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Chapter 851: City

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Lin Huang used his Divine Telekinesis to inspect the jade slips one by one and found out that all six of them had cultivation methods recorded in them. However, those were incomplete methods which could only get someone to immortal-level at the most.

The system of these cultivation methods was completely different from the usual cultivation system outside. Instead of elevating by killing monsters, it involved internal cultivation.

They belonged to the same system as the Twisted Fate Scripture Lin Huang had cultivated before, but these methods had a much lower threshold than the Twisted Fate Scripture.

One must know that Lin Huang had to cultivate the Army Attack Tactics to level 10 before he could learn the Twisted Fate Scripture. The threshold stopped most cultivators out there from developing the method.

However, the difficulty in cultivating the methods recorded in these jade slips was just slightly higher than cultivating the Army Attack Tactics. Basically, anyone who was on holy fire-level was eligible to cultivate them.

To Lin Huang, it was easy to cultivate these methods to immortal-level. However, since the method content did not include anything beyond immortal-level, it prevented him from identifying if these methods were similar to the Twisted Fate Scripture whereby they required the cultivator’s innate ability to develop them. He had no idea what level those methods could get a person to.

If it could get someone to virtual G.o.d-level and the requirement was low, it would mean that many powerhouses would be elevated to virtual G.o.d-level in the future.

It was great news to a certain extent because the more powerhouses there were, the more force could be used to fight the Abyss Brink crisis.

However, it was bad news for Lin Huang and Mr. Fu.

Mr. Fu was the only Virtual G.o.d in the continent (at least for the moment). Although he was dying, he could still fight anyone who was less powerful. His rivals and those who wanted him dead dared not do anything to him for now.

As soon as the new cultivation system spread out, there would be a boost in Virtual G.o.ds in the world and Mr. Fu would be in danger. Lin Huang had yet to mature entirely. Even though he could fight imperial-level powerhouses by using all of his trump cards, he could not fight demiG.o.ds at all, let alone virtual G.o.d-level powerhouses who were even more dominant.

Lin Huang was thinking a lot while holding the jade slips in his hand. Eventually, he decided to keep this a secret for the time being. He planned to discuss this with Mr. Fu after getting out of the ruins to decide what to do about them then.

Whether others would discover this secret or not, there was nothing that Lin Huang could do about it. All he could do was to let G.o.d take the wheel.

After putting the jade slips away, Lin Huang glanced at the Dark Water Boa while a ferocious gleam flashed through his eyes. “Kill it. Kill those little demons too. Spare no lives.”

In the next second, the one-eyed boa’s humongous head exploded right away. Its headless carca.s.s fell onto the ground while black blood spilled all over the place.

The heads of the tens of small demons more than ten kilometers away exploded like watermelons falling from a high place. All of them turned into headless

After putting the one-eyed boa’s headless carca.s.s away, Lin Huang brought b.l.o.o.d.y back to the inn.

A couple of them had fallen asleep at the inn.

Tan Lang sat on the couch as he was on night watch duty. Seeing Lin Huang coming in, he asked while keeping his voice low, “Is it done?”

“Mm-hmm.” Lin Huang nodded.

Li Jia sat on the bed with his legs crossed, only opening his eyes upon hearing their conversation. He looked at Lin Huang with a rather surprised expression. “So quickly?”

Although the Black Dragon Mountain was not far from them, it was rather difficult to find monsters on the mountain range that stretched a hundred miles across.

“I was rather fortunate to have found that snake monster not long after I got there.”

“It’s not a sky dragon?” Shen Tao, who was sitting aside, asked.

“No, it’s a boa.”

“Go to bed early. Get a good night’s rest. We’ve no idea what’s the condition in the city that we’re going to tomorrow.” Tan Lang stopped the few of them from chatting.

Lin Huang had something on his mind and had no mood to chat anyway. He went to a vacant bed and lay on it after taking his jacket off.

Shen Tao and the rest figured he must be tired, so they did not bother him.

Lin Huang did not sleep at all that night. Although his eyes were shut the whole time, he was thinking about the methods and tactics in the jade slips.

They headed straight to the closest city the next morning the moment the sun rose.

They had no idea that the news about the immortals coming to town had spread early that morning.

The innkeeper and the servant found out that the ten paupers who were staying in the dormitory last night were immortals.

However, Lin Huang and the rest had arrived in the city when the news spread.

Cities would collect fees from commoners and warriors, but it was free for immortals.

Lin Huang and the rest found out from the local authority in the little town last night that immortals held an exclusive privilege in this world and they were treated properly everywhere they went.

The ten of them waited for the city gates to open before they descended from the sky, attracting many to watch. The city guards welcomed the ten of them into the city, smiling all the way.

The reason they did that was because they did not have any local currency. They had borrowed money from the officer at the local authority to pay for their accommodation at the inn and stayed in the cheapest dormitory. If they did not reveal their immortal ident.i.ties, they would need to pay a large sum to enter the city.

“Can we go to a market or an auction? At least, get us some local currency. It feels terrible to not have any money,” Shen Tao was the first to suggest as soon as they entered the city.

“I agree. Experiencing the life of a pauper for a night is more than enough,” Li Jia added immediately, “Also, I want to stay in a room of my own tonight. You guys have stinky feet.”

“That excludes me. My feet have no odor,” Shen Tao defended himself immediately.

“I’m talking about you. The odor on your feet’s stinkier than salted vegetables that have been marinated for 18 years.” Li Jia glared at Shen Tao when he said that.

“Alright, stop fighting. Let’s go to the market and get some money from selling monster” Finally, Tan Lang could not take it anymore and interrupted the conversation.

Soon, they found a market that was exclusively for immortals. Each of them took out a few monster that they had killed in the ruins and sold them for money.

The first monster carca.s.s Lin Huang brought out was the one-eyed boa that b.l.o.o.d.y had just killed by making its head explode. He then brought out two high immortal-level monsters which heads were destroyed and could not be used for parasitization.

Looking at the monster in their mortifying condition, Tan Lang and the rest looked at him rather oddly.

“I didn’t know you’ve got a fetish of blowing monsters’ heads up,” Shen Tao rubbed his nose and teased softly.

Lin Huang did not bother to explain anything. He had always a.s.sumed the ident.i.ty of a psychic on the Stairway Tree. A psychic who used flying daggers to attack a monster’s crucial parts such as its head would indeed cause its head to explode.

The currency used to purchase monster at the market was the same currency used by immortals: the spirit stone.

It was the gray crystal that Lin Huang had found in the storage ring earlier.

A high immortal-level monster carca.s.s could be sold for between one to ten million spirit stones.

After selling just a few monster, they went from broke men to rich men.

Having gotten their hands on spirit stones, Tan Lang stayed at the market for a little while and brought the rest to an inn called the Hidden Dragon Inn after speaking to some people around.

He heard that the owner of the Hidden Dragon Inn was a powerful immortal and that the inn was most frequented by immortals in the entire city. They only took spirit stones at the inn and no commoners’ currency was accepted.

As soon as they stepped into the inn, Lin Huang and the rest sensed the cultivators’ aura. There were holy fire- and immortal-levels.

However, the most powerful powerhouse there only had an aura of mid-immortal-level, which was far behind Tan Lang and the rest who had a combat strength of immortal-level rank-9.

Tan Lang gave Shen Tao a signal upon noticing many cultivators ogling them.

Shen Tao took a step forward and spread out his terrifying immortal-level rank-9 aura in the inn. The inn then fell into dead silence from the pressure.

Some of them who had been looking at them with ill intentions seemed petrified now.

After sending out the intended warning for a moment, Shen Tao withdrew his aura and turned to the counter. “Servant, get us ten premium rooms!”

The servant actually had a combat strength of golden flame-level, but he was nothing compared to the ten of them.

He was shocked after sensing Shen Tao’s aura earlier. He only snapped back to his senses when he heard Shen Tao speaking to him, so he greeted him pa.s.sionately.

After checking them in, he eagerly brought them to look at the rooms on the third floor right away.

He only returned to the counter on the first floor to work on other stuff after they had picked ten rooms that they were satisfied with.

“So, what should we do now?” All ten of them gathered in Tan Lang’s room.

“We’ll wait for the people from the government residence. According to the person I spoke to at the market, the governor will meet any immortal-level powerhouses who enters the city. It should apply to us.” Tan Lang got Shen Tao to release his aura intentionally so that the news of their arrival would spread out faster.

“As soon as we manage to speak to the governor, many of our questions will be answered.”

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