Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 836 – Pre–Battle Preparation

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Chapter 836: Pre-Battle Preparation

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“It’ll open on 1 November and last for three months, which means it’ll be 1 February when I get out. Will I miss the New Year then?” Lin Huang checked the calendar immediately.

Next to him, b.l.o.o.d.y spoke directly, “The New Year falls on 8 February. You’ll still have time to head back to Division 7.”

“Alright, great.” Lin Huang was relieved, but he checked the calendar anyway as he was still a little worried. He wanted to make sure that what b.l.o.o.d.y said was accurate. After all, he had promised Lin Xin he would go home for the New Year. The girl would definitely be hopping mad if he were to miss it.

“Is it already 28 September today?” Lin Huang also noticed the date shown on his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

“I’ve already told you that you were in an epiphany for full nine days and your body began to smell.” b.l.o.o.d.y moved a little further away while looking disgusted.

Lin Huang pulled his s.h.i.+rt and sniffed it. “I really do.”

He stood up from the couch and stretched his body while his bones cracked loud and clear. He then walked toward the bathroom.

After taking a shower and eating, Lin Huang returned to his room again after getting the hotel staff to clean it.

In reality, the hotel staff had been wanting to go in to clean it for the past couple of days, but they had been sent away by b.l.o.o.d.y who had disguised as Lin Huang.

The reason why Lin Huang was not chased out of the hotel was that b.l.o.o.d.y had been extending his stay for him.

After returning to the hotel room, Lin Huang sat with his legs crossed on the couch again after informing b.l.o.o.d.y. He then crushed another Epiphany Card and entered the second round of the epiphany mode.

It was only a month before the opening of the Fallen G.o.d Land. He had to consolidate the combat souls as soon as possible.

For the next 20 days or so, Lin Huang spent nine days consolidating the Ninetails Lynx’s combat soul and ten days consolidating the Destructive Divine Mammoth’s combat soul.

At that moment, the three combat souls were formed preliminarily. All of their combat strength was on imperial-level black gold-rank.

If not for the 30 imperial-level yellow gold-rank monsters that were killed and allowing Bai and the rest stay for another three days in the Abyss Brink, the amount of spiritual energy Lin Huang acc.u.mulated might only be enough to consolidate three immortal-level rank-9 combat souls.

That was one of the G.o.d Figurine’s advantages. As the G.o.d Figurine’s spiritual energy storage was on par with a True G.o.d, a powerful combat soul could be consolidated as long as there was sufficient spiritual energy.

Normal immortal-level powerhouses, on the other hand, were limited to the Life Fire and Life Wheel power in their bodies. They could only consolidate combat souls that had the same combat strength as the powerhouse himself. For instance, a powerhouse with immortal-level rank-3 combat strength could only consolidate a combat soul of immortal-level rank-3 at the most. It was impossible for them to even consolidate a combat soul that was a rank higher.

After the three combat souls’ consolidation, it was half a month before the opening of the Fallen G.o.d Land.

Lin Huang took a shower and changed after he was done visualizing. He packed his stuff as well.

He checked out of the hotel room on his Emperor’s Heart Ring directly and stepped into the Dimensional Portal without hesitation. He arrived in No. 3A1 foothold, the Magical Sky City.

After checking into a hotel in the Magical Sky City, Lin Huang frequented the black market, the auctions and the chamber of commerce for the next few days. He purchased all sorts of metallic and non-metallic materials in bulk as well as ancient and supreme relic pieces.

For the next few days, Lin Huang put his hotel room into soundproof mode as he summoned the War Overlord to make a variety of mechanical weapons with his insane mechanical crafting skills.

He initially gave the War Overlord a cool nickname which was Metal Egg. However, due to strong objections, it was changed to Warlord.

Lin Huang did not stay idle during the days when Warlord was making mechanical weapons. He redeemed two sets of ancient relic-level telekinetic flying daggers from the Stairway Mall and began practicing Seamless.

When he was on gold flame-level, his telekinetic cultivation arrived at a bottleneck. Due to the restriction of combat strength and low spiritual force, he could no longer divide more telekinetic threads.

Now that his combat strength had experienced a three-rank leap and his spiritual force had a boost, he could divide the telekinetic threads further.

Days pa.s.sed and the amount of Lin Huang’s telekinetic threads did not stop growing. He had been focusing on his cultivation to the point that he did not even have time to read the news.

It was more and more crowded in the Magical Sky City these few days.

Almost every transcendent knew of this place since the Fallen G.o.d Land was the second biggest ruins in Division 7.

Although it was a grade-7 ruin that was full of danger, everyone was flocking there as they figured that this round of searching could get them something advantageous that would allow them to sky-rocket.

However, to maintain the stability of the ruins, the search was only limited to 8,000 people.

Moreover, among these 8,000 people, almost everyone in Division 3 partic.i.p.ated apart from more than 300 imperial-level powerhouses and some other powerhouses from Division 1 and Division 2. In other words, almost all the outstanding powerhouses of Division 3 were partic.i.p.ating.

Among the 8,000 people, at least half of them were members of the Genius Union while more than 80% of them were high immortal-levels.

Although only 8,000 people were allowed into the ruins, there were more than 8,000 transcendents in the Magical Sky City.

Almost all of the hotels in the central area of the entire Magical Sky City were fully booked. It was as crowded as the New Year.

Not only were thee transcendent powerhouses from Division 3 talking about this, but even the cultivators below transcendent level also heard of this and began all sorts of discussions on forums.

Some of them posted invitations that they had screen-shot somewhere else, and the post went viral from people commenting.

Lin Huang only received the official invitation from Chan Dou on 29 October.

The invitation was exquisite. It was a card that was only the size of a palm and it was bright red. There were two big, black words stamped on top of it. The handwriting was beautiful, clearly the hand of a famous calligrapher.

Personal information was not shown on the invitation but was hidden inside. One could only see the invitee’s personal information by scanning it.

Lin Huang was almost done with the division of his telekinetic threads when he received the invitation. The initial 10,000 telekinetic threads increased to more than 18,000 threads. However, his cultivation on Seamless came to yet another bottleneck.

Although his spiritual force was a few folds more powerful than the time when he was on gold flame-level, it was harder to divide telekinetic threads as the cultivation of his Seamless skill went on. Looking at the current process, Lin Huang speculated he could only divide 30,000 telekinetic threads when he was on immortal-level rank-9.

Until 29 October evening, Lin Huang had finally ended his cultivation in the Seamless skill.

Meanwhile, Warlord had exhausted all of the materials. Most of his previous mechanical weapon materials came from monster bones and some human relics, which were disintegrated from machinery recycling. The materials Lin Huang purchased were not only given a boost in his mechanical weapon power, but the number of mechanical weapons was also at least threefolds more now.

Warlord’s current overall ability might be more powerful than Bai’s.

“I can finally rest well for the next two days to adjust my body.” Ever since he had promised Chan Dou, Lin Huang had been worried that he might not have enough time. No matter whether it was the previous epiphany or the cultivation of Seamless during this period of time, he had cut his eating and sleeping time down drastically. On average, he might not even eat, drink a gla.s.s of water, or shower in a week. He would only take a nap for one or two hours when he was exhausted, but that only happened every four to five days.

The truth had proven that such management of time allowed him to reach his goal and he completed all of the basic preparation he needed before the battle. He could finally feel relieved and the exhaustion kicked in quickly.

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