Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 826 – I’ll Cheer On For You In My Heart!

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Chapter 826: I’ll Cheer On For You in My Heart!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Two black and gold silhouettes flew under the sunlight with one of them leading the way.

“Hey, handsome boy with the white hair before me, could you fly a little slower please?” The man in the golden robe shouted at the man in the black robe in front.

“I can’t.” The black-robed man with white hair turned around and glared at him while replying with those two words coldly. He then accelerated after that.

“Hey, hey, can you not do this? You’ve got the skill to boost your speed, but I don’t. It wouldn’t kill you to consider someone else’s feelings,” the golden-robed man shouted again.

The man with white hair then slowed down his pace. However, he did not even turn around this time and stayed silent.

The golden-robed man then caught up with him slowly and they proceeded on their journey together.

The duo was the Ghastly Clown and Bai. Lin Huang had put the both of them in a team.

“Xiao Bai Bai, we should be partners since we’ve been fighting together for two days now…” Before the Ghastly Clown was done speaking, Bai turned around, glaring at him. His eyes were cold.

“Did we fight together? It was me who was fighting while you just watched. Not helping aside, you even took my prey in the end,” Bai said, looking p.i.s.sed. If not for Lin Huang who had asked them not to fight among themselves beforehand, he would have attacked the Ghastly Clown since the beginning.

“Is it necessary for you to be this mad? All that I did was take a couple of your victims,” Ghastly Clown said like he did not care, “I didn’t help because I knew you could handle them yourself. I’d definitely have helped if you encountered one that you couldn’t handle.”

“I’d be stupid to believe you,” Bai thought to himself secretly. “You’ll definitely run faster than anyone else if I really encounter monsters that I can’t handle.”

After spending two days together, Bai knew the Ghastly Clown’s character well now. All he was competent at was cheating. Anyone would be unfortunate to encounter him.

“Look, we’re both on immortal-level rank-9 now and we’ve accomplished our mission a day ahead. Shouldn’t everyone be happy now?”

“Yeah, right!” Bai did not say that out loud.

Bai had lost interest in what the Ghastly Clown was saying. Later on, he thought that communicating with the Ghastly Clown was a complete waste of time.

“Xiao Bai Bai, we’re already on immortal-level rank-9 now. It’s no fun killing monsters on the same level. Why don’t we start killing prey on imperial-level now? I’ve never killed anyone on imperial-level before,” the Ghastly Clown suggested all of a sudden.

Bai pretended like he did not hear him and ignored the suggestion.

“Xiao Bai Bai, did you hear what I said?”

Bai proceeded to ignore him. He knew that the more he responded to the Ghastly Clown, the more he would babble on.

“Xiao Bai Bai, are you ignoring me?” After being snubbed twice, the Ghastly Clown knew what Bai was doing in response, or lack thereof, to him. He smirked and come up with a strategy.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, give me the nearest black gold-rank’s coordinates.”

“Ghastly Clown, please don’t create trouble and stay on your mission obediently.” It was clear that b.l.o.o.d.y took the same side as Bai.

“I’ll just go in a random direction if you don’t give me the coordinates.” The Ghastly Clown stood where he was and watched Bai go.

“Ghastly Clown, Master mentioned that those who disobey will be sealed into card form and won’t be summoned ever again. Are you sure you want to go against the Master’s orders?” b.l.o.o.d.y took out the big guns.

The Ghastly Clown had a slight change of expression, but soon he looked normal again. “Master doesn’t like me anyway. Even if I obey the orders, I might not have many opportunities to be summoned in the future. Go ahead and seal me. I don’t care.”

b.l.o.o.d.y went speechless at that moment. Feeling helpless, it sent a message across to Lin Huang.

“Ask him to go ahead if he wants to kill imperial-levels. It’s good to teach him a lesson. Tell him that since this is his idea, he’ll have to fight while Bai’s only responsible for a.s.sisting. I’d love to see his capacity.” Lin Huang had always been slack about the different personalities of his Monster Cards. Not that he did not care about them, but he thought it would be healthier for them to explore and express themselves. Even when it came to the stubborn Ghastly Ghost, Lin Huang did not plan to oppress or correct him. The most he would do was to guide him accordingly.

He had always thought that a person’s perspective on life should not be taught. Instead, it should come from self-learning and self-correction. It was something that should be built slowly within a person.

Due to everyone’s different genes since birth, the people that they came to know in society differed as they grew and learned in different environments. Therefore, it might not be the best for one to apply something that someone else had learned to themselves. Just like if one copied what the world’s richest man did and applied it to a newborn, it would still be hard to cultivate the newborn into the next richest man tens of years later.

The best view of life came from the person’s personal failures. It was the value that the particular individual could come up with from the mistakes that they made.

What was right, what was wrong, what could be done, what could not be done… Compared to the values that you fed him, it would not be as impactful as letting him make the mistake himself. He would understand it clearly as soon as he realized his mistake.

Lin Huang understood that theory very well, which was the reason why he took such loose measures with the Ghastly Clown.

Soon, b.l.o.o.d.y’s Leech Pods sent Lin Huang’s message across thousands of kilometers away.

The Ghastly Clown had a rather odd expression. It was obvious that he did not expect Lin Huang to agree to his idea just like that. He thought Lin Huang would warn him, but still, he said nothing.

“Did he really just say that and nothing else?”

“He said you’d learn the lesson when you get yourself into trouble.” b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice came through the Leech Pods once again. “Alright, I’ll give you the coordinates.”

b.l.o.o.d.y called Bai who had left far away over after showing it the coordinates.

“What exactly do you want?” Bai advanced towards the Ghastly Crown while looking mad.

“Xiao Bai Bai, I’ve told you that we’ll team up to kill imperial-level prey.” The Ghastly Clown winked at Bai.

“I’m not interested in that. You can go on your own,” Bai rejected directly and turned around, about to leave.

“The Boss has agreed that you’ll be my a.s.sistant. I’ll be fighting. You just have to cheer me on from the side.” The Ghastly Clown grinned as he spoke.

Bai looked doubtful at the Leech Pods, clearly seeking confirmation from b.l.o.o.d.y.

“Master said it’s for him to learn a lesson.” b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice came through the Leech Pods again.

Hearing what b.l.o.o.d.y said, Bai understood Lin Huang’s intentions immediately and nodded. “Let’s go then.”

The duo turned into black and gold bright glows as they turned around, heading towards their new target.

“Xiao Bai Bai, I won’t mind if you’d like to help me. If you fight, I’ll try my very best to a.s.sist you. If you don’t want me to help, I’ll cheer you on from the side…”

“It’s you who chose the opponent. I’ll be stealing your limelight if I interfered. I’ll cheer on for you in my heart.” Bai turned around and looked at the Ghastly Clown while smirking.

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