimeter and was hardly detectable. He was 183 centimeters tall. Half a year ago, when the both of them entered the grade-5 ruins together, they were about five centimeters different in height, which was apparent.

“Perhaps I’ve really grown taller.” Lin Huang realized that they were now at the same eye level.

“Let’s go back to the hotel.”

“You haven’t taken your breakfast. Don’t you want to eat something first?” Lin Huang turned his body slightly, pointing at the restaurant that he had just taken his breakfast at. “They serve pretty good food.”

“It’s okay. I’ve taken my breakfast. I was just teasing Xiao Yu just now.” Yi Zheng smiled, shaking his head.

“Alright. Let’s go back to the hotel then.”

Lin Huang immediately summoned the Dimensional Portal without a moment of hesitation. The both of them then strode into it.

In the next moment, they arrived at the hotel where Lin Huang was staying.

“The room looks cozy,” Yi Zheng teased as he glanced around the room.

“This is your room. Mine is to the right of yours.” Lin Huang pointed at his room. “I’ve done the check-in process for you, so you’re all set. I’ll send you the key card now.”

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, Yi Zheng then received the electronic key card from Lin Huang.

“Do you want to take a rest first and walk around the stalls later after lunch? Or do you want to go now?” Lin Huang asked.

“I think we shall go now. The auction begins tomorrow. I need to familiarize myself with the place first. Let’s see if we can find something worth buying,” Yi Zheng said in excitement.

Before the auction officially began, sellers peddled a variety of items outside the auction house. Not every one of them would set up a stall. Some of them had their own platform to display the items for sale. However, everybody had already gotten used to calling them “stalls”.

Most of the people who wanted to attend the auction would usually walk around these stalls before the auction officially began. They hoped to buy something that others could have possibly missed out on.

“Alright, then let’s walk around the stalls first.” Lin Huang had actually visited these stalls on the very first day that he arrived at Wanbao City. However, there was nothing worth buying. Seeing Yi Zheng’s excitement, he did not want to disappoint him.

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