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Chapter 857: Augur

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When it was slightly after 10 at night, Tan Lang instructed Lin Huang to meet.

Tan Lang led all the Heaven Alliance members and went to the government residence.

In order to fight Charm, Tan Lang made a plan with the government residence. He even asked the Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation for backup.

Lin Huang pretended as if he knew nothing about the extermination of Charm. He went to the government residence with the team.

They waited until 7 o’clock in the morning but nothing happened.

“Can we go back to our hotel room and get a decent rest?” Lin Huang yawned as he was really sleepy.

“It’s daytime now. According to Charm’s fighting behavior, it’s less likely that they’ll fight us now.” Li Jia’s bug did not detect anything unusual.

“Let’s continue waiting. They might be waiting for us to slack off before fighting us.” Still, Tan Lang was worried.

One day and one night had pa.s.sed. Of course, the exterminated Charm would not appear.

“It has been two days and they haven’t done anything. What if they’ve retreated because there are too many of us here?” Shen Tao speculated.

“Let’s continue waiting.” Tan Lang remained alert.

Lin Huang was speechless. Had it not been for him not leaving any traces, people would have known that Charm and the rest had been killed. Tan Lang would not have asked everybody to stay up all night with him either.

“I’m fooling myself…” Lin Huang had no choice but to stay up all night with them as well.

However, it did not last for a very long while. In the afternoon, Li Jia received a message from the Union Government.

“You guys don’t need to wait here anymore. The people from Charm won’t come. They’ve been killed.”

Apart from Lin Huang, everyone felt doubtful after listening to what Tang Ning said.

“Were they attacked by the Union Government?” Tan Lang’s first thought was that the Union Government had done something.

“No.” Tang Ning shook his head. “We did nothing this round.”

“The Union Government would definitely admit if they were the ones who did that. It’s a military glory.” Shen Tao seemed to have something to comment about the people from the Union Government. “From the message they sent, they mentioned that they didn’t do anything, so they’re definitely not the one.”

“If it wasn’t the Union Government, how can they confirm that the people from Charm are dead?” Tan Lang continued asking.

“There are two augurs in their team. Both of them got the same prediction results – 20 of them from Charm were killed. None of them managed to survive it,” Tang Ning told them what the Union Government said.

The crowd then no longer suspected the truth after knowing that it was the prediction results of the two augurs.

It was said that the main criteria of being an augur was to possess an ability related to time. The secret of being an augur was related to time, without which, regardless of how knowledgeable the person was, one would be unable to become a true augur. A true augur had to be capable of using the secret of time, exploring the past and predicting the future.

The two augurs were, of course, true augurs as they were chosen by the Union Government and were sent to the G.o.d’s land.

Since the two of them received similar prediction results, it meant that the prediction had come true.

“Does the augur know which organization did it?” Lin Huang paid attention just as Tan Lang asked this question.

It would still be fine if the Heaven Alliance knew about it. In fact, he did not want the Union Government to find out about his true abilities.

Somehow, Mr. Fu being set up had something to do with the Union Government. In addition to the Union Government being a very large organization, n.o.body knew how many of them were Mr. Fu’s enemies.

Despite the fact that he did not leave any traces, the augurs possessed unique abilities, so they might have seen something.

“The officers from the Union Government said that the two augurs attempted to check who did it. However, they didn’t manage to do so. Both of them saw a scene where meteorites struck the ground,” Tang Ning shared what he heard.

“Meteorite showers?” Other than Lin Huang, the rest of them were confused.

“Meteorite showers… Is there any chance that this is a prediction?” Tan Lang said while stroking his chin.

“I’ve really seen meteorites streaking across the sky a few days ago,” Shen Tao suddenly said, “Right before the sky turns dark.”

“Are you sure?” Tan Lang immediately asked.

“I guess my eyes didn’t fail me. Did anyone of you happen to see that?’

The crowd shook their heads, including Lin Huang.

“It’s on the east of the city. The meteorites struck somewhere less than 300 kilometers away from the city.” Shen Tao could remember it clearly.

“Bring me there,” Tan Lang immediately requested. It seemed like he would only feel relieved after seeing the dead bodies of the Charm members. “Li Jia, follow me. Let’s see if we can find any clues over there.”

Tan Lang asked two other people to follow after him and they headed towards the east of the city.

Since the three of them had left, Lin Huang was not worried. He was pretty sure that they would be unable to discover anything there.

“Did you manage to find it?” Lin Huang, who was lying on a deck chair under the sun, gradually opened his eyes to look at Tan Lang.

“We found a meteorite crater, but there’s nothing there.”

Lin Huang frowned without saying anything. He took his hat off to cover his face and continued sleeping.

“Since the augurs have already come out with the prediction results, I guess we don’t need to be really particular about what has actually happened,” Li Jia advised.

“Yes, that’s right. Instead of wasting time investigating this issue, why not let everything work as usual? Our main purpose of entering the ruins is to get more resources,” Shen Tao suggested.

“Let it be.” Still, Tan Lang did not reveal what he was worried about as he shook his head. “Let everything end here and have a good rest. We’ll leave Gushan City early tomorrow morning and head towards Enlightenment City!”

“Are you going to leave Gushan City?” Li Jia asked.

“We’ve hunted most of the monsters at Gushan City within 3,000 kilometers. It’s time to go to the next station.” Tan Lang nodded. He had prepared for this earlier. His initial plan was to overcome the danger before leaving. However, since Charm had been wiped out, there was no need for them to stay there any longer.

Gushan City seemed peaceful that day. However, there were many rumors going around. The news regarding the extermination of Charm soon spread to most of the organizations.

“Exterminated? n.o.body managed to survive and not even a single dead body can be discovered?!”

“Do you think that the Union Government did this?!”

“I guess the Heaven Alliance is incapable of doing so since there’re only 10 of them. It’s less likely that they can wipe Charm out without injuries.”

“Although Tan Lang from the Heaven Alliance is strong, Ye Ye from Charm is not that much weaker than him. He’s incapable of defeating Charm on his own. Unless Chan Dou was the one who did that, he could’ve also probably done so.”

“Could it have been the human immortals?”

There were all kinds of speculations regarding the extermination of Charm.

The underworld organizations kept a low profile after receiving this news as what Charm encountered was really weird.

Most of the Union Government were thrilled upon receiving this news. A minority of them was worried about it. If it was an unknown who had done this, the level of threat in this world would be beyond their expectations.

The people from the Heaven Alliance did not ask about it any further. The next morning, Tan Lang and the rest left towards the second government residence.

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