Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 899 – Returning To Division 7

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Chapter 899: Returning to Division 7

It was the 2nd of February at foothold No. 3A5, Wanbao City.

As the sky was getting dark, a man whose body was shrouded in a black robe and hoodie walked into the Wanbao Auction.

Ignoring the crowded stalls in the auction and the people walking in and out, the man walked straight to the lady in uniform who was in charge of customer service.

“Hi, Sir. May I know if I can help you with anything?”

“I have a business opportunity that I would like to speak about with your boss.” The man whipped out a golden card that was half the size of a palm and showed it to the lady.

The female attendant recognized it as a VIP members.h.i.+p card right away. She nodded immediately. “Sure, Sir, our boss is here today. Please give me a moment and I’ll get the manager to bring you to the boss’s office.”

“There’s no need for the trouble as long as he’s here. I know how to get to his office.” The man breezed straight to the office area.

She dared not stop him. She allowed Lin Huang to go in, but she informed the manager immediately.

The man opened the door and went straight into the office when he arrived at the entrance.

The man with a ponytail, who was playing games on the Heart Network, looked up all of a sudden. He was stunned by the appearance of the man in the black robe. The moment the man removed the hood, Tang Xu could not help but exclaim out loud, “Sir?!”

“Seems like you still remember me.” The man smirked but his smile gave one gooseb.u.mps.

Tang Xu could not help but s.h.i.+ver. Just when he was going to say something, a manager arrived at the entrance, clearly having sprinted over and gazed at the black-robed man as he looked concernedly into the office.

“Boss, this guest…”

“I know. You may leave now,” Tang Xu dismissed lightly.

After getting rid of the manager, Tang Xu stood up and studied the man before him in excitement. “Sir, are you selling something or purchasing resources this time?”

“I have a batch of some rather valuable items but I’m not sure if your auction will accept them or not.” The man plopped onto the couch comfortably.

Tang Xu poured him a cup of tea immediately. “Please do tell me more, Sir.”

“Ten demiG.o.d relics…” The man took a sip of the tea and proceeded to continue slowly, “Two G.o.d relics.”

“Two G.o.d relics?” Tang Xu was completely dumbstruck.

There had only been three G.o.d relics that appeared in the entire Division 3 throughout the past hundreds of years. However, the man before him had announced that he had two G.o.d relics as soon as he arrived. It would be odd if n.o.body felt indifferent hearing that.

“Would you accept them? If not, I can always look for someone else.” The man in the black robe caressed the surface of the teacup softly with his fingers while he set his eyes on Tang Xu like he was looking at a harmless little creature.

“We’ll accept them! You have my word, Sir,” Tang Xu a.s.sured immediately. No G.o.d relic had appeared even in Division 1 for more than 30 years. If he accepted those, his Wanbao Auction would definitely shoot to instant fame.

“Sure, tell me about your requirements.”

The black-robed man nodded in satisfaction. “Two G.o.d relics. I won’t sell them for Life Crystals. I’ll only trade them for items. Also, the buy-in of each relic must be two G.o.d Figurines. The proceeding bids after that do not necessarily have to be G.o.d Figurines.”

“Must the starting bid be G.o.d Figurines? Can’t they bid with other items of the same value?” Tang Xu asked immediately. He found out about a G.o.d Figurine’s real value after Lin Huang’s lucky bid last time.

“No, it must be a G.o.d Figurine.” The black-robed man’s tone was determined.

“Alright then…” Tang Xu could only accept the strict condition. It was the seller’s request after all and he was just the middle-man. “Can I take a look at the two G.o.d relics?”

“Sure.” The man agreed and nodded right away. He then took out the two G.o.d relics which were a sword and a spear.

Tang Xu fell into a trance immediately. He could not take his eyes off the items, and only snapped back to his senses unwillingly after a long time.

“Shall we talk about the details now?” The black-robed man looked at Tang Xu while smirking.

Lin Huang had not slept for three days at the Magical Sky City’s Central Library.

He had been ‘staying’ there ever since the Union Government sent him back to Magical Sky City. The Central Library was open for 24 hours all year long.

Apart from less than half an hour’s rest in between, Lin Huang spent almost all the 72 hours throughout the library.

After all, he was only given a three-day pa.s.s with level-one reading authorization from the Union Government.

Lin Huang initially planned to bring b.l.o.o.d.y there in order to memorize all of the useful information he could access with a level-one reading authorization using its Supreme Intelligence.

However, later, he found out that the Central Library only allowed access to humans while imperial monsters and pet monsters were prohibited. There was even a ban set for demiG.o.ds whereby they were killed if they sensed a monster’s aura right away. It was a sure death even if the monster that came in was on imperial-level purple-gold rank.

After learning about such a rule, Lin Huang had to give up the idea of bringing b.l.o.o.d.y in and took the mission up himself.

For the past three days, he had used three Provisional Transformation Cards to borrow b.l.o.o.d.y’s Super Intelligence for the highest efficiency in the absorption of information.

He got the idea of using Provisional Transformation Cards in such a brilliant way from Xiao Hei.

With the help of Super Intelligence, Lin Huang obtained the memorization and a.n.a.lytical abilities which were on par with b.l.o.o.d.y’s. After spending some time to filter through the data, he spent the next three days memorizing over 30,000 bits of knowledge accessible with level-one reading authorization.

During the half an hour of ‘rest’ in between, he used his Cloning Card and Disguise Card to create the demiG.o.d-level powerhouse just like before. He used them to head to Wanbao City to auction the two G.o.d relics, which were a spear and a sword, off.

The condition of trading the G.o.d relics was very simple. They could only be traded with G.o.d Figurines. Moreover, the starting bid for a G.o.d relic had to be two G.o.d Figurines.

Although Lin Huang mentioned the acquisition of information about G.o.d Figurines, n.o.body suspected him.

One of the reasons was that he had the alibi of being at the Central Library when his clone appeared in the Wanbao Auction.

The other reason was that demiG.o.ds had acquired G.o.d Figurines in the past before in order to remodel their Combat Souls. The demiG.o.d Lin Huang disguised as was not the first demiG.o.d to make such an odd request.

Even if the people from the Wanbao Auction found out that the man in the black robe had a ‘master-disciple’ relations.h.i.+p with Lin Huang, they would think that it was the black-robed man who wanted the G.o.d Figurine while Lin Huang had nothing to do with it. They would not think that the G.o.d and demiG.o.d relics the black-robed man possessed had anything to do with Lin Huang. After all, relics of such a level were unattainable for an immortal-level powerhouse like Lin Huang.

Naturally, the appearance of two G.o.d relics at the same time created a stir in the entire Division 3.

Even many demiG.o.ds in Division 1 and Division 2 were shocked. Such a level of treasure was extremely rare. Even Division 1 had less than ten G.o.d relics that showed up throughout the past 800 years; that number was naturally fewer in Divisions 2 and 3.

Apart from the two G.o.d relics that Lin Huang handed over this time, Division 3 only seen three G.o.d relics in the past hundreds of years.

Lin Huang gave the Wanbao Auction the full authority to auction the G.o.d relics off while he freed his hands from the responsibility.

The Wanbao Auction set the official auction date as soon as they released the news of the G.o.d relics being available. It would take place on the 8th of March after the New Year.

On the 4th of February at 10 a.m., Lin Huang’s level-1 reading authorization expired. He then walked out of the library and headed to the long-distance dimensional portal to travel to a different division.

Although it was an exclusive pa.s.sage for transcendence-levels, many of them were heading home to celebrate the New Year. Lin Huang, who had booked his ticket over three months ago, queued until past 2 p.m. and finally walked into the dimensional portal with 29 other people.

His vision recovered after a moment of being in a daze and realized that he was in the White Capital of Division 7 now.

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