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Chapter 827: Army

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The hunt went on for two days. In his dark-red armor, Lancelot led nine sword servants as they killed a variety of monsters along the way. He obtained Life Power and finally accomplished Lin Huang’s mission, which was to elevate him to immortal-level rank-9.

Besides him, the nine sword servants under him were elevated to immortal-level rank-9 too. They experienced an immense boost in their ability.

A cold gleam flashed through Lancelot’s eyes when he looked at the nine sword servants.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, help me find triple mutated Sword Dao monsters. Their combat strength must be on immortal-level rank-9.”

“No problem. But there aren’t many such monsters on the second layer of the Abyss Brink. I’ve only found three at the moment,” b.l.o.o.d.y replied immediately.

“It’s alright. Three is good enough. We’ll look for more slowly if it’s necessary in the future. Please send me the coordinates.” Lancelot nodded.

After he was done communicating with b.l.o.o.d.y, Lancelot gathered his nine sword servants.

They were the Fiery Swordfiend with fire attributes, the Frigid Swordswoman with frost attributes, the Luminescent Angelwing with light attributes, the Hatted Swordsman with many swords, the Sword Knight with a sword and a s.h.i.+eld, the Swordfiend Soldier with a greatsword, the Cursed Swordfiend that was an expert in, the Sword Dominator who could manipulate swords, and the Spiritsword Supreme in sword form.

“To the nine of you, double mutation isn’t enough if all of you want to follow me in the future. Immortal-level rank-9 is the limit of double mutation and you won’t be able to reach imperial-level. Meanwhile, it’s just a matter of time for me to go up to imperial-level. If your combat strength stays on immortal-level rank-9, I’ll have to replace you guys when necessary.”

The nine sword servants had special skills of their own while they were the best of the best among the double mutated monsters. However, Lancelot thought it was not good enough because being immortal-level rank-9 was basically the end for a double mutated monster’s combat strength. Their chances of breaking through and stepping into imperial-level were slim.

Many of the sword servants changed their expressions as soon as Lancelot said that.

“Sword Master, please don’t refrain from telling us what you need us to do directly,” the Spiritsword Supreme who took the sword form spoke right away. It seemed to grasp the underlying meaning of what Lancelot said.

“Alright then, I’ll be straightforward. I hope that you guys can achieve a triple mutation. I have an idea on how to get you guys there.” Lancelot paused and glanced at the nine of them before he proceeded to speak, “But it’s extremely risky for you guys to carry out this plan. You might even die while you’re at it.”

“Sword Master, please do tell!” It was the Sword Dominator who could not wait to hear what Lancelot’s plan was.

Meanwhile, the other sword servants looked at Lancelot with antic.i.p.ation.

“I have a secret skill that can replace the Life Fire in your bodies, but there are four preconditions to perform this secret skill.

“Firstly, it can only be used on my sword servants. Secondly, the subst.i.tute and the monster to be replaced must be skilled in Sword Dao.

“Thirdly, the sword servant will have to kill the monster to be replaced. The other sword servants can help, but their combat strength can’t be higher than the monster’s. The mutation level must be lower than the monster’s as well.

“Lastly, the monster to be replaced must have the exact combat strength with the sword servant.

“To put simply, you guys will have to kill immortal-level rank-9 triple mutated Sword Dao monsters. I’ll use the secret skill to retrieve the rank-3 Life Fire from the monster’s body and replace the rank-2 Life Fire in your bodies.”

The nine sword servants realized the difficulty of the plan as they listened.

To be able to achieve triple mutation, they would have to kill other triple mutated monsters on the same level. A triple mutated monster was much powerful than a double mutated monster, let alone monsters of Sword Dao with powerful attack strength.

Although they had the upper hand in quant.i.ty since it was nine against one, it was possible for a powerful triple mutated monster of Sword Dao to kill them with a single swing of a sword.

Moreover, the more sword servants elevated to triple mutation, the fewer of them could partic.i.p.ate in the killing. In other words, with fewer of them killing the monster, the more difficult it would be. Especially for the last one to elevate, the sword servant would have to fight the triple mutated monster on his own since the remaining sword servants had elevated to triple mutation and they could no longer help.

Naturally, Lancelot hid a fact here.

Although he and the sword servants who completed the elevation would not be able to partic.i.p.ate in the killing, they could share their skills. Lancelot could share his skills with the sword servants while the power of the skills could be copied 100%.

The reason he hid this fact from them was that he hoped his sword servants would fight with their own might without thinking of having a plan B to fall back on.

“Only three monsters of Sword Dao fit the requirements in this area, so only three of you can elevate first. The three that I’ve picked are the Hatted Swordsman, the Swordfiend Soldier, and the Fiery Swordfiend.”

In her black armor, Kylie flapped her dozen black wings that were as sharp as blades on her back slightly as she hovered in mid-air, watching the battle beneath.

The 368 troops of the Nephilic Judge army in silver armor formed a killing formation as they fought a triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monster.

These Nephilic Judges were only double mutated beings while most of their combat strength was only on immortal-level rank-5 or rank-6. However, their combat strength was on par with an imperial-level black gold-rank powerhouse when they performed the formation.

Even Kylie herself found it hard to believe. Theoretically, such a difference should not be possible with hundreds of Nephilic Judges. However, she achieved it with the formation inheritance she received from the black rock. Not only were the Nephilic Judges fighting hard against the immortal-level rank-9 triple mutated monster, but they had also completely oppressed the monster.

In less than ten minutes, this triple mutated monster that was just slightly less powerful than Kylie was killed on the spot. It did not manage to fight back even once from the beginning until the end. Not a single Nephilic Judge was harmed.

“If it were me, I might have needed two to three hours to kill this monster…” Kylie watched everything above the battlefield. The triple mutated monster that died was powerful, but the formation the Nephilic Judges came up with was even more domineering.

As her mind wandered off for a moment, Kylie suddenly noticed something happening among the Nephilic Judges.

There was a glaring white glow kindling within an immortal-level rank-7 Nephilic Judge. Other Nephilic Judges moved away and watched what was happening curiously.

Kylie was shocked to see threads coming out of the white glow gradually and wrap around the Nephilic Judge slowly. “Is it going to perform a triple mutation?!”

Meanwhile, Lin Huang who was thousands of kilometers away watched the scene through b.l.o.o.d.y’s projection.

“They’d be an invincible army if more than 300 Nephilic Judges complete the triple mutation at once!” Lin Huang’s eyes lit up as he watched.

“The last hit was performed by this Nephilic Judge that’s going through the mutation now,” b.l.o.o.d.y narrated its observation.

“So, do you mean these Nephilic Judges will mutate automatically as soon as they kill a triple mutation monster?” Lin Huang raised his brows. “But this isn’t the first triple mutated monster that Kylie’s army has killed. Am I right?”

“The monster that’s just been killed is a spirit type monster. Maybe it’s related to that,” b.l.o.o.d.y speculated.

“So, it’s similar to the terms of Kylie’s evolution back then. It’s just that the condition to elevate their combat strength is stricter now,” Lin Huang mumbled softly, “The monster the Nephilic Judges kill must be triple mutated dark creatures. Nephilic Judges would’ve to complete the trial on the monster that suits the conditions for the elevation to happen.”

As he had no bond with these Nephilic Judges, Lin Huang could not see their specific information. He had to speculate about most things.

“This is just a speculation for now, but we can get Kylie to lead them and test that out,” b.l.o.o.d.y suggested.

“Tell Kylie then. If she still has full control over these Nephilic Judges after they’ve elevated, then let her do it. If these Nephilic Judges will provoke her power after they’ve elevated, there’s no need for them to elevate.” Lin Huang made up his mind decisively.

Even though the elevation of the Nephilic Judges would make them a powerful army, Lin Huang hoped that it would not turn into grave trouble. If Kylie was unable to control such a powerful army, it would mean that these elevated Nephilic Judges would rebel anytime and turn into her enemies. Such tremendous power would become disastrous as soon as they came together and might even be used by other organizations. It would be better if they were smothered in the cradle before a disaster happened.

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