Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 838 – Two Familiar People

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Chapter 838: Two Familiar People

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Lin Huang only snapped back to his senses after staring at the black, gigantic crack that seemed like a Virtual Eye for a while.

Almost everyone who was transported together with Lin Huang had the same shocked expression on their faces.

Lin Huang looked around and very soon saw a bunch of people on his left. There were about 300 of them, and they should be the team that had been transported before them.

There was a bunch of men in military uniform under the crack in the sky.

The leader, a hulking, tall man who wore a white cloak, walked towards Lin Huang and the rest. He did not hide the powerful aura on him at all.

‘This person’s definitely a demiG.o.d!’ Lin Huang could clearly sense that the aura on this man was much more powerful than those imperial-level yellow gold-rank monsters that he had killed. It was the distinction between a candlelight and a sun; it was so powerful that it made one tremble.

“Please project your invitation. We need to verify your invitation once again.” As soon as he spoke, he moved his finger slightly while the 20 men in military uniform began to verify the invitation.

After a couple of minutes of verification, the leader of the army spoke again after confirming that everything was alright.

“The ruins will officially open at nine. Before that, all of you can take a rest at formation No. 2.

“Don’t run around or create trouble. If any of you do that, you’ll delay the opening time of the ruins. You’ll be executed even if the delay is only by a mere second!” The leader glanced at everyone coldly when he uttered the last sentence. A terrifying intention to kill swept across the 300 people including Lin Huang in the blink of an eye. It gave them chills and gooseb.u.mps. He did not seem like he was joking at all.

n.o.body objected, even the Seventh Prince only glared at the man for a second while scowling. He then followed everyone and walked to the s.p.a.ce in formation No. 2.

“Oh my G.o.d! It’s Bai Qi, the G.o.d of Slaughter from the army,” Tong Lin who was next to Lin Huang mumbled softly.

“Bai Qi?” Lin Huang was familiar with the name. However, it was clear that this person just happened to share the same name with the historical person on earth.

“Do you mean the fella wearing a cloak just now?”

“Haven’t you heard of Bai Qi? The G.o.d of Slaughter from the Union Government Military, the No. 1 in Division 3’s army! I heard that his ability ranks top five among the demiG.o.ds in Division 3!”

Ever since Lin Huang arrived in Division 3, he did not follow such news and it was his first time hearing about Bai Qi.

“How did he get the nickname ‘G.o.d of Slaughter’? Did he kill many monsters?”

“Not monsters, human,” Tong Lin said through voice transmission, “He was put in a special force in the military and was responsible for wiping out underground organizations. There are at least tens of thousands of underground organization members who died by his hand within the past century.”

“Otherwise, why is the Seventh Prince so quiet like a coward now and even followed the team here? If he really stirred things up, Bai Qi would surely kill him. Among the underground organizations, Bai Qi has killed at least over 20 Holy Sons, including the First Holy Son. Even the Dynasty would have to accept it if Bai Qi killed the Second and Third Prince, and they wouldn’t take revenge, let alone if he annihilated the Seventh Prince. The price to pay for killing Bai Qi’s too high. It might even cause the demiG.o.d in one’s organization to be killed. There’s already been two cases like that.”

Bai Qi’s ability alone caused powerful underground organizations to fear him, which proved how terrifying his ability was.

That was the direction Lin Huang had been working towards.

“Lin Xie, you’re not a local from Division 3, am I right? Even the local transcendents on holy fire-level would’ve heard of Bai Qi.” Tong Lin was very sure of that.

“Indeed, I’m not. I came from another Safety Zone,” Lin Huang confirmed.

“I saw that your invitation came from the Heaven Alliance just now. Don’t tell me that you come from the Heaven Alliance’s headquarters in Division 1?!” Tong Lin’s eyes lit up. “I thought you’re a member from the Heaven Alliance’s branch in Division 3.”

“I didn’t come from the headquarters but another division.”

“It must be Division 2’s branch then!” Tong Lin thought of Division 2 immediately.

Lin Huang smiled without saying anything since he was lazy to explain.

“Then, you must be powerful, aren’t you?” Tong Lin asked immediately.

“There are indeed many powerhouses in the Heaven Alliance. I’m just a normal member who just joined not long again,” Lin Huang said humbly. He did not have the habit of boasting about himself before others. His skin was not that thick.

“The more humble you are, the more I think you’re hiding who you really are.” Tong Lin had disbelief written all over his face. “I think it’s impossible that the Heaven Alliance would send someone incompetent here to die. They would definitely send powerhouses here to make the quota worth it and to obtain some resources. Also, I think you must’ve been specially transferred from Division 2…”

Lin Huang smiled and said nothing again. He really did not bother to explain anything to him.

More people were being sent through the Dimensional Portal as the both of them chatted.

Those people verified their ident.i.ties again and were arranged to group at formations No. 3 and No. 4.

After eight o’clock, the frequency of people being sent in through the Dimensional Portal became higher and higher. Soon, there was a batch every two to three minutes.

Lin Huang saw someone familiar among the crowd — Huangfu Lin from the Sweep Alliance. Judging from her aura, she had elevated to immortal-level rank-8.

However, Huangfu Lin did not notice Lin Huang’s presence. Perhaps, she did not imagine that he would have managed to score himself a place there. After all, Lin Huang’s combat strength was only blue flame-level when they last saw each other three months ago.

After Huangfu Lin’s batch, Lin Huang saw another Heaven Alliance member, Shen Tao.

The last time when they had entered the tribe’s floating land, it was the immortal-level rank-9 Shen Tao who had led the Heaven Alliance team. Although his combat strength remained on immortal-level rank-9, it was clear that his aura was much stronger than it had been a couple of months ago. He was almost on the verge of breaking through to imperial-level.

Lin Huang guessed that his goal of coming to the Fallen G.o.d Land this time must be to break through to imperial-level black gold-rank.

However, Shen Tao’s aura was not considered the top among those people.

Lin Huang sensed at least 20 people on immortal-level rank-9 who had more powerful auras than Shen Tao did. Judging by aura alone, the Seventh Prince was considered the best of the best among the group of more than 20 people.

However, what Lin Huang cared about were those imperial-level powerhouses who were mixed in the teams.

Almost every one of them had a much more powerful aura than the Seventh Prince. They were like firewood that burned in the night which n.o.body could ignore.

Naturally, the strength of one’s aura could not be used to determine one’s ability. Lin Huang was a great example himself. His aura strength was only on immortal-level rank-3. Without those tens of holy fire-levels, his aura was the weakest among the crowd. However, if his overall ability was taken into account and the comparison even included imperial-level powerhouses, he would easily rank in the top 100.

When it was close to 8.50 a.m., all 8,000 of them were a.s.sembled.

Many of the armies were secretly relieved. They were worried that there would be a delay and were scared that Bai Qi would be mad.

Bai Qi had an obsession disorder when it came to time. Almost every military in Division 3 knew about that. He had even snapped at the current Division 3 Union Government chairman at a meeting for being late for three minutes.

“Alright, you can relax since everyone is here. We’ll open the ruins officially at nine sharp!” Bai Qi looked at the time and his rather serious expression finally eased.

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