Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 803 – The Last Auction Item

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Chapter 803: The Last Auction Item

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“Is the last auction item a G.o.d’s relic?”

“The demiG.o.d-level sword and saber have been sold. Will the last auction item be a G.o.d’s item?”

The crowd was antic.i.p.ating for it in suspense until the last auction item was then brought to the auction stage.

“The last item for sale today, which is also the last item to be sold off at the auction, is here.” Yu Bo was not in a hurry to unveil the red cloth. “Do you want to know what it is?”

“Stop dragging. Just show it!”

“Please be quick. I’m going home to breastfeed my baby!” A man with chest hair shouted, exposing his pecs to Yu Bo.

“Hurry up. I have the urge to pee. I can’t stand it anymore! I’m going to the toilet after this!”

The auction hall was now bustling with chatter. Many of them even neglected the point that the friendly young man was actually an immortal-level rank-9. He was only one step closer to imperial-level.

“I feel like hitting someone…”

Yu Bo did not expect the crowd to react in such a way. He used to imagine that they would be like primary school kids and would all yell, “Yes!”. In fact, the adult world was much more complicated.

His emotions then completely returned to normal as he uncovered the last item. The combat armor that Lin Huang provided was displayed.

The black combat armor floated in the transparent cabinet and exuded a faint, black mist. Two beams of b.l.o.o.d.y light glowed at the helmet visor, resembling a humanoid monster floating on the auction stage that scrutinized everyone in the auction hall.

Everybody kept quiet as soon as the combat armor appeared.

The moment when they saw the b.l.o.o.d.y glow, their bodies stiffened and they had gooseb.u.mps. They felt like an extremely powerful monster was glaring at them.

Yu Bo grinned as the effect was within his expectations.

Despite him being on immortal-level rank-9, he had gooseb.u.mps too when he saw the item for the first time.

Most of them in the auction hall had not reached immortal-level yet, so they were very cautious of the appearance and aura of the combat armor.

“The demiG.o.d-level combat armor is the only combat armor available for sale at this auction. The three Grade-S appraisers evaluated that the demiG.o.d relic wasn’t formed from an ancient relic. It wasn’t made of the flesh of the demiG.o.d-level monsters as well. Instead, it was dropped by the demiG.o.d-level monsters after their death. The monster type that dropped the combat armor remains unknown. However, it can be confirmed that it’s an abyssal monster and it’s highly possible that it’s an abyssal monster in the third layer of the Abyss Brink. It’s in perfect condition with no damages found…”

“The starting price of the combat armor is 38 billion Life Crystals! The price increment must be at least one billion Life Crystals each round!”

After having uttered his words, the black screen on the third floor lit up abruptly.

“68 billion!”

The member from VIP room No. 3 raised the price by 30 billion. Obviously, he was eager to buy the set of combat armor.

The crowd at the auction hall exclaimed when they saw the bid price.

“Did he accidentally enter an extra zero?”

“I’m pretty sure that he didn’t. It’s the strategy of bidding. He’s not giving others the chance to bid by raising the bid price to 30 billion higher.”

“The bidder in VIP room No. S3 is amazing!”

“Perhaps 68 billion isn’t too expensive for him.”

Even Yu Bo was stunned. He thought that he had seen the wrong figure.

Before Yu Bo had the chance to mention the bid price, the black screen which was a certain distance away lit up again.

“75 billion!”

The bidder who offered it was the member in VIP room No. 5. He had never placed any bid for the previous two demiG.o.d relics.

“Is it going to be sold at an extremely high price?!”

“Can it reach 80 billion? I heard that none of the items sold at the Wanbao Auction has ever exceeded 80 billion in the past 30 years.”

Yu Bo’s heartbeat started racing fast. He was waiting for the others to place another bid so that the bid price could exceed 80 billion.

The highest bid in the past 30 years was 78 billion and it had happened 13 years ago.

If he managed to break the record of the highest bid price at the auction that he hosted, he would definitely be rewarded by the top management. He might even have the opportunity to be upgraded to imperial-level.

Yu Bo then calmed himself down. Just as he was about to say something to trigger the bidders’ buying intention, a figure lit up on the black screen on the third floor again.

“85 billion!”

Again, it was offered by the bidder in VIP room No. 3.

Seeing the figure, Yu Bo was overjoyed. “It’s broken the record!!!”

The next second, the member in VIP room No. 5 placed another bid. An even higher bid price was achieved.

“95 billion!”

The crowd felt that the members in the two VIP rooms on the third floor had gone insane.

“What’s happening? It’s reaching 100 billion!”

“I guess 95 billion should mean a lot to those on the third floor.”

“I used to think being rich makes me happy. Right until this moment, I realize that I’ve no idea what the happiness of a rich man is like…”

As an auctioneer, when Yu Bo saw the bid price of 95 billion, his breathing turned into a mess. He had just been trying to break the 30-year record. However, it seemed like it had broken the 50-year record now.

After calming himself down, Yu Bo was preparing himself for what to say next.

Again, the black screen on the third floor glowed.

“120 billion!”

The golden figure lit up abruptly on the black screen in front of VIP room No. 1. Everybody exclaimed in surprise.

n.o.body expected that with just one bid, the bidder from VIP room No. 1 would manage to outbid the bidders in VIP room No. 3 and No. 5 who had been fighting over the item for a long while.

Seeing the bid price, Yu Bo was feeling lost as he mumbled, “1-120 billion…”

Soon, he recovered from his thoughts and tried to figure out when was the last time when the bid price had exceeded 120 billion.

“I think the last time the bid was higher than 120 billion was 117 years ago. The highest bid price for a demiG.o.d relic was 130 billion. Within 100 years, the highest bid price for a demiG.o.d relic was 110 billion which happened 81 years ago. Does it mean that the current bid price has broken the 100-year record?!”

Yu Bo could imagine his status at Wanbao Auction House in the future. “If everything goes well, the position of the auctioneer will belong to me!”

After the bid of 120 billion was announced, the members from the rest of the VIP rooms remained silent.

Yu Bo then knew that that would be the final price of the item. However, he was still ambitious, hoping to push the bid higher.

“The bidder from VIP room No. S1 has bid 120 billion for it. This is, by far, the highest bid price over the past 100 years. Congratulations to the member in VIP room No. S1 for breaking the 100-year record of Wanbao Auction House!”

“I’ve something else to say about this item. Many of you know that the items dropped by monsters can be refined and there’s no exception for the demiG.o.d relic. This demiG.o.d relic is just an intermediate-grade item. However, it’s like a raw material that has never been carved to the expert refiners. There are chances that it can be upgraded to an expert-grade item. Everybody knows that there are only three demiG.o.d-level combat armors that are of expert-grade in Division 3. This could possibly be the fourth one.”

Yu Bo wanted to share this earlier. However, he did not have the chance to do so, but this was a good time.

Many of them could finally understand why it was priced at a much higher price compared to the previous two weapons.

A majority of them used to think that the Supreme members on the third floor were just trying to fight one another as they bid like crazy. Apparently, they were bidding for the potential value of the combat armor. They were all clever ones.

It suddenly dawned on Yi Zheng who then looked at Lin Huang and asked, “Are there grades for demiG.o.d relics?”

“Yes, but the difference between them isn’t obvious.” Lin Huang nodded his head and explained in detail, “A demiG.o.d relic is cla.s.sified into beginner-grade, intermediate-grade, expert-grade, and ultimate-grade. The difference between the beginner- and intermediate-grade demiG.o.d relics isn’t significant. However, an expert-grade demiG.o.d relic is much more powerful. As for the ultimate-grade demiG.o.d relic, a minority of them can be compared to a G.o.d’s relic without instincts.

“By looking at the price itself, a beginner-grade demiG.o.d relic can be sold within a price range of 10 to 30 billion Life Crystals. Some of them can be sold at a price of 40 billion and above. However, under normal circ.u.mstances, it won’t exceed 50 billion. The price of an intermediate-grade demiG.o.d relic starts from 30 billion Life Crystals and usually ranges from 30 to 80 billion. Normally, it won’t exceed 100 billion. The starting price for an expert-grade demiG.o.d relic will be 100 billion and its highest bid price can go to 300 to 400 billion. It won’t exceed 500 billion. The starting price for the ultimate-grade demiG.o.d relic will be 300 billion…”

On the auction stage, Yu Bo waited for a few seconds. Since n.o.body placed another bid, he shouted, “120 billion, going once!”

“120 billion, going twice!”

“Is there anyone who’s going to bid for it? Otherwise, the combat armor will belong to the member in VIP room No. S1.”

Obviously, 120 billion had exceeded the acceptable price range of the rest of the members on the third floor. They knew very well that a subtle increase in price meant nothing to him and that they would suffer great losses if they were to increase it substantially. Therefore, they decided to give up bidding for it.

Yu Bo gazed at the VIP rooms on the third floor. He knew that n.o.body would place another bid. Therefore, he had to knock the gavel.

“120 billion going, thrice! Sold!”

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