Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 875 – Remnant Of The Will

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Chapter 875: Remnant Of The Will

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The Nightmare Dragon’s a pureblood dragonkin whereby it’s a true G.o.d-level powerhouse when it becomes an adult. As opposed to many other dragons, it masters the soul-type power, especially spirit methods.

“It can traverse through dreams of different living beings as it wishes and alters reality with dreams. If they kill a person in the dream, the person will be dead in reality.

“An adult Nightmare Dragon can even materialize something in dreams into reality, including living things. Just like this world that both of you are in now, it’s been reified by the remnants of this Nightmare Dragon’s energy.”

Lin Huang was completely shocked upon hearing the stone tablet.

“You mean these volcanoes, the lava, the monster hordes, and the entire underground s.p.a.ce are products of this Nightmare Dragon?”

“Besides this underground s.p.a.ce, even the entire foggy area above is too,” revealed the stone tablet, stunning Lin Huang even more. “However, the things that were reified on land was interfered with by another force.”

“Do you mean that even the government residences, the sects and even the people in the cities are…” Lin Huang’s eyes flew wide and suddenly, he felt like his head was too small to consume all this information.

“That’s right. They’re all materialized by the dragon.”

“So, True G.o.ds are so powerful that they can do this?” Lin Huang inhaled sharply.

“Not all True G.o.ds. In reality, most of the true G.o.d-level powerhouses can’t do this,” explained the stone tablet immediately, “Reification and traversing in dreams are the Nightmare Dragon’s innate abilities. Because of these two abilities, the Nightmare Dragon’s clan made it to the top of pureblood dragonkins.

“Moreover, the reification of the entire foggy area isn’t entirely the work of this Nightmare Dragon. There’s another true G.o.d-level monster which seems to also have a similar reification ability,” the stone tablet added. “Also, these two monsters were top True G.o.ds when they were still alive. Their will has traveled through countless eras, but they’re still there, which proves that they were the best of the best when they were still alive.”

“There’s another will? Would it appear to help the other one?” Lin Huang questioned immediately. He did not have full confidence in handling one, and he did not think he would win if both of them were to challenge him together.

“From what I’ve observed, these two wills are rivals. The other gush of will should be glad to see you killing this Nightmare Dragon’s will,” a.s.sured the stone tablet while grinning. “Alright, let me tell you the possible battle patterns the will might carry out in detail…”

After hearing the stone tablet’s detailed explanation and a.n.a.lysis, Lin Huang had a thorough understanding of his opponent and found out that defeating it was possible.

“No matter how powerful it used to be, it’s just a remnant of a will right now. It doesn’t even have complete consciousness. All that it’s left with is its battle instinct. You don’t have to be stressed about it. Just treat it as an ordinary opponent,” reminded the stone tablet later on.

“Alright.” Lin Huang nodded.

He did not remove the effect of the Transformation Card immediately. Instead, in the Eclipse Boa’s form, he slithered to the Nightmare Dragon’s head which was above the volcano. He only removed the effect of the card and revealed himself then.

In reality, being close to the carca.s.s of the Nightmare Dragon was immensely uncomfortable because there was a gush of terrifying energy remnants being released from the dragon carca.s.s at all times. The energy was on at least virtual G.o.d-level.

Although Lin Huang had the same ability as it, which was the Holy Power, due to the major difference in combat strength, he could not enter the area tens meters from the dragon carca.s.s. He could not land on the dragon carca.s.s either, so he hovered more than ten meters above the dragon’s head.

b.l.o.o.d.y, on the other hand, hid deep in Lin Huang’s sleeve and dared not show itself. Even with the Holy Power from Lin Huang’s body, it felt uncomfortable being so close to the dragon carca.s.s.

As soon as Lin Huang unveiled his aura, the monsters around lifted their heads to examine the aura. Soon, their eyes locked onto Lin Huang who was above the dragon’s head.

Many monsters roared and tried to get closer to him but they were repelled by the Dragon Power. They simply could not reach Lin Huang.

That was a technique the stone table had taught Lin Huang earlier, which was to avoid unnecessary confrontation as much as he could.

Furthermore, the stone tablet also hinted to him that getting close to the dragon carca.s.s was the best way to activate the remnant of the will.

“Avoiding confrontation really worked!” Lin Huang trusted the stone tablet even more now looking at the crazy number of monsters roaming the crater as if they were ants on a heated pot. Still, they did not dare to get close to him.

“I wonder how long does it take to activate its will.” Lin Huang looked down to study the dragon carca.s.s beneath his feet.

Right at that moment, the dragon carca.s.s opened its eyes slowly. It stared deadly at Lin Huang with its black, crystal-like eyes.

Lin Huang was shocked to see that. Even his heart skipped a beat. Cold sweat was dripping down his back and he dared not move now.

“Don’t worry. It’s just scaring you. With its weak will, making those eyes open is the best that it can do.” The stone tablet’s voice came instantly.

Lin Huang was stunned to hear that and calmed down upon noticing that the dragon carca.s.s did not move a couple of seconds later.

“Scared the sh*t out of me! I thought it came back to life.” Lin Huang patted his chest and released a long whoosh of air.

Realizing that staring at Lin Huang was to no avail, the remnant of the will could not help but roar, “Worthless ant, are you seeking death?!”

Naturally, that did not come from the dragon carca.s.s, but directly from thin air. However, the remnant of the will s.h.i.+fted the source of voice to the dragon carca.s.s, making it sound like the carca.s.s was speaking.

“Is this all you have?” Lin Huang did not panic at all this time as he had seen through the little trick. “You should just destroy yourself and give me the G.o.d Figurine if this is all you’ve got.”

“I’m going to kill you!” Another shriek came.

However, there was a commotion among the monsters all of a sudden. The countless monsters that were repelled by the Holy Power earlier began to rush towards Lin Huang in madness.

Lin Huang grinned. “This is what I’ve been waiting for!”

Bai, Bing w.a.n.g, Lancelot, Thunder, Charcoal, and b.l.o.o.d.y Robe that were experts in killing groups of monsters appeared around Lin Huang in the next second.

In order to get the monsters to kill Lin Huang, the remnant of the will weakened the Holy Power on its carca.s.s, allowing those monsters that were dying to kill Lin Huang to surge in.

However, Lin Huang seized the opportunity to summon his summoning beasts that were experienced in group kills while he landed a meter away from the dragon carca.s.s slowly. Within that distance, the monsters could not get close to him even with the weakened Holy Power. It would be equivalent to Lin Huang entering the safe zone again.

He lifted his head to watch the one-sided ma.s.sacre above excitedly. Popcorn was the only thing that was missing from his hands.

“Shameless!” The remnant of the will’s voice boomed again.

“Hey, it was you who attacked me with the monsters first. What’s wrong with me using my summoning beasts?” Lin Huang looked like he had done nothing wrong. “I’m an Imperial Censor, so it’s my pride to use my summoning beasts to fight. Have you seen any Imperial Censor who fights with his own hands while neglecting his summoning beasts aside?”

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