Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 881 – Returning To Enlightenment City

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Chapter 881: Returning to Enlightenment City

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was past two in the morning when Lin Huang got out of the underground. He did not stay in the abyss.

After summoning Kylie to clear the monster horde and, he recalled her and returned to Enlightenment City with his Dimensional Portal.

When Lin Huang appeared in the room of the inn directly, Tan Lang and the rest sensed the ripple of the Dimensional Portal immediately at the entrance of the room.

“You’re finally back!” Tan Lang exhaled deeply when he saw that Lin Huang was back in one whole piece. Chan Dou had asked him to take good care of Lin Huang before they went there. If Lin Huang died, Tan Lang would be caught in a difficult position.

“Sorry, I was caught up with the monster horde. It took me a while to get rid of them,” Lin Huang lied while grinning.

“As long as you’re back. The abyss should have high-level immortal-level monsters coming out at midnight today. We can’t fight a monster horde of such a level. We’ve spoken to the government residence last night about the different ways to guard the city. Take a good rest. I’ll tell you more details tomorrow morning.” After speaking to Lin Huang, Tan Lang left while tugging on Shen Tao and the rest. “You guys, please don’t disturb Lin Xie. You can talk to him tomorrow morning.”

“Sure, see you guys tomorrow morning.” Lin Huang sent them off while smiling and nodding.

Naturally, he could not tell them about the monster horde that was already stopped. Tan Lang and the rest would find out about it a few days later anyway.

After sending them off, Lin Huang did not sleep right away. Instead, he took a shower and immersed himself in the bathtub.

He was not sleep-deprived in the past few days, but it had been a week since he last showered.

Being in the bathtub melted the stress that he had been feeling away slowly.

Although the fight with the remnant of the Nightmare Dragon’s will was just on a conscious level, he had used up almost all of his trump cards and there was not a second that he let his guard down.

He took out the Nightmare Dragon’s G.o.d Figurine from his storage s.p.a.ce and caressed the black, aurless sculpture softly. The sculpture looked exactly the same as the dragon carca.s.s that occupied the crater, except that it was many folds smaller now.

This G.o.d Figurine was the biggest reward that Lin Huang had ever obtained since entering the Fallen G.o.d’s Land.

“This Nightmare Dragon had the combat strength of a high-rank true G.o.d-level when it was still alive. Its ability matches a True Spirit called the Nightmare Tapir in the True Spirit Guide. The Nightmare Tapir’s a powerful monster that masters the spirit force. Compared to the Nightmare Dragon, even an adult Nightmare Dragon can only consider itself a baby when it comes to controlling the spirit force compared to a Nightmare Tapir.”

Lin Huang shook his head after hearing the stone tablet talk about the Nightmare Tapir.

“I’m not in a rush to refine the G.o.d Figurine at the moment.” To the people from the Heaven Alliance, the elevation of Lin Huang’s combat strength was already mind-blowingly fast. He did not want his combat strength to advance again when the Heaven Alliance members were around.

He knew very well that as soon as he refined the fourth G.o.d Figurine, his combat strength would officially be on mid-level immortal-level. There would definitely be a big leap in his overall ability by then.

If he elevated to mid-level immortal-level, it would mean that Bai and the rest would be upgraded to imperial-level black gold-rank.

Leaping to imperial-level black gold-rank would mean that they could construct their Life Palace, so Bai and the rest would have a great elevation in their ability.

Since he had obtained the fourth G.o.d Figurine, Lin Huang asked about the fifth one immediately, “You told me that there’s another True G.o.d’s will in this world. Do you know where it is?”

“I’ve only sensed it once. It’s hiding somewhere deep.” The stone tablet gave a negative answer. “But I should be able to sense it if it appears again.”

“Sure, please take note of that for me. Inform me as soon as that comes up.” Since there was no news about that at the moment, Lin Huang did not plan to dwell on that.

After putting the G.o.d Figurine away, Lin Huang took a golden metal cube box out and put it right next to the bathtub. The box that was a meter tall opened automatically as soon as he inserted his telekinesis in. A black metal sculpture of a bird monster revealed itself.

It was the only G.o.d relic that Lin Huang found from the Nightmare Dragon’s loot that was suitable for him, a true G.o.d-level telekinesis weapon.

“Such fine craftsmans.h.i.+p!” Lin Huang could not help but exclaim.

“This telekinesis weapon’s made of 36,000 parts. It looks like it has at least two forms as a whole and separately. The whole form should be a robotic puppet while the separated parts should be similar to your telekinetic flying dagger.

“The Divine Power from this telekinesis weapon is almost wearing out, but you can’t activate it with your current combat strength at all. You could put it in your body and cultivate it with your Divine Fire to restore its Divine Power.”

“So, when can I use it?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“Either when your combat strength’s elevated to demiG.o.d-level or virtual G.o.d-level, which is the basic standard of using Divine Power or when your pseudo-Divine Telekinesis turns into Divine Telekinesis. There are no other ways apart from these two,” the stone tablet answered calmly.

“So, what should I do to cultivate it in my body?” Lin Huang proceeded to ask.

“A true G.o.d-level G.o.d relic’s an item with a spirit. It’ll sense it as soon as you insert your Divine Telekinesis.”

Lin Huang did just that right away. He inserted his Divine Telekinesis into this telekinesis weapon.

It only took a moment for the black, metallic bird monster-like sculpture to have red sparks in its eyes. As it glanced at Lin Huang, the red sparks turned into a black ray and penetrated between Lin Huang’s brows in the next second.

Lin Huang looked into his body. After some searching, he found out that the bird monster had entered his tenth Life Wheel directly and got into the blazing Divine Fire. It then hibernated in the fire.

After snapping back to reality, he realized that the golden box which contained the telekinesis weapon was gone too. His Divine Telekinesis seemed to have put it away for him earlier.

“Too bad there’s no sword or armor G.o.d relic…” Lin Huang was rather disappointed after browsing through his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

However, he became a little excited when he recalled there being more than 100 storage rings that he needed to sort.

He brought out the storage rings one after another and began to look through them attentively.

The more he looked, the more disappointed he was.

There were no G.o.d relics in those storage rings at all. There was not even one energy crystal. It was clear that the Nightmare Dragon had perused through those storage rings before.

There were only some metallic materials, recordings of methods, miscellaneous stuff that he could not identify, and many useless pill bottles. It had been too long. The pills in those bottles had lost their effect, so they were useless now.

Lin Huang even found two pet spatial rings in those 100-odd storage rings, but there was not even one pet monster in them. Even if there were, he suspected that they must have been killed by the Nightmare Dragon and placed in the pile of carca.s.s bones at the volcano.

Fortunately, his search through those storage rings was not futile at all. Most of the metallic materials were in perfect condition and he could study those recordings of the methods too. He did not read through all of the methods, but he saw more than 20 sword skills.

“These sword skills should be of high quality. They are a G.o.d’s collection after all,” Lin Huang comforted himself after looking through all rings. “These storage rings aren’t that shabby either. All of them have quite a large capacity.”

Lin Huang stood up when he realized that it was past three in the morning while the water in the bathtub had gone a little cold now.

He slid into the bed, groaning, after wiping himself dry and putting his pajamas on.

“The bed in the inn is so much more comfortable!”

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