Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 816 – Killing The Skinless Monster

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Chapter 816: Killing the Skinless Monster

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Lin Huang had no idea what the function of the skinless monster’s Life Palace was since it was in the form of an altar.

However, witnessing the trade between the skinless monster and the skull, he could roughly guess what it was.

“It seems like it allows communication with the G.o.d through a blood sacrifice. They then trade… I suppose they’re exchanging something for abilities.”

He watched the skinless monster take a demiG.o.d relic out and give it to the skull, which then released a black beam of light and inserted it into the skinless monster’s body. Its combat strength then began to grow. Lin Huang guessed that was the function of the Life Palace.

In fact, Lin Huang did not find it rare. When he was at the Hunter College, he had read through most of the information regarding the Life Palace. Besides that, Mr. Fu had explained to him before. Theoretically, a Life Palace could possess any function.

His opponent’s combat strength was the most troublesome thing to him.

After the trade at the altar, the skinless monster’s combat strength advanced from yellow gold-rank to purple gold-rank.

The purple gold-rank was the last rank of an imperial-level. It was the most unattainable level for anyone below the demiG.o.d-level.

Lin Huang knew that his opponent would have a backup plan. However, it was out of its expectations.

“I’m in trouble.”

When the skinless monster was still a yellow gold-rank, he was barely able to suppress it as he was on black gold-rank. However, as the combat strength of his opponent became two ranks higher and managed to get to purple gold-rank, even a black gold-rank could not handle that.

Lin Huang secretly contacted Xiao Hei. “If I were to continue upgrading my combat strength, how long can my body bear the additional burden?”

“Without Divine Regeneration, your body will completely collapse after three minutes at the most if you were to level up to crimson gold-rank.

“With Divine Regeneration, your body can sustain for about 20 to 30 minutes on crimson gold-rank. Your body will collapse after 30 minutes. You can last for about two to three minutes on yellow gold-rank. You’ll definitely die if you stay at this level for more than three minutes.”

“What about white gold-rank? How long can my body sustain?” Lin Huang continued asking.

“It’s quite meaningless to ask this question. At 10 seconds the most, your body and soul will collapse.”

“I know. Activate two Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards.”

After its combat strength was stabilized, the skinless monster said, “Lin Xie, regardless of how strong your secret skill is, you’ll just receive an upgrade in combat strength. You can’t become a true imperial-level!”

It actually believed what the skull said regarding the deadly aura because it was now in Wanbao City. An imperial-level could appear at any time and it would be killed. Perhaps this was also the reason why its body released a strong, deadly aura.

“I have to admit that you’re really an amazing opponent. However, it should end here.” After finis.h.i.+ng its sentence, the skinless monster then appeared right in front of Lin Huang.

It pointed its finger between Lin Huang’s brows.

At that moment, Lin Huang’s combat strength grew immediately and had broken through crimson gold-rank, getting to yellow gold-rank.

He extended his palm and the Dark Mirror was quickly formed again, blocking the front of Lin Huang.

The skinless monster’s finger that was initially pointing at Lin Huang’s brows then aimed at the Dark Mirror, but its attack was soon reflected.

The skinless monster was caught unaware and again, it flew away.

It was difficult for it to balance itself in mid-air. It then stared at Lin Huang in shock. “Your combat strength… How could it be?!”

“Nothing’s impossible.”

Lin Huang then transformed into a shadow. There was a spark in the air as his demiG.o.d relic streaked across the sky.

“Since you’ve used your trump card, let’s see who will be the winner of this battle!”

After uttering those words, he hurled his sword forward.

In mid-air, the collision between the figures had instantly intensified and it was 10 times stronger than before.

The area that was hundreds of kilometers in circ.u.mference was affected by their battle as well.

The clouds had cleared away and the bird monsters had fled. Even the ground began to crack open and a huge gully was formed. The mountains collapsed and the peaceful lakes were stirred.

The explosive sound of the battle spread throughout the entire Wanbao City. The rumbling of thunder could be heard late at night, awakening many of the ordinary people.

Those who were heading towards the battleground clearly sensed the energy fluctuation as well, and their faces turned grave.

“The battle’s become much more intense now!”

“Perhaps only the purple gold-ranks can result in such an energy fluctuation.”

“The battle is so intense. Perhaps they’ve used their trump cards!”

Right at this moment, a warning from the defense system of Wanbao City was issued.

“Warning! The combat strength of the invader has increased!”

“Its combat strength is now on purple gold-rank!”

Seeing the warning, many of the imperial-levels who wanted to watch the battle began to wonder if they should go to the battleground.

If the combat strength of the monster was only on yellow gold-rank, it would probably miss out on achieving black gold-rank if it were injured. However, it was now on purple gold-rank and was just one step away from getting to demiG.o.d-level. Perhaps there were less than five of them in Wanbao City who could fight it. They would be seeking death if they were to go to the battleground.

“The monster is skilled!” The old man squinted his eyes. “The human who’s blocking its way isn’t weak.”

The middle-aged man next to him was upset. “I was still wondering if I could benefit from the fight. It seems like I have no chance to do so now.”

At the battleground, Lin Huang crashed into the skinless monster again and again.

After getting to yellow gold-rank, he knew that he did not have much time remaining. He only had three minutes at the most.

If he failed to kill his opponent within three minutes, he would die.

Even if his body did not collapse, the skinless monster would not let him go when he returned to being immortal-level rank-1.

The skinless monster was extraordinarily hostile. Its opponent’s Sword Dao was way too powerful. Even though it had leveled up to purple gold-rank and was only one step away from getting to demiG.o.d-level, it was still pinned down by the yellow gold-rank.

Despite the fact that it was wearing demiG.o.d-level armor, it became slightly injured after each collision.

“No, I can’t let this continue. I might be the one that dies.”

The skinless monster panicked. It knew that the upgrade in Lin Huang’s combat strength would be limited in terms of time. However, it did not know that he only had three minutes. As it thought about what the skull said, it felt that Lin Huang’s reinforcements would arrive very soon. Again, he recalled the skull commenting that there was no deadly aura lingering around Lin Xie’s body. It had used up all its skills and had no way to defeat Lin Xie, so it wanted to retreat.

It did not show any hint of its fear to Lin Huang and set its plan in mind.

After a short while, it shouted at Lin Huang, “Lin Xie, since I can’t run away, let’s die together!”

As soon as it finished its sentence, blood started oozing out of its skinless body.

The blood then coagulated at a speed that was visible to the naked eye and flesh was formed. It continued to grow. In just the blink of an eye, the skinless monster’s body became much more muscular.

It was originally three meters tall and it looked slightly skinny. It was now four meters tall and was even brawnier.

Again, Lin Huang battled the skinless monster. Unexpectedly, a metallic sound was heard as his sword struck it. There were no wounds and only white stripes could be seen wherever his sword made contact.

The skinless monster smiled wryly, opening its big hand and pouncing towards Lin Huang.

Lin Huang frowned. Again, he brandished his sword, piercing it through its chest. He retreated as he felt the impact traveling up his arms. He then managed to block most of the impact.

At that moment, the flesh on the skinless monster’s spine began to creep across its body. A figure was then formed in the blink of an eye.

Lin Huang caught a glimpse of it. It was another skinless monster. The muscular humanoid monster was now an empty sh.e.l.l.

Unexpectedly, the empty sh.e.l.l pounced towards Lin Huang.

The real body of the skinless monster took out a dimensional portal and looked at Lin Huang with an insulting expression as it pushed open the door. “Have fun with my clone. See you!”

It did not know that when its real body got out of the empty sh.e.l.l, Lin Huang had secretly contacted Xiao Hei.

“How long can my body sustain if I were to use another Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card?”

“Three seconds.”

“That’s enough.” Lin Huang nodded his head.

“Do you think that you can run away?” Seeing the skinless monster that was standing at the entrance of the dimensional portal, Lin Huang gave an insulting smile.

The skinless monster was afraid of him and immediately took a step forward.

Just as it strode into the dimensional portal, a black glow appeared out of nowhere. At almost the same time, it felt a chill coming from its knees. It lowered its head and blood stains extended from its knees to its head.

Before losing its consciousness, it finally saw that the one who had attacked it was Lin Xie who was less than two meters away from it. As it s.h.i.+fted its gaze, it saw that there was another Lin Xie who stood where its clone was. The most surprising fact was that both of them were not on yellow gold-rank but white gold-rank instead.

The dimensional portal collapsed on its own. Obviously, Lin Huang’s attack had struck the dimensional portal as well.

The dead body that was cut into half fell to the ground. The skinless monster’s real body had died while its clone became limp and turned into flesh.

The two G.o.d’s Figurine combat souls that were fighting Charcoal transformed into two palm-sized G.o.d’s Figurines. Charcoal gripped them in its mouth, flying towards Lin Huang.

“Fortunately, the Cloning Card can create a clone anywhere within my territory.” Since he was bugged by the clone, not only did Lin Huang activate a Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card and level up to white gold-rank, but he had used a Cloning Card as well. He had created a clone of similar abilities to kill the skinless monster. He actually got the idea of using a Cloning Card from his opponent’s clone.

Removing the effect of the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card, Lin Huang’s body that was about to collapse had been stabilized.

Lin Huang removed the Knight and Integration skills as well, and his combat strength quickly returned to immortal-level rank-1. He felt extremely weak instantly.

Kylie then took all the spoils of war before riding on Charcoal’s back and leaving the battleground. Lin Huang then took out his dimensional portal and returned to the hotel.

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