Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 897 – The First Mythical–Level Monster Card!

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Chapter 897: The First Mythical-level Monster Card!

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Every summoning beast went all out on the battlefield.

b.l.o.o.d.y separated its parasitic army into two groups. The team consisting of thousands of triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monsters were responsible for killing immortal-level rank-9 monsters while the team with monsters above imperial-level would be responsible for killing imperial-level black gold-rank to yellow gold-rank monsters.

The Evil Dominator used an imperial-level purple gold-rank subst.i.tute right away which was Yu Hong’s body expert in Lin Huang even handed the expert-grade demiG.o.d short dagger relic that Yu Hong usually used to the Evil Dominator. With the demiG.o.d relic, he could kill one monster in every attack, even when he encountered imperial-level white gold-rank monsters.

Lin Huang did not get the Evil Dominator to fight even though they encountered imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters a few times. Instead, he summoned the G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls to put it to an end as fast as they could.

Meanwhile, Lancelot and Killer had been practicing their skills with imperial-level yellow gold-rank monsters earlier. To boost their killing efficiency, both of them were only attacking imperial-level crimson gold-rank monsters now.

Bai and the rest had been practicing killing monsters which ranks were higher. Instead of fighting imperial-level crimson gold-rank monsters, they were fighting imperial-level black gold-rank monsters now. They had a unique bloodline in their body, so fighting monsters of the same combat strength was child’s play to them.

The Warlord’s mechanical army, on the other hand, did not challenge themselves by killing monsters of a higher rank. Just like Bai and the rest, they were only killing monsters of the same rank, causing them to have terrifying efficiency.

After all, they had many opportunities to practice, but such an opportunity to kill was rare.

Among all of the teams, Kylie’s team was the only one that had the same responsibility. All they did was clear the triple mutated monsters with dark attributes. Her Nephilic Judge army would have Nephilic Judges evolving into triple mutated Nephilic Angels everyday. She was closer to evolving to become quadruple mutated.

The monster army that given their all experienced a few folds’ boost in their killing speed.

After clearing region No. 8, Lin Huang and his army took a day and a half to clear the areas the two union organizations had left for them. They then headed straight to region No. 9.

Before arriving at region No. 9, Lin Huang had heard from b.l.o.o.d.y that the Union Government was not the only one that had carried out the retreat strategy. The underground organizations had also decided to vacate the remaining few joint regions as well.

After all, the remaining high management had a similar combat strength with the 13 powerhouses that Lin Huang had killed earlier. Furthermore, the high management’s ability was even slightly weaker than the 13 of them. Instead of coming after Lin Huang for revenge, they were worried that he would come after them.

Lin Huang thought that it was a waste for the underground organizations retreated at their own will. After all, the effort to kill the underground organization members was minor. Moreover, the killing could boost the number of b.l.o.o.d.y’s puppet army and he could obtain more Sword Dao inheritance when he encountered sword cultivators occasionally. However, Lin Huang expected such a decision to come from the underground organizations.

It only took Lin Huang and his army three days to clear region No. 9 as well as the three joint areas around it. They then headed to region No. 10…

It was the 31st day since Lin Huang returned to the Fallen G.o.d Land which was the 81st day since the opening of the Fallen G.o.d Land.

When Lin Huang’s summoning beast army was almost done clearing region No. 10, the very last Nephilic Judge in Kylie’s Nephilic Judge army finally completed the triple mutation and elevated to Nephilic Angel.

As soon as the 368-strong imperial-level black gold-rank Nephilic Angel army was formed, they vanished from where they were together with Kylie.

Lin Huang could sense that Kylie had returned to her mini world.

He could not go into the mini world without Kylie’s invitation, so all he could do was wait for Kylie’s evolution to be completed patiently.

The summoning beast army did not stop fighting just because of Kylie’s departure. They proceeded to fight and their killing efficiency was barely affected.

After spending three days to clear region No. 10 and the areas around it, Lin Huang headed straight to region No. 11 and region No. 12 with his Monster Cards.

This time, Kylie’s evolution went on for seven days. She had just completed the evolution when Lin Huang and the rest began their killing spree in region No. 12.

Just when Lin Huang sensed the change of the card in his body, Kylie walked out of her mini world.

There was a thin golden mask covering her face. It hid her entire face and her white pupils were the only thing showing. Her purplish-gold fauld covered her from her upper body all the way down while the metal fauld on her lower body covered her knees, but the black hemline extended all the way to her ankles. It seemed like even the hemline came with defensive power.

The 36 pairs of black wings on her back were releasing a terrifying aura. They were clearly weapons to attack.

Another thing that had gone through changes would be the spear in her hand. It looked much lighter than before and was only approximately two meters long. It was dark purple in color with sigils all over it. There were faint purplish-gold lightning bolts sparkling around it.

Lin Huang could not figure out Kylie’s aura. He could not even determine exactly what her combat strength was.

The 368 Nephilic Angels behind her had a change in terms of looks too.

They were initially Nephilic Angels in silver armor, and now their armor was black. They looked similar to Kylie’s previous appearance and their aura was different from before.

Kylie let Lin Huang take a good look at them before speaking. Her voice came through her mask. “Initially, I wanted to get my Nephilic Angel army to stay so that they could fight for you when I went into deep sleep. But they’ve become part of me now and they can’t be separated from me…”

“Don’t worry about it. I should elevate to imperial-level soon. By then, the summoning authority for mythical-level monster will be activated automatically,” Lin Huang a.s.sured, “I’m worried about you. You’ve been working hard these days. It’s advisable to rest.”

Kylie nodded and said nothing else.

The 368 Nephilic Angels behind her turned into black rays and penetrated into Kylie’s body one after another. Kylie’s body disintegrated automatically and turned into an orange card that lay on Lin Huang’s palm.

“Monster Card

“Rarity: Mythical

“Monster Name: Darkness Judge Master (Lightning Attribute)

“Type of Monster: G.o.d’s Blood (Pure Blood)/ Nephilic Judge Tribe)

“Nickname: Judge

“Combat Level: Imperial-level Black Gold-rank / Virtual G.o.d (Immature)

“Major: Spear Dao, Lightning Element

“Major Skills: Spearheart, Absolute Judgement, Darkness Purification, Cursed Lightning, G.o.dslayer Army, Holy Power…

“Minor Skills: Seraphic Wings, Seraphic Speed, Elemental Transformation…

“Summon Authority: Denied (to be activated when you reach imperial-level)

“Card Remarks: You finally have a Monster Card that you can show off.”

Ignoring Xiao Hei’s card remark, Lin Huang stared at Kylie’s skill slot for a long time.

Due to the insane amount of monster crystal cores they had obtained in the foggy world, Lin Huang got Bai and the rest to absorb the crystal cores respectively, increasing their skill slots. At the moment, Kylie had more than 300 skills in her skill slots. Lin Huang was dizzy just looking at them. He just scanned through them and gave up the thought of looking at the detailed information of each skill.

He then noticed the change in Kylie’s nickname and monster type, so he could not help but asked, “Xiao Hei, didn’t Kylie awaken the Dark Angel’s bloodline before? Why is she a G.o.d’s Blood now? And what’s with the Nephilic Judge Tribe at the back?”

“It’s not I who decided to make her a G.o.d’s Blood. There are some changes in her bloodline, so I’m not sure what the exact reason is. Usually, there wouldn’t be such a change in bloodline for elevation. Perhaps, something unusual happened during the course of elevation.

“About the tribe at the back, it refers to a race that has successfully created a tribe in the universe. Kylie’s type shows that such a circ.u.mstance explains that her bloodline came from a formidable species. Only a Pure Blood would have their tribe on the card. The reason being that in the universe, only Pure Bloods would be approved by their respective tribes.”

After studying it for a while, Lin Huang recalled Kylie’s card while feeling elated.

He finally had his very first mythical-level Monster Card!

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