Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 837 – Seventh Prince

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Chapter 837: Seventh Prince

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang slept from past eight in the evening on the 29th until eight in the morning on the 31st.

He had slept a whole day, so he felt refreshed when he woke up.

After taking a shower and having his breakfast, Lin Huang headed to the biggest supermarket nearby and spent almost the entire morning there. He bought a variety of food and drinks in bulk before heading back to the hotel.

He just recalled he would have to spend three months in the ruins this trip when he woke up in the morning. If he did not bring anything with him, he might have to eat grilled meat for three months continuously.

While grilled meat was delicious, he would definitely be sick if he had to eat it for three meals a day for three months.

Drinks were mandatory. It would be huge trouble if there was no clean water source in the ruins. Although transcendents would not die from not drinking water for a long time, it would still affect his body condition as well as affecting him from performing his abilities well.

After the trip to the supermarket, Lin Huang began to think what he might have missed out on. After all, he had been sleep-deprived before this and was not 100% there. He might miss out on something, just like how he had almost forgotten to prepare food and water.

After some thorough thinking, he relaxed upon confirming that he did not miss anything.

After lunch, Lin Huang read some news and looked at a few social media sites.

He smiled when he read the hot discussion on the Fallen G.o.d Land.

He even saw a fake Heaven Alliance invitation being posted. It was the same red design but the words were golden in color and written in cursive. It was even prettier than the one Lin Huang had received. There were up to a million comments on the post, consisting mostly of compliments.

There were also people who were asking what the Heaven Alliance was. Soon someone found out that the Heaven Alliance was the most powerful organization in the Genius Union while the chief was Chan Dou of the Five Princes. The comment section was then flooded with praises and fawning upon the person who had posted the fake invitation.

Lin Huang was not sure to cry or to laugh reading those comments.

As every organization had a different invitation design, there were many exquisite ones posted on the web, and Lin Huang could not ident.i.ty their authenticity.

He also saw people he followed posting similar things.

Yi Yeyu posted an invitation screenshot that she had gotten from somewhere. The caption was: “Should I go or not?”

The first comment came from Yi Zheng. “You’re thinking too much, Sister.”

Li Lang used the same screenshot Yi Yeyu had but he posted a couple minutes later than she did with the caption: “Selling this invitation. The bid starts at 100 million Life Crystals and each increment has to be at least 10 million. The highest bidder wins.”

Yi Yeyu was the first one who commented. “Aren’t you shameless to be stealing my screenshot!?”

The second comment came from Yi Zheng. “Shameless! How dare you steal my sister’s screenshot!?”

Lin Huang smiled and took a screenshot of his invitation, then sent it to his friends.

The caption was: “Three months. Please leave a message if you need me.”

The first comment came from Li Lang.

“Great job, Brother. Your invitation looks exactly the same as the real one! And it’s from the Heaven Alliance! But it’ll look even more authentic if the words are in gold.”

He had browsed through the web and found out what kind of organization the Heaven Alliance was.

The second comment came from Yi Zheng. It was clear he knew Lin Huang’s invitation was authentic.

‘You shouldn’t have accepted the invitation. The Fallen G.o.d Land’s too dangerous.’

Lin Huang smiled as he replied. ‘I’ll just take a stroll in there. It’s good to learn something.’

The third comment came from Leng Yuexin and was just a simple “Be careful.”

The fourth comment came from Yi Yeyu. “You’re going to the grade-7 forbidden land! Are you crazy?!”

Li Lang commented again subsequently. “The heck!? Your invitation’s real! I must kiss your a.s.s now!”

After chatting with a couple of friends, Lin Huang then turned off the chat.

For the rest of the afternoon, he drank tea while sunbathing on the balcony. He completely indulged in relaxation and laziness.

He watched the evening news after dinner and went to bed early.

Early the next morning, Lin Huang checked out of his room right after his breakfast and walked towards the Union Government office building like he was taking a stroll.

The hotel he stayed at was less than 300 meters across the Union Government office building, so it only took him a couple of minutes to walk there.

A female staff welcomed him after he scanned his ident.i.ty and registered himself at the entrance of the office building. She got Lin Huang to show his invitation. After the scanning went through, she led him to a room entrance.

It was a small meeting room with only 300 seats as he looked. There were already some ten people sitting in the room.

Lin Huang took a glance at those people. All of them had a combat strength of immortal-level rank-9 with no exception. Since he knew no one there, he occupied a vacant seat in the first row.

The people were pretty curious about Lin Huang too. He did not hide his combat strength after all. Everyone was clear that he was on immortal-level rank-3.

Most of them only took a glance at him and that was it while a minority of them began to discuss among themselves softy.

“Even an immortal-level rank-3’s invited. He must be from some insignificant organization that has no high immortal-level powerhouse.”

“He might’ve come in from the back door by using his connection.”

Although those people were discussing softly, Lin Huang heard them loud and clear, but he did not bother to take it to heart.

More people came in continuously awhile after he took his seat. Basically, all of them had a combat strength of immortal-level rank-9.

Finally, a short, young man appeared at the entrance after ten minutes. His combat strength was only on immortal-level rank-6.

He glanced through the room at the entrance, appearing a little fearful upon realizing that everyone in the room were immortal-level rank-9 powerhouses. However, very soon, he saw Lin Huang who was in the first row. He was slightly relieved and walked towards Lin Huang quickly, sitting next to him.

“Hi, my name’s Tong Lin.”

“Hi, I’m Lin Xie.” Lin Huang nodded while smiling.

“Oh my G.o.d. I thought I’m the only one who isn’t immortal-level rank-9.” Tong Lin felt like he had just met someone similar to him seeing that Lin Huang had a lower combat strength than him.

Lin Huang smiled and said nothing. He knew 80% of the partic.i.p.ants were high immortal-levels this time and only 80% of them were on immortal-level rank-9. That being said, partic.i.p.ants with a combat strength of immortal-level rank-9 only consisted 64% of all the partic.i.p.ants. The reason why everyone in the room was on immortal-level rank-9 was that it was still early, so there were less than 40 of them.

Just as expected, more people on immortal-level rank-7 and rank-8 came into the room after Tong Lin. When there were almost 100 of them in the room, a few silhouettes wearing golden vests appeared at the entrance out of nowhere. The entire room became silent as soon as they appeared.

Everyone recognized them. They were from Dynasty. The leading person was a young man who looked like he was in his early 20s. He had slicked back hair and instead of a vest, he was wearing a black suit with a golden trench coat on top.

“The Seventh Prince from Dynasty…” Tong Lin who was sitting next to Lin Huang said softly.

Lin Huang could not help but frown when he heard that. He remembered clearly that Chan Dou said this Seventh Prince should be the most powerful immortal-level in the partic.i.p.ant list this time.

The Seventh Prince took a glance around the room and merely paused when he saw Lin Huang, then looked away. It was probably not because he realized how powerful Lin Huang was, but a little surprised that even a person with an immortal-level rank-3 combat strength would be invited.

He lingered at the entrance for less than a second and led the few people behind him towards the last row of the room.

The people who were sitting in the last row took the initiative to give up their seats immediately.

Ever since the people from Dynasty came, more and more people came. The room was almost full after five to six minutes.

At that moment, a male staff in a uniform walked in.

He explained after bringing out a Dimensional Portal, “Behind this Dimensional Portal is the entrance to the Fallen G.o.d Land. There’ll be staff attending to all of you when all of you are transferred, and they’ll a.s.sist you in the Fallen G.o.d Land.”

“Now let’s begin from the first row. Please queue to enter the Dimensional Portal.”

“Why aren’t you starting from the last row!?” At that moment, one of the Dynasty members wearing golden vests and sitting in the last row shouted.

The man in the uniform lifted his head and took a glance at him. He then looked at the Seventh Prince sitting next to the golden-vested man who was waiting for an impressive show to begin before he spoke, “Because the first row is closer to the Dimensional Portal. If you were to calculate the distance between the first row to the last row and everyone’s walking speed on average, getting the first row into the Dimensional Portal first would take one minute and 40 seconds faster than getting the last row to queue first.”

The people from Dynasty did not seem to expect the person to give such a serious explanation which rendered them speechless.

Lin Huang smiled but said nothing.

“Alright, we’ll start from the first row. Stop wasting time.”

Lin Huang and the rest then walked into the Dimensional Portal one after another.

After all 300 of them entered the Dimensional Portal, the man in uniform then closed the Dimensional Portal.

A lady’s voice came into the meeting room all of a sudden.

“One minute and 40 seconds faster? You’re so good at making things up.” A tall lady in heels walked in while smiling.

“Haha, you heard that!” The man in uniform smiled as he said.

“It’s not every day that they can come to the Union Government headquarters. The people from Dynasty are always looking for ways to stir things up so that they can brag to their acquaintances when they go back. They’d make noise if I insisted on letting people in the first row go first. Although I’d definitely oppress them, it’d only delay the time. If I do what they want me to, which is to let them go first, they’d tell everyone that the Union Government’s afraid of Dynasty. So, why not just come up with a lie which solved the problem like a piece of cake?”

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