Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 796 – A Healthy Sibling Relationship

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Chapter 796: A Healthy Sibling Relations.h.i.+p
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The hotel which Lin Huang was staying at was less than 300 meters away from the auction house.

He left the hotel with Yi Zheng. They walked along the street and soon, they arrived at the auction house.

There were many sellers outside the auction house. Yi Zheng then joined the crowd excitedly and visited each of the stalls.

Lin Huang followed after him. He took a glance at the stalls and he clearly detected everything through his Divine Telekinesis.

Most of them were just selling worthless stuff and there were many counterfeit goods as well.

Lin Huang scanned through tens of stalls with his Divine Telekinesis. Not a single transcendent item could be found.

Although Yi Zheng did not possess Divine Telekinesis, he had been brought up in a royal family. Despite not being an appraiser, he was definitely an expert in this field.

They spent the entire morning visiting hundreds of stalls. Soon, Yi Zheng’s facial expression changed as he found nothing to buy.

“I’m overthinking. There are just a few transcendent items which aren’t really great in terms of quality, but they’re being sold at an exceptionally high price.”

“The stalls have been here for more than a week. Many immortal and imperial-levels have visited these stalls. If there were items that were really valuable, they’d have bought them earlier,” Lin Huang raised his brows and said with a simper, “Are you really expecting to find something valuable here? That’s too good to be true.”

“Let’s go in and walk around.” Yi Zheng did not want to give up yet.

Lin Huang had no choice but to follow him into the auction house.

It was much more crowded inside. Yi Zheng had regained his enthusiasm and soon, he followed the crowd. Lin Huang accompanied him for a while but was quickly left behind. Although Lin Huang could easily locate his position with Divine Telekinesis, he could not follow him closely as the auction house was now jammed packed.

He was too lazy to make his way through the crowd, so he decided to follow the crowd while detecting the stalls nearby with his Divine Telekinesis.

He had to admit that the items the stalls in the auction house sold were of a higher quality compared to the items being sold outside. Lin Huang scanned through more than 20 stalls with his Divine Telekinesis, and almost every stall had transcendent items available for sale. Most of the sellers were on holy fire-level and there were even some immortal-levels as well.

However, those transcendent items came at a steep price as they were at least 20% more expensive than the market price.

As Lin Huang glanced through the stall, he noticed a few supreme relics as well. However, none of them managed to attract his attention.

Among the supreme relics he owned, he had two combat swords, three sets of telekinetic daggers and two sets of armor that were still new. As for ancient relics, he had a sword, an armor, and three sets of daggers. Of course, he would not be interested in the items sold at these stalls.

With his Divine Telekinesis, he detected that Yi Zheng had stopped in front of one of the stalls not far away from him. He was looking at a supreme relic that was in the shape of an umbrella. Soon, he began to bargain with the owner.

Lin Huang felt that it was strange and he contacted him, “Why do you want to buy this?”

“Since I’m here in Division 3, I’ll need to buy some New Year gifts for Xiao Yu. The umbrella looks pretty. I think that she’ll like it,” Yi Zheng answered.

Lin Huang was speechless. He could buy an umbrella like this anywhere. Moreover, the one that Yi Zheng was holding was not an umbrella. It was a unique type of weapon that appeared like an umbrella. The process of making of that particular umbrella was very complicated. The market price of this item was at least 50% much more expensive than a sword of the same grade. The stall owner was quoting him double the cost of a supreme relic.

Nevertheless, Lin Huang did not stop him. From a short distance, he saw Yi Zheng purchase the umbrella at a price that was 1.8 times higher than the price of a sword of the same quality.

“He’s a siscon for real…” Lin Huang mumbled. The face of a short-haired girl with bangs then flashed through his mind.

“Xin Er…”

Lin Huang had a rather soft gaze as he thought about Lin Xin. “What New Year gift should I buy for her?”

It was about 1 p.m. after he visited all the stalls.

Lin Huang did not buy anything while Yi Zheng’s only purchase was the umbrella.

“Let’s eat something first. I know a seafood restaurant nearby that serves delicious food,” Lin Huang suggested as they walked out of the auction house.

“Okay. Let’s talk over lunch. I’m interested in what you’ve been through over the past few months.” Yi Zheng respected Lin Huang to some extent. He had left home at the age of 18 and trained in the core zone alone. It seemed like he had been doing exceptionally well there.

They then arrived at the restaurant and ordered some food. Yi Zheng initiated the conversation. “What do you want to buy at the Wanbao Auction? An ancient relic?” He could sense that Lin Huang’s combat strength had advanced to gold flame-level. That being said, he was actually close to immortal-level.

“No. I have an ancient relic. I’m here to sell off some of my stuff and have a look at the underground auction. I want to buy G.o.d Crashers.” Lin Huang did not hide his intention from Yi Zheng since they had discovered the G.o.d Crashers together.

“G.o.d Crashers?!” Yi Zheng frowned as he heard that. “Have you used up all the G.o.d Crashers?”

Lin Huang grinned, nodding his head and he did not say anything else.

“It seems like the past few months have been hard on you.” Yi Zheng knew that Lin Huang definitely would not have used the G.o.d Crashers if it was not an extreme emergency. He had encountered danger for more than once since he had used up all the G.o.d Crashers.

“Division 3 is a complicated place. You have to be careful if you are to train here.” Lin Huang did not explain any further and warned Yi Zheng. He then changed the topic. “How’s Yeyu?”

“As usual, she still slacks off at training.” Yi Zheng looked resentful. “She’s actually way more talented than I am. As long as she’s willing to put more effort into her training, she’ll be able to surpa.s.s me very soon.”

“Will you be worried if she beats you?” Lin Huang teased.

As a siscon, it was his nature to protect his sister. If Yi Yeyu happened to be stronger than him and no longer needed his protection, he would probably be upset.

Yi Zheng was stunned when he heard that. He kept quiet for a couple of moments before changing the topic again. “Tell me what you’ve done in the past few months so that I can learn from your experience. Knowing that you’ve used up all the G.o.d Crashers, I worry if I’ll die in Division 3. If I die during the training, Xiao Yu might engrave stuff I wouldn’t want to see on my grave such as ‘The weak person who died from choking on his saliva’, ‘The fool who died from slipping on a watermelon rind…”

“Both of you sure have a healthy sibling relations.h.i.+p!” Lin Huang thought to himself.

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