Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 893 – Even The Imperial–Level Purple Gold–Rank Surrendered

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Chapter 893: Even the Imperial-level Purple Gold-rank Surrendered

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To Dynasty, every Prince was the top Duke candidates. As soon as they elevated to imperial-level purple gold-rank, they would be the top powerhouse among imperial-level powerhouses and become the person who held the most power in the entire Dynasty.

Huang Tianqi, for one, was elevated from a Prince. Apart from a few demiG.o.ds, his ability ranked No. 2 in Dynasty’s Division 3 branch.

The death of a Prince would be treated as a serious event the same level of the death of an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse.

Not only did that mean Dynasty had lost a potential top imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse, but it was also a humiliation to them too.

Whoever killed Dynasty’s Prince would mean that he created a rivalry with the entire Dynasty. Even if it was a demiG.o.d-level powerhouse who did it, Dynasty would come after him with no mercy.

Throughout the hundreds of years, Bai Qi from the Union Government was the only person who had killed a Dynasty’s Prince and managed to live peacefully.

It was not that Dynasty did not attack Bai Qi, but two demiG.o.ds had died while three demiG.o.ds were severely wounded as a result of the two fights. They had to give up eventually.

Lin Huang killing Dynasty’s Seventh Prince would mean that he had planted an irreversible, deadly rivalry with Dynasty.

Such a grudge could not be solved by compensation. To Dynasty, repaying with blood was the only solution.

Xie Pengshan of Saint forced a smile helplessly while shaking his head upon hearing Lin Huang’s situation.

The conflict he had with Dynasty alone made him give up recruiting Lin Huang entirely because taking him in would mean declaring war with Dynasty.

Although Saint was also a top underground organization, it was slightly behind Dynasty. It was not worth declaring war with Dynasty just for a Holy Son.

Killing the entire Charm’s immortal-level squad would mean making enemies with Charm too.

Taking Lin Huang in would get himself into a rivalry with two major organizations, and Xie Pengshan knew how much of a loss that would be.

One must know that Charm’s Division 3 branch had sent a third of their immortal-level geniuses for the search in the Fallen G.o.d Land this time.

The entire squad dying in Lin Huang’s hands was equivalent to a third of Charm’s future pillar of support being killed in the cradle. Such animosity was nothing less than Dynasty having their Prince killed.

Yu Hong’s intent to kill was rising rapidly as he looked at Lin Huang. He was not mad about Charm’s loss. He was mad because his daughter was Charm’s immortal-level squad leader this time.

More than 20 days ago, he found out that his daughter had been killed in the foggy world. He had been depressed for the past few days because he had no idea who the murderer was and unable to avenge her.

Never had he thought that the murderer would appear before him right now and admit his own doing.

Yu Hong had not said anything no matter how Lin Huang had humiliated him earlier. Now that he found out that Lin Huang was the one who killed his daughter, he could no longer hold his fury back and shouted out loudly, “Lin Xie, you killed my daughter. I’ll kill you today!”

“Your daughter?” Lin Huang was stunned to hear that. He then recalled the day when he had annihilated Charm’s squad. The lady said her father was an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse who was also in the Fallen G.o.d Land and would definitely avenge her. Never had he thought he would really into the lady’s father that day.

“Are you talking about the leading lady? She did say that her dad is an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse.”

Yu Hong stared deadly at Lin Huang. What he had just said confirmed the fact that Lin Huang truly did annihilate the entire Charm’s squad. If looks could kill, he would have murdered Lin Huang tens of millions of times by now.

Meanwhile, the rest who were listening to their conversation that involved the grudge had different expressions of their own.

Xie Pengshan noticed that Huang Tianqi was looking at him. He knew it was time for him to speak now. “Since there’s such a conflict, we the Saints organization, will not interfere. We’ll give up recruiting Lin Xie.” The four underground organizations stood on the same side once again as soon as the Saint made that statement.

The rest of them gave up on the thought of recruiting completely.

The Purple Crow and Saint were mainly fearful of Dynasty and had no intention to be rivals with Dynasty.

Charm, on the other hand, held a grudge with Lin Huang. As the leader, Yu Hong treated Lin Huang as his eternal foe, so it was impossible for Charm to recruit him at all.

Meanwhile, for Dynasty, no matter how powerful Lin Huang’s talent was, the rules were the rules. One would have to pay the price with their life if they killed a Holy Son, so it was impossible to recruit the murderer into the organization. If such a thing happened, there would be many geniuses who would come after Dynasty’s Princes just because they had stunning talent and potential.

If that happened, would there be any dignity left for Dynasty?

Since the four major underground organizations had shown where they stood, the situation was self-explanatory.

Noticing that Yu Hong’s arm had yet to recover, Huang Tianqi did not plan to wait any further. He began to move after speaking to everyone though voice transmission.

The four imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses moved quickly, going after the four G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls each.

Huang Tianqi went after the Ninetails Lynx that attacked earlier while the Purple Crow’s Lei Jie and Saint’s Xie Pengshan went after the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Divine Sun Tree respectively. Meanwhile, Yu Hong, who had yet to recover, charged at the Nightmare Tapir that had the lowest combat strength.

Whether they were hiding or not, the remaining imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses stared at Lin Huang.

They were waiting to attack once the four Combat Souls scattered.

However, the Nightmare Tapir which body was only around two meters long lifted its long snout and trumpeted out of nowhere.

A circle of invisible sound wave rippled like waves. Its speed was hundreds of times faster than the regular speed of sound. It rippled through everyone instantly.

Huang Tianqi and the other three imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses stopped moving while the other nine imperial-level white gold-ranks fell from the sky to the ground directly. n.o.body knew if any of them survived the impact.

Disdain flashed through the Ninetails Lynx’s eyes. Just when it was ready to seize the opportunity to kill them, Lin Huang spoke through voice transmission, “Don’t kill them. The Evil Dominator won’t get the subst.i.tutes if you kill them. Just drain their Life Power.”

The Ninetails Lynx was a little reluctant but obeyed anyway. Its body turned into a white ray of light as it dashed forward. In the next second, Huang Tianqi and the other three of them had their limbs severed. They turned into stick figures with no limbs.

In intense pain, Huang Tianqi and the other three finally came out of the dreamland the Nightmare Tapir had created.

The four of them noticed what happened to their bodies as soon as they woke up, and they looked around frantically.

Although they would not be considered as having lost all of their battle techniques without their limbs, they still lost most of their abilities. All they could do was to use their Life Power to recover as fast as they could.

Soon, they noticed the imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses who had fallen to the ground. They had no idea if they were still alive or not. They then looked at Lin Huang and the little monsters in fear.

The four Combat Souls were amazingly powerful!

In reality, Lancelot and the rest that were on pseudo-mythical-level could fight imperial-level yellow gold-rank powerhouses with their imperial-level black gold-rank combat strength. According to Lin Huang’s speculation, a real mythical-level Monster Card would have an ability that surpa.s.sed pseudo-mythical-level on which Lancelot and the rest were by heaps. It should not be difficult for imperial-level black gold-ranks to fight imperial-level purple gold-ranks.

Lin Huang’s four Combat Souls were at least on par with supreme G.o.d-level Monster Cards at the moment. It would be nothing for imperial-level black gold-ranks to defeat imperial-level purple gold-ranks, let alone if their combat strength that was on imperial-level crimson gold-rank and imperial-level yellow gold-rank.

Even though Huang Tianqi and the rest were the best of the best among all the imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses, they were still a distance away from the Ninetails Lynx which ability was close to demiG.o.d-level.

Lin Huang thought the one-sided battle was expected.

One must know that Ninetails Lynx and the rest could kill imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses like they were cutting vegetables in dreamland.

Lin Huang was not fond of playing around with his opponents. However, both imperial-level purple gold-rank and imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses surpa.s.sed b.l.o.o.d.y’s Leech Pods’ abilities.

Making them the Evil Dominator’s subst.i.tutes by draining their Life Power would be the optimum choice of seizing the resources.

He had even thought of the way to handle the bodies.

Each and every one of them here was worth an extremely high reward at the Union Government whereby they could be sold at a price ten or even hundreds of times higher than monster of the same combat strength. Combined, their bodies should be able to redeem a G.o.d relic.

It was none of Lin Huang’s business what the Union Government would do with those bodies.

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