Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 801 – God’s Figurine

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Chapter 801: G.o.d’s Figurine

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After giving a vague introduction where nothing could be referred, the auctioneer then shouted its starting price, “The starting price is 20 million Life Crystals! The price increment must be at least 500,000 Life Crystals each round!”

The starting price was not considered to be high as it was the equivalent price of an ancient relic of a lower grade. However, it was an item with unknown functions. Aside from its hard material, there was nothing special about it. Most likely, it could only be used for decorative purposes. Under normal circ.u.mstances, anyone would be reluctant to spend money on it.

Even the auctioneer was worried that n.o.body would place a bid on it and that it would remain unsold.

However, it seemed like he had been worrying too much. The moment the starting price was announced, someone hit the bid b.u.t.ton.

“21 million!”

However, the price was not offered by Lin Huang. It was a member from VIP room No. 1 on the third floor.

Lin Huang was stunned as he thought that n.o.body would bid for it. He moved his head slightly and caught a glimpse of the room next to him. He then pressed the bid b.u.t.ton too.

“30 million!”

He raised the price to 30 million and his message was unmistakable– I want it.

Just as the bid was placed, the person next to him responded. The increment offered was not low though.

“50 million!”

Lin Huang frowned. He pondered the response of the member in VIP room No. 1. He wondered if the person simply wanted to retaliate or if he knew that it was a valuable item.

Although he was in doubt, Lin Huang hit the bid b.u.t.ton without a moment of hesitation.

“100 million!”

Just as the bid was placed, a racket instantly came from the people in the auction hall.

“What’s happening up there? Are the two Supreme members confronting each other?”

“It’s a bidding war between members in VIP rooms No. S1 and S2. Did the neighbor just fight? What about neighborhood harmony?”

“That’s interesting. I wonder how they’re going to end this.”

Many of the members in the VIP room on the second floor started studying this scenario. Some of them raised their suspicions. “Is it possible for the wood carving to be something valuable?”

Obviously, the bidding price of 100 million did not scare him away. After a moment of silence, the bidder in VIP room No. 1 placed another bid.

“300 million!”

Lin Huang smirked, looking in the direction where the VIP room was. Again, he pushed the bid b.u.t.ton hard.

“One billion!”

“If he continues bidding for the wood carving, most probably he knows the actual function of the statue.” Lin Huang frowned, looking at the statue on the auction stage. He did not expect this to happen as it was his first time bidding.

Since he had bid for it at a price of one billion Life Crystals, the bidder would know that placing his next bid with a small increment in price would be useless. If he were really eager to buy the statue, he would need to increase the price by a large margin. If he were just trying to fight back, it would be ridiculous to spend a billion Life Crystals buying a decorative item with unknown functions. A Supreme member of the Wanbao Auction would not be so irrational.

Moreover, the ident.i.ty of all the guests in the VIP rooms had to be kept secret. Even if he lost the bid, there was nothing embarra.s.sing about it because n.o.body would know who he was.

The price of the statue had risen from 20 million to one billion in less than a minute. It was exactly five times higher than its starting price. The people felt that it was strange and at the same time, they hoped that the bidder in VIP room No. 1 could place a higher bid.

However, the member in VIP room No.1 decided to remain silent.

In the rest of the VIP rooms on the second and the third floor, many of the members and Supreme members speculated if there were any hidden secrets. However, the price had already increased to a billion Life Crystals. n.o.body dared to continue bidding for it purely based on speculation.

“One billion Life Crystals, sold!”

As the auctioneer knocked the hammer, the final decision had been made, signifying that Lin Huang had successfully become the owner of the statue.

“I’ve bought the statue. Can you please tell me what the G.o.d’s Figurine is?” Lin Huang secretly contacted the stone tablet.

“Do you know the protoss?” The stone tablet asked.

“Yes, I do. What does it have to do with the protoss?” Lin Huang was eager to know more.

“The G.o.d’s Figurine is the dead body of the protoss. To be exact, it’s the remnants of the protoss’s body after its death.”

“Are you sure you’re not kidding me?” Lin Huang could not believe it at all. “It’s a palm-sized statue and it’s obvious that it’s made of wood. You’re telling me that it’s the remnants of the protoss?”

“The reason why it’s only the size of a palm is that after the death of the protoss, the particles of its body collapsed and reshaped, turning into the state of a G.o.d’s Figurine. Just like when a dead star collapses and becomes a white dwarf, there’ll be a substantial decrease in size. The reason why it looks wooden is that wood was the main attribute of the G.o.d’s Figurine before its death.”

The explanation made sense to Lin Huang. However, something suddenly crossed his mind. “No, a friend of my told me before that a protoss has a perfect human figure. However, the G.o.d’s Figurine looks like a mutated monster.”

“Your friend is right. However, all protoss actually have three bodies. The first body is in the human state which is known as the mortal body. The second body is in the state when it’s born; we call it the source body. Lastly, it’s called the G.o.d’s body when its body is in the form of energy.

“They’ll normally appear in the form of a mortal body in their daily life. When they’re engaged in a fight, they’ll return to their energy form, transforming into G.o.d’s body which is normally huge. The stronger it is, the larger it is. Some of their sizes are on par with whole galaxies.

“All protoss are strongest when they’re in the form of their source body. Under such conditions, they can maximize their abilities with ease. However, there’s a drawback for transforming its body into this form. The protoss can reshape themselves after the death of their mortal body and G.o.d’s body. However, if the source body dies, they’ll die for real.”

“The G.o.d’s Figurine basically rings the death of the protoss’s source body. This is how they originally looked like.”

Lin Huang could finally believe the stone tablet’s explanation after he heard this.

“The G.o.d’s Figurine is only as big as my palm. What can it be used for?” He immediately asked.

“As long as it possesses divinity, it can be reactivated.”

“Reactivated? Do you mean that you want to revive it?” Lin Huang’s eyes widened.

“No. The reactivated G.o.d’s Figurine no longer has consciousness. It’s just like a puppet.”

“So, as long as I’m able to reactivate it, it means that I have a protoss that can fight?” Lin Huang comprehended.

“That could be true. However, its combat strength won’t be on the G.o.d-level that it used to be. It depends on the strength of the soul inserted into it. If you were to insert a soul of demiG.o.d-level into it, its combat strength would be on demiG.o.d-level. If a Virtual G.o.d-level soul is inserted into it, its combat strength would be on the Virtual G.o.d-level, and so on,” the stone tablet explained in detail.

When Lin Huang heard this, he suddenly recalled that when Zhu Xing was killed, he had obtained Wu Zhi’s Combat Soul Card. Obviously, it could be used now. However, he then thought that he would need the combat soul when he advanced to immortal-level so that he could forge his Life Furnace. He suddenly had a headache.

“According to its description, the G.o.d’s Figurine can be used as a Life Furnace to store the Divine Fire in your body.” Xiao Hei’s voice was suddenly heard. It was apparent that it managed to sense what Lin Huang was worrying about.

“Storing the Divine Fire? That’s something spiritual. Other than the G.o.d’s soul, only the spiritual G.o.d’s relic and G.o.d’s item can store the Divine Fire, isn’t it?”

“Since the G.o.d’s Figurine is the remnant of the protoss, it’ll be used to store the soul of the protoss in the past. You’re supposed to be able to use it as a container that stores Divine Fire. You can give it a try when you get it.” After Xiao Hei had finished its sentence, it kept quiet again.

Lin Huang began pondering how the G.o.d’s Figurine should be used.

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