Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 887 – 70 Million Glory Points!

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Chapter 887: 70 Million Glory Points!

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Lin Huang was not as thrilled as he imagined he would be when he got the fifth G.o.d Figurine.

He found out many secrets chatting with Gong Sun. Not only about this foggy land, but the era in which Gong Sun lived in.

Although he cultivated methods that were similar to the Twisted Fate Scripture, Gong Sun was born in an era even earlier than Mr. Fu’s.

According to Gong Sun, there were 13 True G.o.ds in the entire world at that time, including up to 1,000 Virtual G.o.ds and tens of thousands of demiG.o.d-level powerhouses.

It was an era that was many folds more powerful than the tribe but had been destroyed by the world connected to the Abyss Brink.

Gong Sun’s story made Lin Huang’s skin p.r.i.c.kle with danger even more now.

Lin Huang then told Gong Sun about the Abyss Brink and the old man looked helpless when he heard about it.

However, his battle had come to an end. All he could do was to utter comforting words to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang only realized there were more than just sword skills in the jade slips that Gong Sun had left behind. There were three types of complete true G.o.d inheritances and over ten virtual G.o.d inheritances.

He did not sleep well after chatting with Gong Sun.

After breakfast the next morning, he left Enlightenment City as he bade farewell to the people at the government residence.

As he left the city, he changed his appearance using his disguise skill and changed his combat strength to immortal-level rank-9 before heading to the Luotian Sect.

He had over four million monster that he had yet to redeem Glory Points for before leaving this foggy land.

Although he had already obtained the biggest reward, those monster were still worth redeeming no matter how little the rewards were.

Moreover, he would redeem quite a huge amount of Glory Points from them.

Lin Huang got b.l.o.o.d.y to do the calculation. He could redeem at least 70 million Glory Points from the four million monster Although he would only attain six-star Glory, he could enjoy a 60% discount which was exceptional. According to the buying power of the Glory Points, he could redeem 20 to 30 G.o.d relics.

Lin Huang arrived at the entrance to the Luotian Sect’s door before 9 a.m.

After the monster horde broke out, almost all the sects chose to open their doors and accept the redemption of monster and crystal cores.

Lin Huang walked into the door proudly before someone led him to the registration counter.

The elder who was sitting at the counter was a plump, middle-aged man. He had a rather high combat strength of advanced-stage ascendance-level which was on par with high immortal-level.

The plump elder seemed a little impatient as he lifted his head to glare at Lin Huang. “Fill up the form for the monster that you have and the level of the internal elixir.”

“Oh.” Lin Huang nodded then picked up a form and filled it up on his own.

b.l.o.o.d.y had categorized the monster into different combat strengths while Lin Huang studied the storage rings one after another. He saw the number with a glance using his Divine Telekinesis. It only took him less than a second.

After filling up the form, Lin Huang pa.s.sed it to the elder who was stunned when he first saw it. Subsequently, he was enraged.

“Brat, are you here to prank me?! 820,000 intermediate-stage mortal transformation-level monster, 860,000 advanced-stage mortal transformation-levels, 810,000 beginner-stage ascendance-levels… Why don’t you just fill in 8 million or 80 million?!”

“If I do that, wouldn’t the number not add up?” Lin Huang stared at him like the form was nothing out of the norm.

“Do you mean that the number will add up when you fill in 800,000?” The plump elder still thought that Lin Huang was pranking him.

“Wouldn’t you find out if you start counting?” Lin Huang took out six storage rings at once. “I’ve categorized them into intermediate-stage mortal transformation-level, advanced-stage mortal transformation-level, beginner-stage ascendance-level, intermediate-stage ascendance-level, advanced-stage ascendance-level, and peak-stage ascendance-level.”

“Ha, you even put them into six storage rings!” The elder raised his brow as he looked cynically at him. “Sure, let me count them.”

The plump elder smirked after taking the storage rings. “Brat, let me warn you. You’ll have to pay the price if you make me a fool. If the number of monster doesn’t add up to the number you’ve filled today, I’ll confiscate the storage rings one by one. If the numbers in all the six storage rings don’t add up, all of them will belong to me. You won’t be getting any Glory Points today!”

“What if they add up?” Lin Huang did not panic and grinned instead.

“If they add up…” The elder had no idea what to say next.

“I won’t trouble you. I only have one request if the numbers add up.” Lin Huang looked at the plump elder while wearing a smirk.

“Do tell.”

“You won’t tell anyone about me redeeming the points, including everyone in your sect. I don’t care if you lie or whatever else, but you must keep it a secret for me.” Lin Huang looked grave when he named his request.

He did not expect the elder to really keep his secret despite his request. All he hoped for was the elder to let the cat out of the bag and spread the news as late as possible.

After all, there were still organizations staying in the foggy land. Lin Huang hoped that the news would only come after all the organizations that came from outside left the area. If that was the case, the news would stay in the Fallen G.o.d Land and would not spread to the outside world.

If the news came out too early and the organizations outside heard about it, the news would almost definitely go to the Union Government, which would definitely link the news with the G.o.d Figurine being taken away. As a result, they would most probably send people to investigate.

The Diviner from the Union Government could not find Lin Huang because old man Gong Sun had helped him secretly. However, without old man Gong Sun’s interference out there, the Diviner might have a way to find Lin Huang.

Lin Huang was not sure if his disguise worked on the Diviner, so he chose to be extra careful.

He had thought of killing the plump elder so the secret would die with him. However, the elder was not in rivalry with him after all, and killing ruthlessly was not his style.

Moreover, Lin Huang had no idea what kind of surveillance the sect might use whereby his tricks might draw the attention of the imperial-level experts. By then, more people would know about him redeeming points with an insane number of monster

It would be ridiculous to put the sect to an end just to cover things up. Only a heartless underground organization would do such a thing.

As Lin Huang had tens of ideas flas.h.i.+ng in his head, the plump elder agreed to his request without thinking much.

“Sure, I’ll keep it a secret.” He used two fingers to pick the first storage ring up as soon as he was done speaking. He glanced at Lin Huang while grinning. “I shall see exactly how many monster there are in this ring of yours.”

The elder had a slight change of expression when he looked through the storage s.p.a.ce. The number of monster went beyond his imagination before he could even begin counting.

The number came to his mind instantly as he scanned through the mountains of monster

“825,179 intermediate-stage mortal transformation-level monster…” The plump elder turned to gape at the form Lin Huang filled out as he snapped back to his senses. The number on the form was 825,179 too, which was exactly what he counted.

The elder lifted his head and stared at Lin Huang in doubt before proceeding to access the second storage ring.

“851,723 advanced-stage mortal transformation-levels…” The plump elder referred to the form. The number on the form correlated to it.

The plump elder’s face was a little pale now as he proceeded to check the third storage ring.

Cold sweat started dripping from his forehead when he was done comparing the number he had gotten from the third ring with the one on the form. By now, he believed that the young man before him was a G.o.d.

To him, such a ma.s.sacre of demons could not have been done by a human.

As he panicked, he counted the remaining three rings and began calculating the Glory Points.

“825,179 intermediate-stage mortal transformation-level monster… 1,650,358 Glory Points.”

“861,123 advanced-stage mortal transformation-level monster… 3,406,892 Glory Points.”

“416,378 peak-stage ascendance-level monster… 33,310,240 Glory Points.”

“The total would be 72,538,610 Glory Points!”

The plump elder transferred all the six rings containing the monster into the warehouse ring while his fingers trembled frantically. He then returned the six storage rings to Lin Huang as well as the credited crystal card.

Lin Huang looked into the crystal card with his Divine Telekinesis and saw the number of Glory Points in the crystal card clearly.

“Where do I redeem items with these points?”

“You redeem them from me too.” The plump elder’s att.i.tude was clearly nicer now. “Everything about Glory Points is my responsibility.” He handed the treasure list over to Lin Huang as soon as he was done speaking. It was a thick book with at least hundreds of pages.

“The types of items are indexed. The front is items of lower grade while those with a higher grade will be at the back.”

Lin Huang nodded and browsed through the index instantly.

He did not see any G.o.d Figurines after the first round of search. He then looked at the sword relics whereby the highest one was only a demiG.o.d relic. He then looked for armor but the highest one was still a demiG.o.d relic…

“Is everything on the list?” Lin Huang asked.

“Yes,” the plump elder confirmed.

Lin Huang looked through the list again to see if there were any G.o.d relics or G.o.d items, but his search was to no avail.

“I thought there are Earth immortal-level treasures? Why don’t I see any?” Lin Huang asked again.

“From what I remember, there are six earth immortal-level treasures and one celestial immortal-level treasure. If there are none on the list, it would mean that somebody has redeemed them. This list links automatically with the record we have in the warehouse. The item will vanish from the list as soon as it is taken out of the warehouse.”

“Six earth immortal-level treasures and one celestial immortal-level treasure…” Lin Huang immediately realized what had happened. The seven G.o.d items Gong Sun had given him came from this warehouse.

Despite feeling helpless, Lin Huang could only accept the truth.

He redeemed over 1,000 sword skills that he chose from the list. Apart from two that were mythical-level, the rest were legendary-level.

Although there was no Virtual G.o.d that appeared in this world, there were tens of talented geniuses who created mythical-level methods as a few eras had pa.s.sed. However, some of them lost the inheritance.

Apart from those, Lin Huang redeemed over 3,000 cultivation methods, 11 of which could be cultivated to virtual G.o.d-level.

He then swept over 300 demiG.o.d relics in the warehouse. Among them were three telekinesis weapons, 11 battle swords and 23 armors. They were all suitable for him.

Eventually, he redeemed the remaining points for a total of over 20,000 human immortal-level monster crystal cores.

Lin Huang did not feel any pain spending all of his Glory Points at once. He even indulged in the joy shopping brought him. Redeeming items with Glory Points was like purchasing stuff with cash vouchers.

After putting all of the items he had redeemed away in his Emperor’s Heart Ring, Lin Huang did not bother keeping the Glory Point crystal card, so he returned it to the plump elder directly.

“Don’t forget your promise,” Lin Huang emphasized again when he returned the crystal card.

“Don’t worry. I, Zhao Linde, have always been a man of my word. I’ll definitely keep my promise!” The plump elder pounded his chest as he spoke. “If not for my sound reputation, the seniors wouldn’t have given all of the responsibilities regarding Glory Points to me.”

“But it won’t mean n.o.body will find out about this even if I don’t breathe a word. You’ve redeemed too many treasures this time. The sects will find out sooner or later. They have their ways of finding out about anything,” reminded the plump elder again.

“Just drag it out for me as much as you can. The longer it is, the better,” Lin Huang responded.

“I can definitely do that!” The elder promised right away.

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