Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 804 – Leveling–Up To Immortal–Level!

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Chapter 804: Leveling-up to Immortal-level!

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The last auction item was sold at 120 billion Life Crystals and the five days of the auction had finally ended with a speech from the top management of Wanbao Auction House.

In Lin Huang’s VIP room, the doorbell rang. Yi Zheng opened the door and a female staff entered.

She nodded her head at Yi Zheng and walked straight to Lin Huang. Then, she took out two items from her Emperor’s Heart Ring.

One of them was the G.o.d’s Figurine which Lin Huang had bid for in the afternoon and the other thing was a thumb-sized crystal card.

“Mr. Lin, this is the item that you bid for in the afternoon and the payment for the items sold. 3% of the processing fees and the money you spent buying the auction item has been deducted from the payment in the crystal card. Please check.”

Lin Huang took the two items from her. He put the G.o.d’s Figurine into his storage and immediately inserted the crystal card into his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

The total amount for the three demiG.o.d relics was 247 billion. After deducting 3% of processing fees and the one billion Life Crystals which he had spent bidding for the auction item, the remaining amount was 238.59 billion Life Crystals.

Making sure that it was the right amount, Lin Huang then completed the transaction. He removed the crystal card and stored it in his storage s.p.a.ce.

The transaction crystal card that could only temporarily store Life Crystals had its limit and was not valuable. Therefore, the auction house would give it to their customers each time after a transaction.

“It’s exactly the right amount of money.” Lin Huang nodded his head at the staff.

“The two invitation cards of the underground auction will be emailed to you before 10 p.m. Please take note,” the female staff reminded, “The auction begins tomorrow at 8 p.m. It starts from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. for three consecutive days. For further details, please check the invitation card after you’ve received it. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Is there a list of items for the underground auction?”

“The list will be attached in the invitation email. However, that’s just for your reference as the list is subject to change,” she explained.

“One more thing. During the auction, can we stay at the VIP room for free?” Lin Huang came up with a shameless request. He had enjoyed staying there for the past few days.

“No, you can’t. Wanbao Auction has already ended to the outside world and the VIP rooms will serve as hotel rooms again. All the VIP rooms will be cleaned up today and we’ll start our usual business tomorrow. Moreover, the underground auction won’t be held here. It’s at another underground area.”

“Okay.” Lin Huang nodded.

As the staff left, the speech on the auction stage had ended as well. The majority of them had left the auction hall.

“Should we leave now or should we stay for a while?” Yi Zheng felt that it was too crowded down there and felt like leaving only when it had subsided.

“What are we waiting for? Don’t you know that they’re about to clean up this s.p.a.ce?” Lin Huang stood up, tossing a red berry into his mouth and walked towards the floating staircase.

Yi Zheng then had to follow after him.

The both of them entered the floating staircase and went down to the first floor. They left the auction hall together with the crowd. They then returned to the hotel they used to stay at which was just a short distance away from the auction hall.

After bidding Yi Zheng goodbye, he then returned to his room. The first thing he did was to summon Kylie and entered her mini world.

Lin Huang was so excited to take the G.o.d’s Figurine out in her mini world.

The G.o.d’s Figurine was only the size of an adult’s palm. It looked like a statue made of redwood. However, on it was the carving of a creature that Lin Huang had never seen before and it had never appeared in the monster guide either.

It was a humanoid monster that looked feminine and wore a red dress that looked like an inverted rose. Its upper body was completely naked. It looked like it did not have arms and there were two pairs of b.u.t.terfly-like wings on its back. There were scales all over its body and it had a vine-like tail which extended from the lower edge of its dress. The tail behind its dress hung low on the floor.

After briefly looking at the shape of the G.o.d’s Figurine, Lin Huang s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards its face.

It had a very beautiful face that looked like a lady from the West. Its head was slightly lowered with its eyes closed and it had waist-length hair that was a bit messy.

Perhaps because it had no arms, Lin Huang felt that it looked sick and weak.

“You’re lucky enough. It’s a matured Petal Devil. Its previous combat strength was at least on the high-rank True G.o.d-level.” The stone tablet’s voice was heard.

“Is it called the Petal Devil? Is it powerful?” Lin Huang asked.

“The Petal Devil isn’t a monster that’s skilled at fighting. However, the abilities of a matured Petal Devil can be compared to the protoss that’s good at fighting. I said that you’re lucky simply because they’re monsters that possess the wood attribute. They’re the favorites of Nature. In the True Spirit Guide that I gave you, there’s a divine tree called Fusang which is also known as the sun tree. It has been said that the strongest sun tree stretches across the Milky Way. The stars and black holes are pretty much its food. It’s unbreakable and immortal. The Petal Devil and the sun tree originate from the same monster. With the G.o.d’s Figurine of the Petal Devil as a medium, visualizing the sun tree’s combat soul can be accomplished with ease.”

Lin Huang was excited when he heard this. It was a sun tree that stretched across the Milky Way and could even engulf the stars and black holes! If he could form a combat soul like this, he would have the courage to fight someone stronger than the True G.o.d.

However, after calming himself down, he felt that what the stone tablet said was deceiving.

“You said that the combat strength of the sun tree is even stronger than the True G.o.d right? Have you seen it before?”

“I’ve never seen the sun tree stretching across the Milky Way before. However, I’ve seen the engulfment of the stars and black holes for real. I’ve seen the sun tree extend its branches and twist around the stars. It spent 33 days to engulf everything completely.”

What it said startled Lin Huang and he could not say a word for several moments.

“Don’t think of creating a sun tree that can engulf the stars. As long as you can form a demiG.o.d-level plant, it’s probably sufficient to defeat all the demiG.o.ds in the gravel world.”

Lin Huang forced a smile, shaking his head. He then took a deep breath, fixing his gaze back on the G.o.d’s Figurine.

His Divine Telekinesis surrounded the G.o.d’s Figurine, slowly dragging it into the world in his body.

If anyone saw what was happening to him, one would see the palm-sized wood statue slowly being dragged towards Lin Huang’s chest and disappearing.

After storing the G.o.d’ Figurine into his body, Lin Huang dragged it to the Divine Fire of the first Life Wheel. The palm-sized G.o.d’s Figurine was instantly engulfed by the flames.

Lin Huang kept his focus on the internal changes that were happening to his Divine Fire. Soon, a huge whirlpool was formed in the flames that were tens of thousands of meters tall. Its size then began to shrink rapidly.

At the same time, the Life Power that was initially full in his Life Wheel was being overwhelmed entirely by the whirlpool. It did not happen to only the first Life Wheel… Instead, the Life Power in the rest of the nine Life Wheels was being depleted.

Lin Huang could roughly guess what was happening. He immediately used three Life Power Refill Cards to replenish his Life Power, inserting it into the whirlpool.

About half an hour had pa.s.sed and all the Life Power in Lin Huang’s body had been emptied. Even the Divine Fire in his first Life Wheel had completely disappeared. Only the palm-sized G.o.d’s Figurine remained.

Lin Huang waited for it excitedly yet patiently. He was not worried about his Life Power having already been depleted.

About two to three minutes later, the eyes of the G.o.d’s Figurine opened abruptly. Two black Divine Fires shot out of its eyes. The red flower-like dress that it was wearing initially became black as if it was dyed by ink. At almost the same time, the size of the G.o.d’s Figurine began to grow. It was initially the size of a palm but it continued to grow until it was more than two meters tall. After its size had finally stabilized, the G.o.d’s Figurine slowly closed its eyes. However, the color of its dress was still black in color and did not return to its original color.

The G.o.d’s Figurine’s black dress blew upwards a little with the circles of Life Power. It began to refill his first Life Wheel, followed by the second one, the third one… After all ten of his Life Wheels were being restored, it began to pa.s.s through Lin Huang’s veins and arteries, muscles, bones, and soul…

Lin Huang was exhilarated. He could clearly sense that the Life Power in his body was transforming. His body and the strength of his soul were transforming as well.

“It can really help me to level up to immortal-level rank-1!” Lin Huang inspected his own body. “The only difference between an immortal-level rank-1 and I is that I don’t have a combat soul in my body.”

Under normal circ.u.mstances, one would need to kill an immortal-level monster and hunt for a monster soul in order to advance from holy fire-level to immortal-level. The monster soul would then be used as a Life Furnace that stored Life Fire. The process was known as lighting up the Life Lamp.

However, since the Life Fire in Lin Huang’s body originated from a Divine Pod whereby it belonged to the true Divine Fire, only a True G.o.d-level monster soul could store it. Therefore, he had to choose a spiritual G.o.d item or G.o.d relic to store the Divine Fire. The G.o.d’s Figurine was a spiritual G.o.d’s item. It could be used as a container to store his Divine Fire, allowing Lin Huang to light up his Life Lamp.

Theoretically, Lin Huang knew that it would work. Therefore, he gave it a try and ended up successfully upgrading to immortal-level.

“What I shall do next is to visualize the sun tree’s monster soul to create a combat soul!” Lin Huang knew what his next step was. “However, I don’t think that it can be achieved in such a short period of time.”

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