Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 878 – Invincible Combat Souls

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Chapter 878: Invincible Combat Souls

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Even Lin Huang himself would only have an ability which was on par with an imperial-level white gold-rank by using the knights combined or an imperial-level crimson gold-rank subst.i.tute,

Even so, it was rather difficult to kill an imperial-level yellow gold-rank monster in one blow. It would be possible if he encountered an imperial-level yellow gold-rank monster with a normal defense ability, but one hit was definitely not enough if he was to encounter monsters that had a powerful defense or some unique defensive skill.

Moreover, due to the combat strength limitation of his body, Lin Huang had a limited time maintaining imperial-level crimson gold-rank combat strength. It was almost impossible for him to fight the advanced-stage human immortal-level monster horde that was on par with imperial-level yellow gold-rank on his own.

However, Lin Huang did not seem panicked at all as he watched the monster horde approach.

He had more than one trump card to handle that sort of trouble. There was one that he had never used in battles, which was the G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Soul.

Lin Huang had killed more than four million monsters throughout the past few days since the monster horde broke out. Although those were just holy fire-level and immortal-level monsters, the change in volume caused an impressionable qualitative change. The number of monsters killed elevated the three Combat Souls in Lin Huang’s body from imperial-level crimson gold-rank to imperial-level yellow gold-rank.

The three Combat Souls took on the physical appearance of the Protoss’ G.o.d Figurines. Using the True Spirit in the True Spirit Guide as their template, they were made from spiritual energy extracted from Divine Fire. If one were to consider the rarity of the monsters, they might far exceed that of quadruple mutated mythical-level monsters.

Lin Huang knew very well that even he would not be able to defeat these G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls with the same combat strength.

Moreover, G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls were almost indestructible physically. As long as his Divine Fire provided them with infinite energy, the G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls would have no limitation in their strength at all whereby they could fight forever without feeling exhausted. One could say they were definitely a valuable battle conquest weapon.

Without hesitation, Lin Huang summoned the three G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls as he thought about this point.

The three G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls solidified above Lin Huang’s head instantly. However, he wanted to chuckle when he saw how they looked like.

There was a skinny little sapling that was only around three meters tall, a little white cat that was smaller than a palm, and a little elephant the similar size as a Swine Beast.

The three combat souls seemed underaged no matter how he looked at them. They did not seem to have the ability to fight at all.

“Are you really summoning three young beasts’ Combat Souls that have no combat strength at all to fight? Are you here to make fun of yourself?” The remnant of the will was stunned when it saw this and it teased while laughing.

Lin Huang had no idea what caused the combat strength of the three Combat Souls not to be sensed by outsiders. However, he clearly sensed that the three Combat Souls were all imperial-level yellow gold-rank. He did not doubt the three little beasts’ abilities at all.

“Let me see what you’ve got, you little beasts.” Hearing Lin Huang’s order, the three Combat Souls whisked toward the monster horde.

The remnant of the will smirked on the dragon’s face. It was waiting to guffaw when the three little beasts drowned in the monster horde. However, the expression on its face soon turned into shock and surprise.

Without waiting for the monster horde to come closer, the tiny sapling shook its branches and released a glaring golden ray instantly.

As soon as the golden ray shone on them, all the monsters began to burn. In less than three seconds, the tens of thousands of monsters were burnt to ashes.

One must understand that those were advanced-stage human immortal-level monsters that were on par with imperial-level yellow gold-ranks. Tens of thousands of them were exterminated by the tiny sapling in one hit in the blink of an eye.

The two little beasts, on the other hand, were just as capable.

The little white cat the size of a palm hovered in the air alone. As it scratched the air with its sharp claws, five silver threads were formed. All of the monsters were sliced into six wherever the threads pa.s.sed, and they died on the spot.

Including the monsters that had a defensive ability that was on par with imperial-level white gold-rank, they were as fragile as a sheet of paper under the little white cat’s claw attack.

Meanwhile, the little elephant had a more direct way of attacking.

It stomped one of its front feet in the air, making a terrifying wave ripple outward. All the monsters’ heads exploded wherever the wave pa.s.sed. It was as if something had imploded in their heads, and countless headless monster fell all over the ground.

The attack of the three G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls astounded the remnant of the will completely.

Not even many imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses could kill that many imperial-level yellow gold-rank monsters at once as efficiently like that.

Lin Huang was shocked at that very moment. It was not his first time summoning the G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls, but he had just done a simple test on them before this. It was clear that they had not exhibited their full strength back then. It was his first time seeing their full blast ability without holding back at all.

Lin Huang had to admit that these three Combat Souls’ abilities had exceeded his expectation by leaps and bounds.

After a pregnant pause of doubts and silence, the remnant of the will seemed to recall something and shouted in rage, “This is Protoss’ aura! Human p.r.i.c.k, how dare you make the Protoss G.o.d Figurines your Combat Souls?!”

“Ahh, you see through them…” Lin Huang did not bother to hide the fact since the remnant of the will found out about that.

“You don’t have to look so shocked. Yes, I made G.o.d Figurines into Combat Souls, but I bet many of you among the Protosses have activated G.o.d Figurines and made them into Corpse Slaves. Compared to what I did, what they’ve done is hundreds of folds worse than me! Why don’t you condemn them instead?”

Even though Lin Huang told him the truth, the remnant of the will was enraged. “This is our business. How dare you, a human, do this to our Protoss’ corpses?!”

“I’ve already done it, so what are you going to do about that?” Lin Huang grinned devilishly. “After I’ve destroyed you, your dragon carca.s.s will be my next Combat Soul!”

“You’re asking for death!” The remnant of the will was consumed in total fury now.

The aura of the monsters that were rus.h.i.+ng out of the crater elevated again. From advanced-stage human immortal-level, it skipped peak-stage human immortal-level directly and upgraded to complete-stage human immortal-level. It was on par with imperial-level purple gold-rank.

The speed of the three Combat Souls’ killing went through an obvious drop after monsters of that level were released.

Since the long-range attack could no longer kill those monsters in one blow, the three Combat Souls rushed into the monster horde to fight the monsters.

The little sapling pitched its few branches like whips. All of the monsters would be killed wherever the whips traveled. However, the range of the attack was now less than ten meters and the efficiency was much lower than before.

The little white cat was speeding across the monsters. It was so quick that even the imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters could not see it. It sliced all of the monsters into shreds with its claws wherever it pa.s.sed.

The little elephant, on the other hand, was cras.h.i.+ng around blindly. It would hit the monsters it encountered right away no matter what kind they were. The imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters were trampled and died from ruptured organs.

Meanwhile, the attacks of those complete-stage human immortal-level monsters did nothing to the three Combat Souls. None of the attacks managed to break their defenses.

Although the three Combat Souls only had a combat strength of imperial-level yellow gold-rank, the ability at which they were performing was close to demiG.o.d-level.

However, due to the decline in killing efficiency from the three Combat Souls, some of the monsters began to break through their defenses and raced toward Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was not alarmed at all seeing that. He brought out 23 G.o.d Crashers from his Emperor’s Heart Ring while beginning to fire each one of them after connecting them with his telekinetic threads.

Tonnes of imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters were killed as soon as the G.o.d Crashers were fired.

Since it was a dreamland, Lin Huang was not worried about exhausting the G.o.d Crashers at all. He was having fun firing at the monsters without having to worry about anything.

Time pa.s.sed quickly, and another half an hour flew by.

The imperial-level purple gold-rank monster horde could not get any closer to Lin Huang.

He saw the emotion the remnant of the will on the giant dragon’s face clearly. It was clenching its teeth in anger.

“Are you having a spasm on your face?” Lin Huang remembered to show ‘kindness’ as he had time to spare while controlling the G.o.d Crashers. “Eat more food that cleanses the arteries like kelp and oatmeal.”

“Do you really think that that’s all that I got?” The remnant of the will growled. Even though it was not screaming, Lin Huang could hear the wrath in its voice.

As he hovered above the head of the dragon carca.s.s, he said nothing but showed a beckoning sign to the remnant of the will beneath him with a smirk.

“You’re asking for trouble!” The remnant of the will finally unleashed its fury.

The dragon carca.s.s beneath him had two glaring white rays s.h.i.+ning from its eyes.

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