Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 898 – The Closing Of The Ruins

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Chapter 898: The Closing of the Ruins

Lin Huang was elated with Kylie’s elevation, but the inadequate summoning authority intensified his pressure.

If he did not elevate to imperial-level soon, the elevation of Bai and the rest would make him be stuck in a pickle whereby he would not be able to summon his imperial beasts. Therefore, he could only pause Bai and the rest’s elevation for the time being.

Meanwhile, triple mutated legendary-level monsters would lose their upper hand when they reached imperial-level. If not for their powerful bloodline, Bai and the rest could not fight monsters that were a rank higher at all. Elevating them to quadruple mutated mythical-level monsters was mandatory and urgent.

‘I must collect more G.o.d Figurines as soon as I can when we get out of here,’ Lin Huang decided secretly.

His summoning beast army proceeded with the hunt since Kylie had elevated.

They had only cleared region No. 12 and the two hunting areas around it an hour before the Fallen G.o.d Land closed.

After recalling all of his Monster Cards, Lin Huang counted the rewards that he had obtained throughout the three months.

There were two G.o.d Figurines, one true G.o.d relic, six G.o.d relics, close to 400 demiG.o.d relics, three true G.o.d inheritances, 14 virtual G.o.d inheritances, 11 true G.o.d methods, over 1,300 sword skills, close to five million monster crystal cores, and close to 200 immortal-level rank-9 and imperial-level Emperor’s Heart Rings.

Apart from the material rewards, the cultivation of Lin Huang’s Twisted Fate Scripture had reached rotation No. 6. Among the four G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls, three of them were already on imperial-level yellow gold-rank while another was not far from there. His summoning beast army had elevated to imperial-level black gold-rank.

Kylie had successfully elevated to mythical-level.

Lancelot, on the other hand, had elevated to pseudo-mythical-level while all of his 18 sword servants were now on triple mutated imperial-level black gold-rank.

The Evil Dominator had the largest improvement whereby he had three imperial-level purple gold-rank subst.i.tutes and seven imperial-level white gold-rank subst.i.tutes.

b.l.o.o.d.y’s imperial-level army experienced a boost on a bigger scale. It had 46 imperial-level yellow gold-rank puppets, over 200 imperial-level crimson gold-rank, and over 500 imperial-level black gold-rank puppets. This army could easily kill imperial-level white gold-ranks and even fight imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses head-on.

It seemed like Lin Huang’s combat strength had only gone up by one rank, but in reality, his overall ability had advanced more than that.

Time was ticking.

What Lin Huang had no idea about was that the union organization and underground organizations finally felt relieved the last few minutes before the Fallen G.o.d Land was closed. For the past ten days or so, they had been worried that the mystery organization which had killed Huang Tianqi and gang would come after them.

In reality, the union organization used some spying techniques to find out what the mystery organization was after. However, b.l.o.o.d.y found out about all their nosing about and put them to an end. Since the efforts were to no avail, the union organization eventually decided to give up with the concern that what they were doing might trigger the mystery organization, causing an unnecessary fight.

On the other hand, the underground organization was behaving like a coward from the beginning until the end. They dared not even investigate the matter because they were afraid that the mystery organization might come after them. After all, the single fight earlier had annihilated half of their high combat strength powerhouses. If another battle broke out, all of their high combat strength powerhouses might be killed.

Initially, they thought it was the union organization that came together to do this and they condemned their sinister act secretly. Later on, they found out that the union organization had vacated many areas at their own will while their members with high combat strength had gathered in the central region. They seemed to be ready for a war to break out with someone else. It was then that they only realized the union organization was not the culprit.

On 1st February at 9 a.m. sharp, a white light sphere appeared above the central region of the Fallen G.o.d Land like a sun illuminating the entire ruins.

Just when the people noticed the unusual phenomenon happening in the sky, the white light sphere intensified, and all they could see was an intense white before their eyes.

When Lin Huang got his vision back, he realized he was at the entrance of the Fallen G.o.d Land.

The black crack that looked like a Virtual Eye was still there in the sky, and it was exuding a terrifying aura like a giant beast that was ready to devour the world.

Lin Huang was almost sure that anyone who insisted on entering the entrance when the Fallen G.o.d Land was shut would be torn apart into pieces by the energy of the crack

He then s.h.i.+fted his focus from the sky to his surroundings. There were people everywhere. Clearly, they were the partic.i.p.ants who had survived the ruins.

However, Lin Huang noticed there were only around 3,000 people, which was less than half of the 8,000 people who had entered the Fallen G.o.d Land before.

The high management of the Union Government, the Hunter a.s.sociation, Dynasty, and the rest were waiting not far away.

Most of them had an aghast expression on their faces as they gaped at the members who had survived.

The demiG.o.d branch leader of Division 3, who was the Third Prince of Dynasty’s face was pale when he saw the remaining members from Dynasty. He shouted at the few imperial-level Dynasty members from far away, “Where is Huang Tianqi?! Where are the Seventh Prince and the immortal-level team?!”

The remaining imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses from Dynasty shrunk as one of them informed Third Prince about what happened through voice transmission.

Not only did the Third Prince lose his calm after hearing that, but he was also even more furious now.

“All of you are useless! You don’t even dare to investigate who killed Huang Tianqi and the rest. Furthermore, you only heard the news of the Seventh Prince and the immortal-level team being killed by a local organization from someone else. Why are all of you even here?!”

Another person who was just as enraged as the Third Price was the demiG.o.d leader of Division 3 Charm, Yue Ji. However, she did not reveal her rage on the spot as the Third Prince did.

She said nothing after asking about what had happened to Yu Hong and the immortal-level team while looking livid. The intent to kill vibrated from her body.

The happiest ones were the few union organizations including the Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation.

The had lost less than 20% of their members and all of their imperial-level purple gold-rank and imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses had survived. Only less than five of their imperial-level black gold-rank to yellow gold-rank members did not make it this time.

Lin Huang glanced through the crowd quickly and soon saw the short, young man Tong Lin who had spoken to him before they entered the Fallen G.o.d Land. His combat strength had elevated from immortal-level rank-6 to immortal-level rank-7.

“What? This fella’s still alive?” Lin Huang was rather surprised because Tong Lin had ordinary abilities and was not even considered a genius. He must have immense luck to be able to survive.

As he looked away from Tong Lin, Lin Huang soon saw Huangfu Lin of the Sweep Alliance. Her combat strength was already on immortal-level rank-9, and her aura had been even more powerful than Shen Tao’s before entering the Fallen G.o.d Land.

This lady’s ability was much more powerful than Lin Huang had estimated earlier.

Lin Huang looked away again and soon noticed Tan Lang and the rest.

The nine of them were still alive. Tan Lang and Shen Tao had advanced to imperial-level black gold-rank. Although the rest did not improve in terms of combat strength, the intensity of their aura was now higher.

Recalling what Gong Sun had said before, Lin Huang fixed his eyes on Li Jia. However, he suddenly turned to look at him at that precise moment.

Li Jia smiled at him as their eyes met. He then turned to speak to Tan Lang and the rest, pointing in Lin Huang’s direction.

Tan Lang and the rest looked over immediately as elation filled their faces the moment they saw Lin Huang.

Lin Huang smiled at them and nodded. He then walked towards them through the crowd.

“I knew you had to still be alive!” Shen Tao smirked.

“You’re always on your own. You didn’t even contact us after getting out of the foggy world,” Tan Lang grinned while speaking.

“It wasn’t that I didn’t want to contact you guys, but the communication device’s broken, so I can’t use it.” Lin Huang came up with an excuse. In reality, it was he who had broken the communication device.

Naturally, Tan Lang and the rest noticed that his combat strength had elevated to immortal-level rank-4, but they did not find it odd. After all, he had already achieved immortal-level rank-3 three months ago.

After chatting with each other, Tan Lang began to get down to business.

“Initially, I didn’t have high hopes of elevating to imperial-level this time because the Life Base that I want is very rare. Never would I have thought I would find it in the Fallen G.o.d Land and could advance to imperial-level with Shen Tao.

“I’m sure every one of you knows the Genius Union’s rule. Members will be removed from the list as soon as they elevate to imperial-level and will no longer be eligible to be in the Genius Union. In other words, both of us are no longer Heaven Alliance members.

“However, I want to say that we’re always Heaven Alliance members. Whether our combat strength elevated to imperial-level, demiG.o.d-level or virtual G.o.d-level, the Heaven Alliance will always be the family that we fought for.

“If anyone of you encounters any troubles at all, please contact me, Tan Lang. If you ever need my help. I’ll do everything I can to help. Everybody has each other’s number, so please keep in touch!”

“Me too. I’ll definitely help as long as I can!” Shen Tao said while pounding his chest.

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