Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 895 – Volleyball Game

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Chapter 895: Volleyball Game

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huang Tianqi and the other three imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses used their Life Power mainly on the demiG.o.d armor relic’s defense and the regeneration of their limbs.

Naturally, the defense of the demiG.o.d armor relic was difficult for the Ninetails Lynx to cut through. However, it sliced at the gap between the joints of the armor the first time. The surfaces that were out of the coverage of the armor depended on the defense layer that extended from the armor.

It would be very difficult for a person who had the same combat strength as Huang Tianqi and the rest to break through their defenses. However, such a defense layer was nothing too difficult for the Ninetails Lynx which had the ability to suppress them.

The four of them had their armors detached from their bodies for the first time after their limbs were severed. They were only left with the armor on their upper bodies and helmets. Their overall defenses dropped by more than 70% compared to the time they donned their full armor. Now, the difficulty for the Ninetails Lynx to severe them was much lower.

However, the draining of Life Power from the continuous regeneration of their limbs was still insignificant to Lin Huang.

“The regeneration of their limbs is too slow, causing their attack frequency to be low.” Lin Huang had an idea all of a sudden after thinking to himself as he stared at the four of them.

He spoke to his four G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls including the Ninetails Lynx while grinning.

For some reason, the Nightmare Tapir had sympathy in its eyes as it looked at the four of them after hearing Lin Huang’s voice transmission.

This time, the Ninetails Lynx moved suddenly without waiting for the four of them to regenerate their limbs.

It turned into a white figure as it raced out while its white cat claw was imprinted brutally on the demiG.o.d armor relic that Huang Tianqi wore.

He felt an intense tremor that came from his chest. He had no idea how many bones were crushed while his heart almost burst. He could no longer control his body as he shot out like a cannonball.

Right at that moment, the shadow of a whip came from the air and struck hard on Huang Tianqi’s back.

He spat a mouthful of blood out as a result of the attack and his flight route changed without resistance. He had no idea how wounded his back was at the moment.

Just when he was shot less than three seconds away, the Destructive Divine Mammoth whipped its trunk and smacked the side of Huang Tianqi’s body hard.

He could clearly sense that his left waist had been crushed.

Before he could whine about his waist, his body was shot out once again.

A moment later, a cat claw came flying in the air again and imprinted on the right side of his body with a terrifying force.

His right waist was crushed at that moment.

Lei Jie and the other two were dumbstruck while watching the three bullies messing with him like he was a volleyball.

Huang Tianqi had no time to heal himself as the three Combat Souls were attacking him one after another. The Life Power in his body was absorbed insanely by the demiG.o.d armor relic almost every second to keep up with the defense.

Huang Tianqi knew very well that if not for the demiG.o.d armor relic that had absorbed most of the impact, he would have died many times by now.

However, Huang Tianqi only managed to hold on for less than three minutes as he faced the attacks coming from the Ninetails Lynx and the rest that were a.s.saulting him almost without reserve. His Life Power was completely drained.

Since the demiG.o.d armor relic had no more Life Power to charge it, it retreated back into his body automatically.

Watching a whip shadow darting in the air at him, Huang Tianqi closed his eyes helplessly. He accepted his fate of death was the price of his defeat.

However, he felt a rope-like thing rolling around his waist and releasing him in the air.

When he opened his eyes, he was lying less than ten meters away from Lin Huang.

He also saw a long-snouted leopard on Lin Huang’s right staring at him. It seemed to be waiting to see if he would have any more trump cards with him.

He forced a smile helplessly. There was no Life Power left in his body and he did not even have the energy to heal his organs, let alone regenerate his limbs to fight.

He laid on the ground like a piece of salted fish. He looked at the sky above him. Suddenly, he realized that it had been years since he had felt so relaxed like he was at that moment.

Lin Huang glanced at Huang Tianqi and spoke to the Nightmare Tapir through voice transmission.

The Nightmare Tapir gazed at Huang Tianqi, his pupils turning black all of a sudden. In the next heartbeat, Huang Tianqi fell into a deep slumber.

After handling Huang Tianqi, the Ninetails Lynx, the Destructive Divine Mammoth, and the Divine Sun Tree headed to Lei Jie and the other two.

They were in a frantic and their faces had turned pale. They knew what kind of torture they would be experiencing without even having to think about it.

The three out them shot out like cannonb.a.l.l.s as they shrieked devastatingly. Meanwhile, the Ninetails Lynx and the other two monsters turned into three rays as they chased after them.

In less than five minutes, the three wounded, limbless human sticks were sent to Lin Huang. The demiG.o.d relics on their bodies were nowhere to be seen.

Lei Jie and Xie Pengshan had lost all of their hopes. Despair showed on their faces.

Yu Hong, on the other hand, was staring deadly at Lin Huang while rage was written all over his face. However, he could not speak due to his broken voice box.

Lin Huang put them into a line using telekinesis, devoid of any expression on his face. He then summoned the Evil Dominator and Killer.

“Apart from sword cultivators that belong to Killer, the rest will be yours, Evil Dominator.”

Killer took a step forward without hesitation and chopped Lei Jie’s head off.

The Evil Dominator was grinning as he did as Killer did, chopping the heads of Huang Tianqi and the other two off.

The demiG.o.d relics in the four’s bodies came out automatically as soon as they were dead.

Lin Huang used telekinesis thread to pick up the four heads and demiG.o.d relics, then put them away in his storage s.p.a.ce.

He turned and walked to the pile of severed limbs of Huang Tianqi and the rest. He used telekinesis thread to put the demiG.o.d armor relics’ parts away.

After handling the four imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses, the nine imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses who were stuck in the dreamland should have their Life Power drained very soon.

Lin Huang and the monsters only waited for two to three minutes before the nine imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses’ demiG.o.d relics withdrew back into their bodies.

The Evil Dominator attacked without thinking twice and killed seven of them in a row.

Killer swung his sword immediately and chopped off two sword cultivators’ heads. He then walked to Lin Huang and shared the three sword cultivators’ inheritance with him.

Lin Huang closed his eyes and then nodded to Killer slightly after digesting the inheritance.

As he recalled the four G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls, Lin Huang used telekinesis thread to put the nine powerhouses’ heads and the demiG.o.d relics that came out of them away.

After he was done with all that, Lin Huang browsed through the 13 headless bodies. He then summoned Lancelot, Kylie and the rest after making sure that he had not missed out any valuable items.

“We’ve taken down region No. 7. Let’s proceed with the hunting.” The 14 Monster Cards scattered as Lin Huang ordered, beginning a new round of hunting under b.l.o.o.d.y’s guidance.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away, the imperial-level powerhouses who were in charge of region No. 7 were waiting for good news from their organization’s seniors anxiously. They were eager to return to region No. 7 to begin hunting again.

However, n.o.body heard any news after a day had pa.s.sed.

On the second morning, someone from Dynasty finally could not take it any longer. He took the initiative to contact Huang Tianqi, but the communication device used by Dynasty’s internal team could not be connected from morning until afternoon. The person began to realize that something was off.

The Saints began to suspect something was wrong too.

On the third day, the people from Dynasty and the Saints basically confirmed that Huang Tianqi, Xie Pengshan, and the other imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses were dead.

On the fourth morning, a Dynasty imperial-level yellow gold-rank who was an expert in stealth technique went to region No. 7 secretly. He wanted to know exactly what had happened. Soon, he saw the headless bodies scattered all over a battlefield that was turned into ruins. He did not dare to go any nearer, but he could identify who they were from the torn clothes on their bodies.

His scalp turned numb and he had weak knees when he saw the limbless bodies. He summoned a Dimensional Portal immediately and crawled into it.

What he had no idea about was that Lin Huang had brought his summoning beasts team to region No. 8 an hour before he came checking on the powerhouses.

The news of the underground organizations’ four imperial-level purple gold-rank and nine imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses being killed spread through the entire Fallen G.o.d Land that very noon.

All the organizations that entered the Fallen G.o.d Land were shocked to hear the news!

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