Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 885 – Blamed Out Of Nowhere

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Chapter 885: Blamed Out of Nowhere

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It was almost 2 a.m. when the Union Government army rushed back to Weiyang City after their failed mission.

They spread the news of the pa.s.sing of the monster horde the next morning. However, they did not mention that they were beaten and took the credit of solving the monster horde crisis.

Lin Huang was elated to hear the news from the Union Government early that morning. The way the Union Government hid the truth was precisely the outcome he wanted.

He did not care that they took the credit. He had all of the physical benefits in his storage s.p.a.ce anyway. All he cared about was the hushed fortune that he was getting.

However, the people from the Heaven Alliance were shocked to hear the news.

“They’re worthy of their name to be daring enough to go to the gully and fight the source of the monster horde.” Even Tan Lang admired the Union Government’s guts.

“They’ve got the upper hand of people in numbers. We could’ve done it too if there were 200 of us!” Shen Tao was reluctant to admit defeat.

“Since the monster horde has ended, the crisis in this foggy land has been solved. I guess we should leave after clearing the remaining monsters, shouldn’t we?” Li Jia lifted his head to look at Tan Lang. “The resources here are limited after all, and so is our time in the Fallen G.o.d Land.”

“What do you guys think?” Tan Lang did not voice his opinion right away. Instead, he threw the question at them.

“Indeed, it’s unnecessary for us to stay,” Tang Ning agreed. “We’ve been staying in this foggy land for more than half a month. To be exact, it’s the 47th day since we’ve entered the Fallen G.o.d Land. We’re only left with less than half of the three months limit. There are still many things to be discovered in the Fallen G.o.d Land, so there’s no need for us to waste our time here.”

The rest nodded in a.s.sent. Lin Huang was the only one who showed no response.

“Lin Xie, do you disagree with this?” Tan Lang noticed his lack of reaction and could not help but ask.

“I would like to stay for a couple of days to get more crystal cores.” Lin Huang made up an excuse. “After all, such an item that can restore Life Power instantly is rare outside.”

The rest were rather surprised by Lin Huang’s idea. All of them wanted to leave, but he was the only one who chose to stay. That would mean he would have to be separated from the group and go solo.

Li Jia gazed deeply into Lin Huang’s eyes and looked down at the teacup on the table before him. n.o.body could tell what he was thinking about.

Shen Tao was stunned for a second and objected immediately, “Lin Xie, there’s no more monster horde, so you wouldn’t get that many crystal cores even if you stayed to hunt. Why don’t you leave with us? Our efficiency would be higher if we hunted together as a team.”

Tan Lang turned silent for a moment and he seemed to recall something. He did not support what Shen Tao said. “You can stay if you really want to. This foggy area’s much safer than it is out there. You could always join us out there when you get bored here.”

“Thanks.” Lin Huang nodded while wearing a smile.

As the Heaven Alliance was discussing their plan, the other organizations were discussing a similar topic.

Most of the organizations had obtained the resources from the government residences. The sects had presented themselves. With Dynasty’s failed attempt as a warning, the underground organizations knew they could not use violence to steal.

The monster horde had ended. Apart from clearing the remaining monsters and redeeming the points for resources, it would be a waste a time for them to stay.

All the organizations were beginning to discuss leaving.

When night came, one of the inns in Weiyang City became crowded all of a sudden.

The inn had been fully booked by the people from the Union Government for the past week and no outsiders had been allowed in.

The army from the Union Government sat together in the hall of the inn.

The young man with the buzzcut, Fei Yun, shared the result of his investigation he had been working on for the entire day, “I’ve checked out the organization that beat us. If I’m not mistaken, it should be the work of the heretics.”

“There are two firearms masters among the heretics who came in this time, and they are a pair of female twins. There’s also an Element Master who has frost and fire attributes among them. Of all underground organizations, only the heretics match the battle traces left in the underground perfectly.”

“I told you it was the heretics!” Feng Yong wore a proud expression, bragging that he managed to get it right.

“d.a.m.n it, heretics! How dare you beat us?!” Fu Qingwei slammed the table while looking p.i.s.sed. Instantly, the wooden table turned into dust.

“Boss, should we teach them a lesson?” Fei Yun asked eagerly.

“Of course! Otherwise, they would think it’s okay for them to take from the Union Government!” Fu Qingwei answered affirmatively without hesitation, but soon she calmed down. “However, wait, it’s not time yet.”

“Everyone’s been exhausted for the past two days. Let’s rest for two days and clear the monsters outside the city.”

“The monster horde crisis has been solved now. Most of the organizations must be preparing to leave this foggy land, including the heretics. We’ll just have to stop the heretics before they leave. Await the enemy on our own terms.”

“Fei Yun, you must take note of the heretics’ movement from now on. Inform me immediately as soon as there’re any updates.”

The heretics that were tens of thousands of kilometers away had no idea that they were taking the fall for Lin Huang for nothing.

Just because they had two firearms masters and an Element Master who possessed frost and fire attributes in their team, the Union Government targeted them and treated them as their implacable foe.

Meanwhile, the culprit, Lin Huang, who caused all these knew nothing about it.

Although b.l.o.o.d.y’s Leech Pods were monitoring the Union Government’s movement, they dared not get too close.

In EA.2, Fu Qingwei and the Diviner named Cao Zhen could sense the existence of Leech Pods if they were close enough.

b.l.o.o.d.y could only control the Leech Pods to monitor from hundreds of meters away. They could not hear what they were talking about behind closed doors in the inn.

Since he no longer had to guard the city walls, Lin Huang got the Herculean King, Bing w.a.n.g, b.l.o.o.d.y Robe, and the Malachian Fiend to follow Tan Lang and the rest to clear the monsters.

On the other hand, he stayed at the inn to proceed with the simulated cultivation of local methods.

Time flew by and two days had pa.s.sed. Tan Lang and the rest cleared all of the remaining monsters thousands of kilometers around Enlightenment City.

Apart from Lin Huang, everyone from the Heaven Alliance redeemed points using the monster and traded many resources.

Since it was unnecessary for them to stay, Tan Lang and the rest bade farewell to the people at the government residence. Apart from Lin Huang, everyone from the Heaven Alliance left on the third morning.

Lin Huang sent them off at the Dimensional Portal near the exit of the foggy land. Watching the portal close and the people disappear, he turned around and returned to his room at the inn.

Lin Huang could not get used to the empty inn since it had been crowded for the past half a month.

When he returned to the room, he had a slight change of expression all of a sudden. He released the three G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls at the same time and shouted, “Who is that?!”

Lin Huang was sure that he had been pulled into the dreamland without even realizing it.

The reason he noticed that was because he realized b.l.o.o.d.y was no longer in his sleeve.

He then recalled the unusualness downstairs earlier. Not only was there not a single guest at the inn, but even the owner and servants had also disappeared. The noise from the guests downstairs and the clamor of the servants was nowhere to be heard. The entire inn was so quiet that it was like a haunted house in a remote land.

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