Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 888 – Returning To The Fallen God Land

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Chapter 888: Returning to the Fallen G.o.d Land

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After spending all his Glory Points, Lin Huang was not going to stay at the foggy world any longer despite the fact that it was a blessing to him.

Getting out from the Luotian Sect, Lin Huang then entered a forest. After making sure that there was no detection skill around him, he transformed back into Lin Xie.

He then took out his dimensional relic and stepped into it.

The coordinates he had pinned on the dimensional relic was the entrance to the foggy world.

As soon as Lin Huang stepped out of the dimensional relic, he felt that something was odd before he could even recall his dimensional relic.

People dressed in the Union Government’s military uniform were blocking the entrance.

Lin Huang was shocked. “Has my ident.i.ty been revealed?”

Just as he wondered whether if he should brave it through the crowd, a lady in a cloak questioned, “Are you Lin Xie from the Heaven Alliance?”

“Yes, I am.” Lin Huang was forced to answer her question.

“Don’t worry. We’re here to stop the heretics.” Fu Qingwei and the EA.2 members were unable to join the Genius Union because of the Union Government. However, as an intelligence agency, they had detailed information about strong individuals in the Genius Union. Of course, there was no exception for Lin Huang who was the new talent that ranked first on the leaderboard of the Stairway Tree.

“To stop the heretics?” Lin Huang was stunned. Although he felt that it was strange, he did not ask any further. Instead, he felt relieved.

“The rest of the members from other organizations are allowed to enter.” Fu Qingwei did not intend to explain any further either. Instead, she told Lin Huang that he could leave and that he did not need to concern himself about them.

Lin Huang nodded before recalling his dimensional relic and slowly flying towards the exit without anyone getting in his way.

Seeing that Lin Huang had disappeared, Cao Zhen who was in his white robe frowned.

“The guy named Lin Xie isn’t as simple as we think.” An augur’s instinct was said to be exceptionally accurate.

“Of course, he isn’t. He’s just a holy fire-level but he’s managed to rank first on the leaderboard of the Genius Union’s Stairway Tree.” Fu Qingwei smiled, nodding her head. “His training speed far that of an ordinary person’s.”

“Even if he’s a genius, he’s still much weaker than Zang Yi,” remarked Feng Yong who was short yet muscular as he was quite bitter.

Fu Qingwei’s facial expression changed and she immediately glared at Feng Yong with a fierce whisper, “Don’t simply talk about Zang Yi!”

The EA.2 members immediately kept quiet.

Of course, Lin Huang did not know that the EA.2 members were discussing him in the foggy world.

Getting out of the foggy world, he returned to the Fallen G.o.d Land again.

The Leech Pods which b.l.o.o.d.y had left there were soon activated.

About ten minutes later, Lin Huang then received the updated map of the organization and the distribution of monsters.

Seeing b.l.o.o.d.y’s result of the distribution, Lin Huang was startled. “Is this the right one? Why have the number of monsters increased compared to 20 days ago?”

“Yes, the number of monsters have increased,” Blood confirmed, “There seems to be a unique rule being imposed on the ruins whereby the undying species and the spirit types can be constantly summoned.”

It came to this conclusion because part of its Leech Pods had parasitized in the monsters’ bodies. The monsters being parasitized had witnessed the changes and their memories were stored. Right after the Leech Pods were activated, the stored memories would be transferred to b.l.o.o.d.y’s knowledge base.

Lin Huang frowned. “It’s actually a good thing to us. We have more monsters to hunt now.”

“However, based on the map, aside from a few of the unknown regions, it seems like most of the places have been explored.” Lin Huang studied the map carefully again. He could not find a suitable location to go monster hunting.

After exploring for tens of days, the union and the underworld began to unite their members. They no longer fought solo. The organizations divided the Fallen G.o.d Land into small segments like a whole cake.

“There are fewer people in the forest situated in the northeast. The level of the monsters over there isn’t high and it’s only occupied by a few of the smaller organizations. However, although there are fewer people over there, they are scattered all over the place. We can easily into humans when we hunt.” b.l.o.o.d.y did not have any good suggestions. “Other than that, we have control of the central region which is the largest area. There are many monsters over there, but it’s occupied by three big organizations.”

“If we can’t find a place to hunt for monsters, let’s go for those that are occupied.” Lin Huang was much more confident now after fighting the Nightmare Dragon’s will. “Let’s see if there’s any region being occupied by the underworld.”

“That’s great,” b.l.o.o.d.y sighed in relief.

Previously, Lin Huang did not want to have any conflict with humans. However, since 50 days had pa.s.sed, the humans seemed to have scattered all around the Fallen G.o.d Land. He was unable to look for a suitable place to hunt for monsters where he would not into humans.

b.l.o.o.d.y soon circled 12 regions and he numbered them accordingly.

“12 of these places are being occupied by the underworld and there’s no union around them. I’ve numbered them from the weakest to the strongest.

“Region No. 1 has the weakest overall ability whereby the strongest monster is on crimson gold-rank and there are only three of them. It’s been taken over by the Purple Crow, Saint, and Charm. There are seven of them on black gold-rank and tens of them are on immortal-level. The strongest member is on yellow gold-rank.

“Region No. 12 has the strongest overall ability. It’s occupied by Dynasty, the Purple Crow, Saint, and the heretics. The four strongest people are on white gold-rank and there’re a total of 13 imperial-level. None of them is on immortal-level. The strongest monster is on purple gold-rank and there are only three of them.”

“Let’s start from region No. 1 then.” When it came to fighting the underworld, Lin Huang would not hold back his ability.

He summoned Thunder which went all out and arrived at region No. 1 in less than an hour.

After recalling Thunder, Lin Huang summoned the three pseudo-mythical-levels, Lancelot, the Regal Sword Killer, and the Evil Dominator. He summoned the two knights, the two Dark Crescent Snakes, and Kylie as well.

After the large-scale slaughter in the foggy world, the combat strength of Kylie’s Nephilic Judges had leveled up to immortal-level rank-9. However, only a few of them had gone through their third mutation. Despite the fact that many of the monsters from the foggy world exhibited dark attributes, only a few of them had completed their third mutation. Regardless of how many mutated or double mutated monsters were killed, the Nephilic Judges were unable to upgrade to Nephilic Angels. Over the past 20 days, there was only a subtle increase in the number of Nephilic Angels.

When they returned to the Fallen G.o.d Land, it was a great opportunity for an upgrade.

Be it Kylie’s Nephilic Judges or Lancelot and the rest, they were capable of fighting a crimson gold-rank. This was also the reason why Lin Huang had summoned them this round to hunt for monsters.

“Let’s kill all the immortal-levels as soon as possible. There are many of them. If we were to fight the crimson gold-levels, they’ll probably inform the rest if they discover there’s a fight going on. After killing all the immortal-levels, we’ll have to kill the black gold-ranks followed by the crimson gold-ranks.” Lin Huang soon distributed the tasks to each of them.

Guided by b.l.o.o.d.y, Kylie and the rest soon left and went after their hunting targets.

In less than 15 minutes, Kylie and the rest had secretly killed the first batch of monsters. Those who were on immortal-level rank-9 were unable to fight Kylie’s Nephilic Judges, Lancelot and the rest at all.

Before they could inform anybody, they were all murdered.

The imperial monsters soon targeted the second batch of monsters after being guided by b.l.o.o.d.y.

Only one out of seven of the black gold-ranks was not killed and managed to inform the others about the battle.

Despite having caught the attention of the three crimson gold-ranks, the outcome of the battle was a foregone conclusion.

b.l.o.o.d.y suddenly changed his mind, making the black gold-rank the bait. He managed to bait the three crimson gold-ranks. Kylie and the rest then besieged them.

Three waves of battle ended within an hour.

Region No. 1 had officially become Lin Huang’s territory.

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