Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 891 – I Have Assistants!

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Chapter 891: I Have a.s.sistants!

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Lin Huang flew to the coordinates b.l.o.o.d.y gave him easily. He landed slowly when he saw a building that looked an ancient castle.

There was no such complete building left in the Fallen G.o.d Land at all. The ancient castle was just a structural-type relic.

Most structural-type relics of such a big scale were expensive. Relics of the same quality were just slightly cheaper than a battles.h.i.+p, but its price-performance ratio was lower than a battles.h.i.+p.

A battles.h.i.+p was an attack weapon that was similar to a G.o.d Crasher. Furthermore, it was mobile. However, apart from having a higher defense compared to a battles.h.i.+p, such a structural-type relic only had the upper hand of being much smaller than a battles.h.i.+p.

However, compared to a battles.h.i.+p, such a structural-type relic could not contain large-scale weapons or travel. Its practicality was much lower.

In reality, structural-type relics were not entirely redundant. Some of them were more practical.

The most practical one would be a battle fortress which was also popular. Such a relic could contain a ma.s.sive amount of large-scale weapons. Furthermore, it was a mobile relic in the form of a fortress. On a certain level, its practicality was even higher than a battles.h.i.+p in wars. However, its cost was over ten times more expensive than a battles.h.i.+p of the same level. It was rare with less than ten of them in the entire world that people knew of. It was even lesser in quant.i.ty than G.o.d relics.

Naturally, there were still people who would purchase such structural-type relics as it was great for showing off.

As soon as it was activated in the wild, everyone would know that you were rich.

Just like the ancient castle before Lin Huang’s eyes, it would be in high demand at an auction. It could be easily sold at the price of a demiG.o.d relic.

To be honest, most people could not afford it. Even demiG.o.ds would not spend money on such a thing.

It was completely useless to Lin Huang who was all about practicality. He would rather dig a cave in the mountain wall.

However, his mood boosted when he saw this relic.

The reason being he was sure of one thing — the people who were coming to stop him were pretty rich!

Lin Huang took a careful look at the entire ancient castle as he landed slowly.

The ancient castle occupied over 300,000 square meters on the ground. The main building was five floors tall while the walls were 12 meters tall. The round sentinel tower was almost 40 meters tall.

Although he could not see what was happening inside the ancient castle, Lin Huang was very sure that the people there were watching him.

Indeed, through the window in the ancient castle, Huang Tianqi and the rest were observing Lin Huang who came alone.

“His combat strength’s only immortal-level rank-4…” The 13 of them sensed Lin Huang’s combat strength clearly and doubt rose in them at the same time.

An immortal-level rank-4 person had killed imperial-level yellow gold-ranks?

“Whether it was him who killed the people or not, there’s no reason for us not to meet him since he came here on his own.” Huang Tianqi grinned. He was the first who got up and leaped out as soon as he opened the window.

The other three imperial-level white gold-rank Dynasty members caught up with him without hesitation.

The four of them landed on the wall at the entrance of the ancient castle with one of them standing in front.

Lin Huang lifted his head and looked above the entrance. He glanced at the three imperial-level white gold-rank members behind Huang Tianqi and eventually fixed his eyes on Huang Tianqi.

‘People from Dynasty?’ Lin Huang identified the few people right away. Only people from Dynasty would dress in that p.o.o.p-yellow color on the streets.

Huang Tianqi, who was dressed in golden armor, stood on the wall looking down at Lin Huang who was beneath. He released his imperial-level purple gold-rank aura without holding back towards where Lin Huang was.

The three imperial-level white gold-rank members behind him staggered back immediately and leaped to the top of the main building. They were afraid of being impacted by the terrifying aura.

Naturally, Lin Huang, at whom the aura was aiming, sensed Huang Tianqi’s show of power. However, an imperial-level’s aura was just child’s play to him since he could withstand the petrifying aura coming from a G.o.d like the Nightmare Dragon’s carca.s.s.

Huang Tianqi’s suppressing aura was considered powerful among the imperial-level purple gold-ranks. Lin Huang felt it like it was a gentle, soothing breeze coming at him.

Huang Tianqi had been observing Lin Huang’s change of expression. However, apart from his clothes fluttering slightly, what he expected to happen never did.

He thought Lin Huang would kneel onto the ground and would not be able to get up from his terrifying aura.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, an ordinary immortal-level rank-4 cultivator would definitely kneel down as soon as he encountered an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse’s aura. He might not be able to stand up from such powerful aura.

However, Lin Huang who possessed Holy Power was clearly an exception. The probability of him kneeling was slim even if he were to encounter a virtual-level powerhouse’s aura.

Huang Tianqi’s trick was completely useless on him.

The remaining people in the ancient castle had a slight change of expression when they witnessed that.

Huang Tianqi had already released all of his aura. Even the couple of imperial-level white gold-rank members in the ancient castle were rather suffocated while three imperial-level purple gold-rank members looked grave. However, Lin Huang who was at the center of suppression seemed like nothing was happening to him.

“Now, I’m beginning to believe it was him who destroyed our six footholds.” Lei Jie from the Purple Crow had his guard up a little as he looked at Lin Huang.

“Something’s definitely up with this fella.” Xie Pengshan from Saint stared deadly at Lin Huang while narrowing his eyes.

Although Yu Hong from Charm said nothing, he was gripping a short dagger in his left hand. It was clear that he was ready to attack anytime now.

Lin Huang’s current level of ease was completely impossible for an immortal-level rank-4. In reality, it was impossible for anyone on immortal-level to feel as comfortable as him. It was impossible for even supreme geniuses such as Chan Dou and the Five Princes to be at ease facing Huang Tianqi’s powerful aura. One must know that Chan Dou and Huang Wuji had combat strengths of immortal-level rank-9 while Lin Huang was only on immortal-level rank-4.

“Hahaha… Lin Xie from the Heaven Alliance, it seems like everyone in the world underestimated you.” Huang Tianqi’s intent to kill rippled rapidly all over his body.

“I’m flattered,” Lin Huang replied calmly with a smile. His tone was light and there was no pressure on him at all. “I wonder which Duke of Dynasty are you?”

“Huang Tianqi!” Huang Tianqi announced his name.

“Oh, so you’re Duke Qi,” Lin Huang raised his brow when he heard the announcement.

He had heard some names of the imperial-levels from Chan Dou before entering the Fallen G.o.d Land. Huang Tianqi had a combat strength of imperial-level purple gold-rank, and his ability could easily rank the top three among the over 300 imperial-level powerhouses who entered the Fallen G.o.d Land this time.

“Lin Xie, since you’ve heard of my name, let’s not beat around the bush.” Huang Tianqi recalled his terrifying aura and stared deadly at Lin Huang. “What’s your intention coming here this time?”

“Duke Qi, why are you asking this when you already know what my intention is?” Lin Huang could not help but laugh when he heard the question.

“Was it you who killed the people in the six footholds?!” Huang Tianqi’s eyes turned icy gradually. He had an affirmative answer to the question despite asking it out loud.

“I guess,” Lin Huang did not deny it but he added instead, “Although I didn’t do it myself.”

Lin Huang’s straightforwardness caught them by surprise, but Huang Tianqi and the rest were stunned when they heard what he said later.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I have a.s.sistants.” Lin Huang smirked while the four G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls’ silhouettes appeared out of thin air.

Yu Hong from Charm revealed himself almost at the same time. His severed arm holding the short dagger fell to the ground less than three meters behind Lin Huang. He staggered tens of feet away from Lin Huang rapidly, staring fearfully at the little white cat that landed on Lin Huang’s shoulder.

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