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Chapter 80: Killing Li Yanxing

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Everything happened so fast. Although Lin Huang figured Li Yanxing was up to no good, he did not expect him to take Leng Yuexin’s life right away.

“You… b.a.s.t.a.r.d…” Leng Yuexin’s chest was pierced straight through by Li Yanxing’s knife. She said that as she spat blood, not expecting Li Yanxing to be such a horrible person.

Lin Huang panicked as he watched the scene transpire from a distance. If Leng Yuexin died, that would mean his mission had failed. Not only would he not obtain the two mission reward cards but he would also lose two of his Monster Cards. He would be at a great loss if Leng Yuexin died.

“Bai, Charcoal, let’s kill him!” Lin Huang shouted and summoned both his monsters.

Although Li Yanxing was poisoned and his body was weak, he was a Gold Hunter and almost a transcendent after all. Lin Huang knew he was not to be underestimated so he summoned his strongest monsters.

Lin Huang then returned to his own body from his spectral form and took out his BlackEagle33. He morphed his gun to a sniper and aimed at Li Yanxing’s left eye. Fortunately, the underground river was s.p.a.cious and allowed Charcoal’s full form to show. It flapped its wing and flew to the top of the cave and spat black fire at Li Yanxing. The Black Dragon Flame did not cover much ground, it was more like a focused jet of water directed towards Li Yanxing.

At the same time, Bai attacked from 10 meters away. His crimson gold Blood Power wings turned into a pair of sharp blades that plunged towards Li Yanxing.

Lin Huang who was standing 10 meters away channeled all his Iron Life Power. A Life Power bullet was formed in his gun chamber and he then pulled the trigger. The Iron Life Power bullet shot forward. It was a laser beam that shot at Li Yanxing’s left eye, creating sparks in the air. Facing various attacks that were coming for him, Li Yanxing was stunned. He did not expect Lin Huang to appear out of nowhere with his two bronze-level monsters. Even if that had happened on a normal day, he knew he was in trouble as Lin Huang was also an Imperial Censor, Lin Huang and his two bronze-level monsters were nothing to him at full health and power. However, he was poisoned and had exhausted all the Life Power in his body to kill Leng Yuexin. As a Gold Hunter, his physique was strong, but without Life Power, he could not use any of his defensive skills at all. No matter how powerful he was, he could not defend against attacks from the two bronze-level monsters. Furthermore, he was also targeted and shot at with a BlackEagle33 that was almost a bronze-level weapon.

Many Gold Hunters from the Hunter a.s.sociation were killed by higher level monster hordes each year. Usually, there would only be iron-level and bronze-levels monsters as there were hardly any silver-level monsters. Those Gold Hunters who died were usually killed because they exhausted their Life Power, preventing them from being able to defend themselves against monster attacks with their physical body.

The triple attacks from Lin Huang were almost upon him and he was helpless. To save himself, he had to let go of Leng Yuexin. Although his Life Power was exhausted, his body was still agile. He took a step back and he was already a few meters away, enough for him to get out of the attack area of Charcoal’s dragon flame. Bai’s blades were coming at him like tarsal bone maggots, but Li Yanxing did a backflip and avoided that fatal attack. Just then, the Life Power bullet grew close. He slammed his palm against the ground to somersault up in the air and avoided the bullet.

The blood replacement was interrupted. After he avoided the attacks from Lin Huang and his monsters, he stood firmly on the ground and stared a deathly stare, shouting, “Hey! Do you want to die!?”

“It’s you who’s asking for it!” Lin Huang shouted back, “Bai, don’t let him escape!”

Bai knew what Lin Huang wanted. His Blood Power blades transformed into long whips and he attempted to strangle Li Yanxing. Even though his Life Power was exhausted, with his strong body, he was surprisingly agile. Lin Huang could not do anything to him. Lin Huang knew very well that the most effective way to tackle people like him was to tie them up so that he would not be able to escape from his attacks.

Seeing the long whips coming for him, Li Yanxing was shocked. If he was to be tied up by the vampire, it would take mere seconds for Lin Huang and his monsters to kill him. The reason he did not run away in the first place was because he was unwilling to give up the blood replacement from Leng Yuexin. However, now that he saw the vampire activating his combat mode, he needed to escape. On the other hand, Leng Yuexin had pa.s.sed out due to major blood loss and there was nothing more he could get from her.

Ling Huang frowned and morphed his BlackEagle33 to a black pistol while he walked towards Leng Yuexin. Seeing Lin Huang getting close to Leng Yuexin and himself, Li Yanxing who was attempting to run, grinned. If Lin Huang was close to him, he could strike a fatal attack. If an Imperial Censor was dead, his monsters would automatically lose control and possibly fight each other. During the chaos, he could run away together with Leng Yuexin and finish the process elsewhere. So he gave up on his plan to run and waited patiently for Lin Huang to approach him.

With his gun, Lin Huang moved closer to Leng Yuexin and Li Yanxing. Just when he arrived next to Leng Yuexin and attempted to carry her, Li Yanxing made his move and attacked. He took a few steps towards Lin Huang, his body became strange, like a slithering. A deep was created between Charcoal and Bai. Soon, he stood in front of Lin Huang. He did not hesitate for a moment as he transformed his hand into a blade and aimed it at the back of Lin Huang’s neck. Even without Life Power, his gold-level ability would make that attack a fatal strike.

Just when the blade reached Lin Huang’s neck, a pair of crimson gold wings grew out of Lin Huang’s back. Li Yanxing froze with shock, and one of Lin Huang’s wings transformed into a blade and pierced through Li Yanxing’s chest. When Lin Huang looked up, Li Yanxing saw a vampire with red eyes and silver hair stare up at him.

“Do you really think I am here to save her? Seems like you’re not as smart as you thought,” Lin Huang said, his bloodshot eyes wide open. “I knew you would attempt to run so I used myself as a bait for you to come closer,” he continued.

“You… are a vampire…” Li Yanxing said as he spat blood. He did not expect things to be like this. He totally underestimated this little guy.

“Sorry, you’re wrong. I’m human,” Lin Huang said with a sinister smile.

“Now, you can rest in peace…”

The other wing on Lin Huang’s back transformed into a lively crimson gold giant python. It strangled Li Yanxing’s body and made its way all the way up to his head. When it reached his eyes, the snaked’s head transformed into a sharp p.r.i.c.k and pierced through his left eyeball through to the back of his head.

Instantly, Li Yanxing was dead.


“You have performed a cross-ranking kill by killing a gold-level human. You’ve obtained the rare skill cards Thunder Sword and Cloud Steps ,” Xiao Hei informed him.

“I can get skills from killing people?!” Lin Huang was stunned when he heard the notification.

The two cards were turned into light spheres that moved from Li Yanxing’s dead body and dissolved into Lin Huang’s chest. Lin Huang searched Li Yanxing corpse but he could not find anything. He guessed that all his equipment would probably be stored in his ring but since he was dead, his ring was sealed. Lin Huang then chopped off his finger to retrieve his ring and kept it in his storage s.p.a.ce. The reason he wanted the ring was to prevent anyone from activating the ring to find any evidence should his dead body ever be found. After using Charcoal’s dragon flame to incinerate Li Yanxing’s dead body, Lin Huang dumped his body in the underground river and went to check up on Leng Yuexin.

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