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Chapter 883: Anchovies

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When Tan Lang arrived at the east gate of Enlightenment City leading the other three of them from the Heaven Alliance and two imperial monsters, Deputy Governor He Tao was already fighting with six elders and 100 honorary immortal guards.

The advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters were out of the control of those ordinary immortal guards. Apart from the honorary immortal guards, no one had the ability to fight them.

Most of the honorary immortal guards from the government residence were on intermediate-stage ascendance-level. Only the leaders were on advanced-stage ascendance-level. Nonetheless, they were rich in battle experience.

They were put into teams of 13 while building a small battle formation with the leaders as the core. Each battle formation was like a complete individual, and their overall abilities were just as powerful as the Herculean King.

The five teams were at ease as they fought in the monster horde. Meanwhile, the other five teams stood on guard not far from the city, watching out for the monsters that they missed while waiting for their turn to fight later.

Deputy Governor He Tao already had attained a combat strength of peak-stage ascendance-level, so he was as strong as Shen Tao. He performed stunning Sword Manipulation and his ability was similar to the Sword Dominator who just a level below Lancelot.

The six elders were slightly weaker, but all of them had a combat strength of advanced-stage ascendance-level. Although they did not have powerful abilities individually, they had combined battle tactics that were slightly more powerful than the honorary immortal guard teams.

The disastrous monster horde was blocked three kilometers outside of the walls of Enlightenment City by the hundreds of people.

Upon noticing the ma.s.s, Tan Lang led the people into the battlefield.

All the Heaven Alliance members were genius powerhouses. Furthermore, all of them had combat strength on immortal-level rank-9. Therefore, fighting advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters that were on par with high-level immortal-levels was nothing difficult for them.

The battle turned one-sided as soon as the four of them leaped into the monster horde, especially Tan Lang who had a terrifying ability. He wore black battle armor and did not use any weapon. Many monsters were defeated the second he threw a punch at them.

He even had spare time to pay close attention to how the two imperial monsters were doing.

The Herculean King was stable as usual. He was like an invincible tank in the monster horde whereby all the monsters would be killed everywhere he pa.s.sed.

Those advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters could not break its defenses at all.

After watching the Herculean King’s fight with admiration, Tan Lang then s.h.i.+fted his attention to b.l.o.o.d.y Robe.

b.l.o.o.d.y Robe hovered in the air calmly while his robe fluttered in the wind. He extended a hand out of the robe all of a sudden. There was no flesh on his hand at all. Instead, there was a bone that was as white as snow with phalanges that were over 20 centimeters long.

The ground began shaking as he clenched his fist slightly. A moment later, volcanoes formed rapidly while fiery, red spiritual lava spouted out of them in a frenzy. Within hundreds of kilometers, b.l.o.o.d.y Robe seemed to be on some sort of stage from which lava spewed out like ocean waves, swallowing many monsters. The single attack alone killed tens of thousands of monsters.

Everyone was dumbstruck watching b.l.o.o.d.y Robe doing that. Secretly observing him, Tan Lang’s jaw dropped.

Noticing Tan Lang’s gaze, b.l.o.o.d.y Robe glared at him with his blue eyes while expanding the lava river like it was no big deal. The lava was reaching out to those monsters that were further away.

As the battle was heating up at the east gate, they had their hands full at the south gate too.

Another Deputy Governor from the government residence led six elders and ten honorary immortal guard teams in the battle.

Shen Tao led the people from the Heaven Alliance and the two imperial monsters into the battlefield.

The four of them from the Heaven Alliance thought Bing w.a.n.g and the Herculean King had the same battle technique. After all, apart from their different hair color, they looked exactly like twins.

However, they realized their judgment was gravely wrong when the ground began to freeze as Bing Wan stomped down. Countless monsters turned into semi-transparent ice sculptures immediately.

Bing w.a.n.g’s ability to kill groups was so much more powerful than the Herculean King’s.

The advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters could not challenge his frozen ability at all.

The four of them from the Heaven Alliance secretly exclaimed that they were in luck after seeing Bing w.a.n.g’s attack.

Meanwhile, the Malachian Fiend had the same battle technique as the Herculean King whereby it sprinted into the monster horde like a tank.

There would be a metal clanking noise whenever the monsters charged at him as if their offenses. .h.i.t a piece of metal. Apart from that, there were no wounds that could be found on his body.

The Malachian Fiend’s muscular arms were his best weapon. One monster was destroyed for every punch it threw. No second punch was needed to exterminate them.

Even Shen Tao was stunned to see that. He quietly wondered to himself if he was a match for the Malachian Fiend if they were to fight one-on-one.

b.l.o.o.d.y had been watching the battle outside the city gates, but it did not project the scene to Lin Huang since there were people from the government residence with him.

There were two honorary immortal guard teams and thousands of ordinary immortal guards on each of the west and the north city walls.

Lin Huang was on the north city wall with the people from the government residence at the moment.

The monster horde was coming from the southeastern direction and there were teams blocking them on both flanks. Only some monsters took a detour and got close to the city occasionally.

At least, there was nothing within Lin Huang’s field of vision. Apart from a couple of monster lying below the wall, there was not even one monster that was attacking in the area.

The immortal guards from the government residence were bored. Most of them had their eyes glued to Thunder that was next to Lin Huang. They could not hide the envy on their faces.

Thunder had s.h.i.+ny grayish-black feathers with beautiful golden patterns on them. Its body was long and elegant, and there were purple electric discharges flickering around its body occasionally.

From the looks of it, Thunder was almost perfect. Moreover, the aura that it released was almost on the same level as the governor.

This imperial monster was almost every powerhouse’s desired flying mount.

Even the two honorary immortal guard leaders who were usually disciplined could not help but take the initiative to speak to Lin Huang about Thunder. “What’re the attributes of this hawk?”

“It has both attributes of wind and lightning.”

“Does it fly fast?”

“Pretty fast.”

“What do you usually feed it?”

“Ugh, well…” Lin Huang wanted to say that he usually did not feed it and soon recalled Thunder asked for anchovies for junk food the last time, so he replied shamelessly, “I usually feed it fish…”

“I like eating snakes too,” Thunder spoke through voice transmission secretly.

“Sometimes, I feed it snakes too,” Lin Huang added brazenly.

As the people from the government residence chatted, in his mind, Lin Huang was caught in a pickle.

If he went to the government residence to redeem points for the insane amount of demons that he killed, the news would definitely spread quickly.

If that happened, not only would he expose his ability, but the people from the Union Government might also figure out that it was him who had taken the G.o.d Figurine away as soon as they heard the news when they got out of underground.

Although there was no need for him to fear those powerhouses from the Union Government who came into the Fallen G.o.d’s Land, it was inevitable that trouble would come knocking on his doorstep.

‘Should I disguise myself and redeem points from other government residences or sects?’

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