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Chapter 849: Little Town

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Li Jia’s discovery was rather unexpected. Even Lin Huang was a little surprised by that.

“Are you sure it’s a mistake? Are they really human and not disguised by monsters?” Tan Lang still thought it was a little unbelievable.

“They should be real. It’s clear that the buildings in the town are made by humans and it’s brightly lit now. I don’t think monsters are able to build such a human town.” Li Jia was sure of that.

“Could they be survivors from the ancient times?” Shen Tao could not help but frown. “It’s possible that the people who survived during the war gathered and bred, then slowly built a town of their own.”

“It’s certainly possible theoretically.” Lin Huang nodded to agree with what he said.

What Shen Tao said was logically reasonable.

“Maybe this foggy area happens to protect them and prevents outsiders from interfering with their lives. Maybe that’s how they managed to live for generations until now,” Li Jia added.

His voiced thoughts made everyone believe those people might really be survivors of ancient times.

“Then, let’s check it out together. We need a place to rest anyway, so we can ask around about the area as well.” Tan Lang came up with a plan after some thinking. However, he did not forget to remind them, “No matter whether these people are ancient time survivors or not, we should have our guard up. Remember, we’re still in grade-7 ruins. It’s possible for anything to happen.”

After that piece of short advice, Tan Lang then led them to fly towards the town ahead.

Soon, they saw the town that Li Jia was talking about.

The town was small. It was approximately 40 to 50 square kilometers large. The buildings in the town were almost all low houses with red bricks and green tiles. There were hardly any double-story houses.

There were red lanterns lit up at the entrance of every house. The fire burned inside the lanterns; the light did not come from energy stones.

“I’ve seen such lanterns at the museum before. I remember them being used by the commoners in the Middle Ages as a source of light,” recalled an immortal-level rank-9 powerhouse, “I think the fuel is made of animal fats.”

They descended slowly from the sky.

“There really isn’t any energy around. The people around here should be ordinary people who have no cultivation base.” Tan Lang finally proved that Li Jia’s speculation earlier was accurate. He was relieved after finding out about it himself.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang noticed a 12 or 13-year-old boy looking at them descending from the sky through the window in a house not far away.

He turned to look at where the young boy was. The young boy hid his head under the window immediately and only revealed half of his head slowly to peek at Lin Huang and the rest after a while.

Lin Huang smiled while nodding at him. The boy was stunned for a moment and seemed troubled for a while before he opened the window and shouted at Lin Huang, “Are you guys immortal?”

Lin Huang and the rest were stunned to hear his question.

“Kid…” Lin Huang held Shen Tao’s shoulder just when he was going to say something and shook his head.

Lin Huang took a step forward and said to the young boy with a smile, “We’re not immortal, we’re cultivators.”

“But I saw you guys fly from the sky. It means all of you are immortal!” The young boy said with conviction.

“You mean like this?” Lin Huang hovered from the ground slowly and flew towards the window.

“You guys really are immortal!” The young boy’s eyes lit up and he was no longer scared upon realizing that Lin Huang was friendly. He then said to Lin Huang in excitement, “You guys must know how to kill demons then!

“Demons?” Lin Huang was stunned again hearing that, but he responded, “How does the demon you mentioned look like?”

“They…” The young boy was interrupted all of a sudden.

“Xiao Yu, who are you talking to?” A woman suddenly opened the door to the young boy’s room.

“Aunty…” The young boy turned to glance at the door immediately.

“Who are you?” The woman looked at Lin Huang warily. She then stepped forward and pushed the young boy behind her.

“Aunty, he’s an immortal!” The young boy named Xiao Yu exclaimed excitedly.

“Immortal? More like a con man!” The woman seemed even more skeptical now.

“He’s not a con man. I really saw him fly!” Xiao Yu explained on behalf of Lin Huang quickly.

“Are you leaving? I’ll call the police if you don’t!” The woman threatened Lin Huang fiercely. She was sure that Lin Huang was a con man.

“Sis, please calm down. I just want to ask about the demons.” Lin Huang wrung his hands helplessly.

“Oh, you want to know about the demons. You really think you’re immortal, don’t you!?” The woman said in disdain, “I’ve seen so many scammers in my life. You’re not the only one who can fly. Do you think I don’t know the tricks that you guys play to scam people?! If you really are who you said you are, then make me fly! I’ll believe that you’re immortal if you make me fly.”

“If you say so.” Lin Huang could not help but smile hearing what the woman said.

He extended two telekinetic threads which tangled around the bodies of the woman and the young boy. Lin Huang moved his fingers slightly while the duo’s feet floated from the ground.

“I…” The woman wanted to say something but she realized that she was hovering in the air. She swallowed the words that were coming out of her mouth.

“I’m flying!” Seeing that he was flying, Xiao Yu was cheering and dancing with excitement.

“So, can we talk now?” Lin Huang said with a smirk after a while, waiting for the woman to snap out of her bewilderment.

“You really are an immortal…” The woman mumbled softly.

After opening the door and letting Lin Huang and the rest into the house, she realized that there was not only one immortal who came, but ten of them.

“Please… Please take a seat…” The woman brought all of the stools that she had at home out clumsily, but there were only eight of them. She was panicking even more now.

“Sis, don’t panic. We only have a few questions.” Lin Huang knew the woman might be spooked.

“Please do shoot away. I’ll definitely tell you everything that I know.”

“Well, we’ve just arrived at this town, so we’ve no idea what’s the situation here. I heard from Xiao Yu that there are demons here. Could you tell me more about that?” Lin Huang went straight to the point while Tan Lang and the rest listened carefully because they did not want to miss a thing.

“Oh, so you guys are here to kill the demons! That’s great!” The woman was relieved and started rattling on like a bullet train. “There’s this Black Dragon Mountain near our town and there’s a super powerful demon on the mountain. I heard it’s a black, one-eyed dragon. The black dragon has tens of small demons as its minions and each of them is insanely strong. Even the officers from the local authority can only fight equally with the demons. One small demon can take on three officers. Those small demons would come into town to devour people every three to five days. My poor son was taken away by a wolf demon even though he was hiding under the bed…”

“Sis, how do those small demons look like?” Lin Huang asked after listening to the woman narrate her story in tears.

“All of them look different. Some look like monkeys, some like wolves, and some of them are like humans and they walk as we do… No matter what, they have sharp teeth and claws. They’re stronger than tigers!”

Lin Huang looked at Tan Lang and the rest. They were almost sure that the demons the woman was talking about should be monsters.

“Sis, why don’t all of you move away since there are demons in this town?” Lin Huang proceeded to ask.

“Wouldn’t it be the same no matter where we move? Which town doesn’t have demons now? I heard that people from a town died of no reason every day before this. And n.o.body even saw any demons in there. They had no idea where to hide, so all of them ran away. At least, we can still see the demons here and we can hide somewhere,” explained the woman helplessly, “The cities are safe, but they’re too far away. We don’t have the money to live there!”

“Why are the cities safe?” Now, Lin Huang finally understood that this town was not the only town in the foggy area. There were many towns, and there were more people living there.

“There are walls around the cities and guards. Of course, they’re safe!” The woman did not know much about the cities.

After confirming those pieces of information, Lin Huang asked a couple more questions and found out that her knowledge was limited. It was clear that she had heard rumors and hearsay, some of which were exaggerated and fake. Moreover, she told many things that were unrelated to what Lin Huang asked, such as Xiao Yu’s parents being captured by the demons and that she was taking care of him out of pity…

Since he was sure that he could not ask any further, Lin Huang and the rest then left her house.

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