Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 832 – War Overlord

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Chapter 832: War Overlord

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Soon, three days had pa.s.sed.

In the past three days, Lin Huang along with Charcoal and the two pseudo-mythical-level monsters had been busy hunting for monsters.

They managed to kill 30 imperial-level monsters in three days, slaughtering almost all the yellow gold-rank monsters in the second layer of the Abyss Brink.

Many of the imperial-level monsters went back to the third layer of the Abyss Brink when they knew this. They were afraid that they would be involved in the slaughter.

Despite Lin Huang killing all the yellow gold-rank monsters, they were completely different in terms of their strength and weaknesses.

The first Rakshasa Mother killed was not considered weak in terms of its overall ability. Among the 30 yellow gold-rank monsters, it was moderately competent. Its Life Palace was indeed strong but had been restricted by Charcoal. However, its ability was considered the worst among the rest of the yellow gold-ranks.

Lin Huang managed to kill most of the 30 yellow gold-rank monsters within an hour. It even took him less than half an hour for some of them. However, as for those that were extraordinarily strong, Lin Huang spent more than three hours destroying them.

One of the most difficult monsters to handle was a humanoid monster called the War Overlord.

It was a mechanical monster with an appearance that looked like a black metallic egg about one meter in diameter.

Although it looked ordinary, its overall ability was immensely powerful to the point that Lin Huang used up all his trump cards. Under the condition where he was not allowed to use any cards, Lin Huang had no choice but to kill it with a G.o.d Crasher.

It was also the monster that took Lin Huang the longest time to kill at exactly 6.5 hours.

During the fight, Lin Huang was overwhelmed by a few of the skills possessed by the War Overlord.

One of them was the grandmaster-level Mechanical Building. This skill enabled the use of a variety of materials to build a mechanical weapon with the best function and quality in an instant.

Another skill was known as the grandmaster-level Mechanical Recovery. The skill was capable of recovering all the weapons destroyed in an instant, transforming back into its raw materials so that they could be reused for a mechanical building.

There was also the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft which was somewhat similar to Kylie’s teleportation. However, it was not a s.p.a.ce warp. It was short-distance teleportation, creating an effect similar to the s.p.a.ce warp although it was unable to create an energy wave in the s.p.a.ce.

Another one was the ability of its Life Palace, the Intellectual Territory. All the mechanical weapons within this territory possessed an intelligence that could be compared to humans. They would automatically strike an attack and defend against their enemy, judging the right timing during a battle like an army.

Lin Huang felt that he was fighting a fort that could move.

Most of the time he seemed to be playing kites as he had to attack from afar.

There had been many times when Lin Huang was very close to his opponent, but it managed to flee with its teleportation and distance itself from Lin Huang. n.o.body could approach it.

Fortunately, Lin Huang’s Dark Mirror had the ability to defend and reflect. Moreover, his Life Power was supported by his Divine Fire and would not be exhausted. Eventually, he still had to use his G.o.d Crasher and kill his opponent when it was unaware of him.

He was lucky though as the War Overlord with the strongest overall ability was the only monster card through which Lin Huang obtained a complete set among the 30 king-level monsters.

“Monster Card: Unnamed

“Rarity: Legendary

“Monster Name: War Overlord

“Type of Monster: Mechanical type

“Combat Level: Immortal-level rank-9 (Yellow gold-rank)

“Life Palace: Mechanical Territory

“Major: Mechanics

“Major Skills: Mechanical Building (Grandmaster-level), Mechanical Recovery (Grandmaster-level)…

“Minor Skills: Dimensional s.h.i.+ft, Gunmaster, Defensive Fort…

“Summon Authority: Activated

“Card Remarks: Intensive training is recommended!”

As soon as he got the monster card, Lin Huang began to consider whether he should become a gun master.

The War Overlord’s performance had simply been amazing.

The monster card was a surprise to Lin Huang as he had obtained a lot of card rewards in the past three days.

He performed a cross-ranking kill to kill a yellow gold-rank with a combat strength of immortal-level rank-1 to rank-3. He was rewarded 40 card draws each time.

There were 30 cross-ranking kills in three consecutive days. He had used 30 Double Reward Cards and was rewarded with a total of 2,400 card draws.

He had never reaped such huge rewards before this as the rewards he got covered three ranks.

Aside from that, he obtained a small reward whereby 39 of Kylie’s Nephilic Judges had completed their triple mutation, evolving into six-winged Nephilic Angels.

The reward Lin Huang got during his trip to the Abyss Brink was far beyond his expectations.

It was in the early hours of the fourth day after killing the last yellow gold-rank monster.

It was meaningless for him to stay there any longer. After telling Bai and the rest, he then recalled all the monster cards and headed towards the exit of the Abyss Brink.

As he returned to the deserted city, he checked into a hotel. Lin Huang then immediately tapped open his communication page to check his messages.

He had been waiting for the news of the G.o.d Figurine when he was at the Abyss Brink. However, no news came from the black market or Yi Zheng’s side.

The same thing happened now. There were three missed calls from Yao Lan. There were also two unread messages from her as well.

Lin Huang frowned and read the two messages.

The first message was sent to him three days ago. He had informed her about the crack and she sent him a message half a day later.

“I’ve seen the crack and it’s there for real. I’ve sent the videos and photos as well as a report to my superior. Someone will deal with this matter.”

The second message was sent to him two days ago.

“The Adventurer’s Paradise and the Union Government have sent four demiG.o.ds to seal the crack. At the same time, the Union Government will send investigators to each layer of the Abyss Brink to investigate whether other cracks actually exist.”

“Fortunately, the crack was discovered in time as it’s been formed for less than a year. The Union Government is going to reward you and you can probably choose a demiG.o.d relic. However, I’ve not been able to reach you in the last few days. Let me know what you want and I’ll pa.s.s the message on to the person-in-charge. Please reply me as soon as possible.”

Lin Huang’s eyes brightened after reading the second message. “I wonder if I can get a G.o.d Figurine. It’d be amazing if I can exchange for one.”

As he thought of this, he immediately replied Yao Lan with a short message. “The reward I want is pretty simple. I want a G.o.d Figurine.”

“What’s a G.o.d Figurine?” Yao Lan replied within seconds.

“Please keep it a secret. Just inform the Union Government that this is what I want. I guess they’d know what I’m looking for.”

Yao Lan then replied with an eye-rolling emoji instantly.

Lin Huang grinned as he closed the communication page.

“If the Union Government agrees to reward me with a G.o.d Figurine, that’d be great. I can then level up to mid-level immortal-level. The combat strength of Bai and the rest will also be upgraded to black gold imperial-level. My overall abilities will have a substantial increase. If they don’t agree to do so, I can make another reasonable request…”

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