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Chapter 844: Golden Cicada Subst.i.tute

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was a windy night.

w.a.n.g Xu stood next to a beast’s carca.s.s whose head was severed. He took out a piece of paper from his Emperor’s Heart Ring and wiped his demiG.o.d relic, the Waning Moon, that was covered with blood.

The Waning Moon was a scimitar that resembled a crescent moon.

w.a.n.g Xu had this mid-grade demiG.o.d relic scimitar customized especially before he entered the Fallen G.o.d Land. He had spent almost all of his savings on it.

However, he thought it was worth it. He had gotten the hang of it these days and felt that his ability had elevated like never before.

A ferocious glow was glistening on the silver saber body after the blood was wiped off.

As he put the carca.s.s away, he tossed the paper onto the ground and was ready to leave. Just as he was turning around, w.a.n.g Xu suddenly felt a stirring force coming from far away.

“Is that a fight between imperial-level crimson gold-rank powerhouses?!” He lifted his head and looked towards the direction of the force while showing hesitation on his face.

He would have definitely avoided such a situation in the past. The reason being, he had just broken through to imperial-level crimson gold-rank less than half a year ago. The chance of him defeating an imperial-level crimson gold-rank expert was extremely slim.

w.a.n.g Xu was in a pickle for a moment as he looked at the Waning Moon in his hand. Eventually, he made up his mind as a fierce gleam flashed through his eyes.

‘Those who have guts will benefit while the timid ones starve. I might not lose even if I fight him now. Moreover, since both of them are fighting now, I’ll just hide while waiting for them to finish. By then, I’ll reap what’s left without putting any effort in.’

w.a.n.g Xu put the scimitar away as his thoughts flowed. He then hovered in the air and flew quickly towards the source of force.

His black robes seemed to be invisible in the night sky. However, the white circle on the back of his vest stood out. There was a purple crow standing on a branch in the circle and it seemed lively as if it were alive.

His collar that was lifted fluttered in the wind. There was a purple metal piece the size of a thumb inside the collar. Like the crow on his trench coat, the metal piece was a purple crow.

Sensing the force that was getting more and more intense, w.a.n.g Xu slowed down and flew lower.

After flying for around 800 kilometers, he finally saw the duo that were fighting.

It was an imperial-level crimson gold-rank human fighting an imperial-level crimson gold-rank monster.

The human was covered in black robes which made it hard to identify which organization he came from. His weapon was a demiG.o.d longsword relic and he had extraordinary abilities.

Meanwhile, his opponent was a Seventails Scorpion, a poisonous undying monster.

This monster had a super regenerative ability whereby it could recover from almost any wound immediately. The only way to kill such a monster was to destroy its heart.

The black-robed man seemed to be aware of that, so he had been trying to aim for its heart. Unfortunately, the monster had a seamless defense.

Both man and monster seemed to fight equally as they had powerful abilities.

w.a.n.g Xu realized that the difference between him and the old-time imperial-level crimson gold-rank powerhouse was very clear now. Even with the Waning Moon, he would still rank slightly below average.

However, he did not plan to leave just yet. Instead, he proceeded to hide in the bushes a couple of kilometers away and hid his aura as much as he could.

The fight between man and monster went on for some ten minutes while the black-robed man’s stance turned weak all of a sudden.

‘What happened? Is he poisoned?’ Just when w.a.n.g Xu was in doubt, the black-robed man began to retreat quickly. He was retreating towards the direction where he was hiding.

‘Sh*t!’ w.a.n.g Xu did not think that the man had noticed him. He thought the black-robed man might have been poisoned and attempted to flee since he could not defeat the monster, and just so happened to run towards his hiding place.

The Seventails Scorpion caught up with the black-robed man as soon as he began to run.

However, the black-robed man was simply dodging the monster’s attacks or running towards some other direction instead of retaliating.

Tail whips struck through the air continuously, creating ma.s.sive potholes in the ground.

The black-robed man happened to deflect one of the attacks from where it was and slammed towards where w.a.n.g Xu was hiding.

Feeling helpless, w.a.n.g Xu retreated immediately and managed to dodge the attack.

Although he dodged the Seventails Scorpion’s attack, w.a.n.g Xu had revealed himself.

“Brother, you’re finally here!” The black-robed man shouted to w.a.n.g Xu suddenly, “Help me quickly. Let’s get this monster together!”

The Seventails Scorpion began to attack w.a.n.g Xu right away as soon as it heard that.

w.a.n.g Xu only snapped back to his senses after a while of being stunned. He did not expect his plan of waiting for free fortune to end up making the Seventails Scorpion thinking he was the black-robed man’s partner. He was being attacked just like the black-robed man was.

“I know you’re hiding here to wait for the reward, but there’s nowhere for you to escape now,” said the black-robed man through voice transmission, “Let’s kill it together and half the reward. Or you don’t have to agree to my plan. I’ll just retreat now and you won’t get anything.”

“Sure, let’s kill it together!” Although w.a.n.g Xu agreed to him, he had another plan in his head.

‘Since you’re poisoned anyway, we’ll kill the monster together, then I’ll kill you,’ he thought to himself.

“You’ll contain its tail and I’ll find ways to attack its heart.” The black-robed man came up with a plan immediately.

“Why don’t you contain its tail instead?” w.a.n.g Xu was a little reluctant.

“Your scimitar’s more suitable for defending a wider range while my sword’s more suitable for a focused attack.”

w.a.n.g Xu had nothing to retort back to the black-robed man. The reason why he had picked the scimitar as his weapon was because of its powerful cutting ability and indeed, he had a defensive saber skill that was suitable for a scimitar of such form.

Feeling helpless again, w.a.n.g Xu charged towards the Seventails Scorpion.

After blocking the Seventails Scorpion’s tail whip attack, w.a.n.g Xu felt a sense of threat coming from his back as he was thinking about what he should do to the black-robed man after killing this monster.

Just when he wanted to dodge, the Seventails Scorpion’s tail came whipping before him and he had nowhere to run.

In the next second, a silver ray pierced through the left side of his chest.

As he was going out of consciousness, he heard a voice by his ear, “I’m sorry. I wasn’t poisoned at all. I pretended to retreat so that I could end you first before I could fight this Seventails Scorpion in peace.”

After killing the core member of the Purple Crow, the black-robed man did not even glance at the body and proceeded to fight the Seventails Scorpion.

Around half an hour later, the Seventails Scorpion become the second dead body on this battlefield.

The black-robed man took off his hood and picked up w.a.n.g Xu’s scimitar. His face then turned into w.a.n.g Xu’s instantly.

Lin Huang grinned as he nodded, watching the result of this battle 10,000 kilometers away.

“The Evil Dominator’s performance isn’t too shabby. He killed an imperial-level crimson gold-rank and imperial-level yellow gold-rank in the past two days with the help of b.l.o.o.d.y. After obtaining two Golden Cicada Subst.i.tutes, he possesses the ability to kill imperial-level crimson gold-ranks now. If he takes his trump card out, he’ll be able to fight imperial-level yellow gold-ranks,” Lin Huang said.

“Unfortunately, the Golden Cicada can only make human subst.i.tutes. Otherwise, he’d have at least ten imperial-level crimson gold-rank monster subst.i.tutes. Although the Evil Dominator doesn’t have such a limitation, he has a time restriction. The two skills have flaws of their own,” b.l.o.o.d.y commented.

Lin Huang smiled without saying anything. The Evil Dominator would be almost invincible if there were no flaws in either skill.

Lin Huang had both of the skills while his Evil Blood Subst.i.tute was exactly the same as the one the Evil Dominator had.

However, his Golden Cicada had been extracted from the Evil Dominator’s body by Xiao Hei back then. It was the lower-end version which he could only use three times per day*.

Lin Huang did not really care about the subst.i.tute’s ability back then. After all, the subst.i.tute had not exactly been powerful when he had used it to kill an evil spirit type of monster as it just seemed to be harder to be defeated.

However, its terrifying ability seemed to be coming out as his ability elevated.

Just like the Evil Dominator which was on immortal-level rank-9, his ability would elevate to imperial-level yellow gold-rank as soon as he summoned the imperial-level yellow gold-rank subst.i.tute. It was many times more powerful than his own combat strength.

‘Looking at my current body strength, I could bear an imperial-level yellow gold-rank’s subst.i.tute forcefully which is a rank higher than the boost using the knight’s skill. Moreover, the Golden Cicada can copy the subst.i.tute’s inheritance, memory, and abilities completely…’ A new idea popped into Lin Huang’s head instantly as he thought about this.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, please look for some imperial-level crimson gold-rank sword cultivators from an underground organization for me. I would like a few of them, also some imperial-level black gold-rank sword cultivators as well!”

*Translator’s note: (details in Chapter 769)

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