Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 901 – Before The New Year

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Chapter 901: Before the New Year

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The first day he returned to Division 7, Lin Huang did not get himself take-out for dinner.

Seeing that the fridge was filled to the brim with ingredients Lin Xin and the Witch had bought, he prepared dinner with whatever was available.

During dinner, Lin Huang summoned Lancelot, Tyrant and the rest, using up all the 15 quotas he had.

Observing what Lin Huang had done, Lin Xie summoned Little 7 as well.

The Seventails’ combat strength was already on crimson flame-level. It s.h.i.+vered, sensing the aura of the imperial-levels. However, as soon as it noticed that they were not enemies, combined with the friendliness of Bai and the rest, they soon got along well with each other.

Lin Xie glanced around and noticed that the one she was most familiar with, Kylie, was not there. She immediately asked, “Brother, where’s Sister Kylie?”

To be exact, there were no gender differences in angels. Despite the fact that Kylie was no longer an angel, Lin Huang was unsure whether she was a female.

However, the way Kylie previously presented herself was actually in the form of a female. She was also one of the few “female” imperial monsters that had made contact with Lin Xin. This was the reason why Lin Xin had asked about her.

“Kylie leveled up earlier and she has now fallen into a deep sleep. I can’t summon her at the moment,” Lin Huang explained.

“I’m glad she’s fine. I thought…” Lin Xin did not continue what she initially wanted to say.

“Don’t worry. My imperial monster won’t be killed so easily,” Lin Huang answered with a smile, shaking his head. Of course, he knew what Lin Xin wanted to say.

After dinner, the sky turned dark. To avoid getting into unnecessary trouble, Lin Huang allowed the imperial monsters to stay indoors.

Bai was sitting by the window, watching the falling snow while enjoying a gla.s.s of orange-colored beverage.

Charcoal’s body had shrunk and it was sleeping right in front of the fireplace. Tyrant was sitting next to it, munching on its dried meat. b.l.o.o.d.y Robe sat on the other side of the fireplace, curiously sizing up the flames in the fireplace.

Lancelot munched on its dried vegetables while watching the projected television in front of the tea table. Two of its close friends, the Evil Dominator and Killer sat on its right and left.

b.l.o.o.d.y and Ghastly were playing chess. Ghastly had lost a few games was evidently unhappy about it.

Lin Xin and the Witch were cleaning the kitchen while the Imp and the Malachian Fiend were trying to help them out.

Thunder’s body had reduced in size and it was playing games with Little 7.

The size of the Herculean King and Bing w.a.n.g’s bodies were compressed to the size of a palm. They were jumping in the room like monkeys. Fortunately, the Witch had set several defensive and robust runes up to avoid the room from being destroyed.

n.o.body would have expected there to be so many imperial-level monsters gathering in the small villa.

Lin Huang quietly went back to his room and opened the communication page on his Emperor’s Heart Ring. After his finger swiped through the contact list, he dialed a number.

After a short while, the video call was answered. The face of an old man was projected in front of Lin Huang.

“My dear apprentice, are you back in Division 7?”

Mr. Fu was in his boardshorts and a mustard Hawaiian s.h.i.+rt. He was lying on a deck chair while drinking a gla.s.s of beverage with a straw. However, the deck chair was placed in a snow-covered land.

“Yes, I just came back today.” Lin Huang nodded his head. He asked, “Sir, where are you?”

“I’ve discovered this Iceland in the Peaceful Ocean a few days ago. I’ve never seen some of the monsters on this Iceland. That’s why I’ve been staying here over the past few days and I’m about to do some research about them,” Mr. Fu said as he s.h.i.+fted the projection lens.

Lin Huang could see that there were some penguin-like monsters on the surface of the ice, but he had no idea what they were doing. Unlike the regular penguins, the limbs of these monsters looked like a gorilla’s and they were muscular. Also, they were covered with thick, white fur. Some of them did not only have two arms but four or six limbs.

Lin Huang was speechless to see strange animals like this.

“These monsters are powerful in the water. They are adept at capturing sea creatures,” Mr. Fu related with excitement on his face.

Lin Huang roughly knew the reason why he stayed on the island. These monsters were free labor to him, helping him to capture what he needed from the Peaceful Ocean.

After chatting for a while, Mr. Fu then got back to his main point. “Are you on immortal-level now?”

“I’m now an immortal-level rank-4. I’m about to level up to immortal-level rank-5.” Lin Huang nodded his head.

“That’s pretty fast!” Although he knew that Lin Huang’s speed of leveling up was fantastic, Mr. Fu was still surprised by Lin Huang’s current combat strength.

Before leaving Division 7, Lin Huang’s combat strength was only on crimson gold-rank. His combat strength had leaped seven ranks higher in less than 10 months and he managed to advance a level higher.

“According to your progress, you can level up to imperial-level after half a year. I don’t need to worry about it then.” Mr. Fu was relieved. He was still concerned about him as he wondered whether if it would be too harsh for Lin Huang to level up to imperial-level in three years. It seemed like Lin Huang could achieve the target in 1.5 years.

“Sir, I have something to tell you.” Lin Huang was not thrilled after listening to Mr. Fu’s compliment. Instead, he was stressed.

He immediately told Mr. Fu about the crack that had appeared at the Abyss Brink. He knew that he would have heard about this, but he might not know the details.

“I’ve heard about this, but I never expected it to be so serious.” Mr. Fu frowned after listening to what he said. “So, based on your speculation, are you saying that the crack will be completely activated after a year or two?”


“It’s much more dangerous than what happened 800 years ago. I’ve no idea whether if we can survive this.” Mr. Fu’s cheerfulness was nowhere to be detected now.

“There’s something else about the training skills at the old epoch.” Lin Huang immediately told Mr. Fu that he had obtained the skills from the Fallen G.o.d Land.

“Are you sure that those are the Virtual G.o.d or True G.o.d skills?” Mr. Fu doubted it.

“I think so. However, there seem to be some restrictions on the Virtual G.o.d and True G.o.d skills. I’m unable to duplicate them.” Lin Huang looked helpless. “I shall visit you after the New Year and show you the jade slip later on.”

“It seems like they’re skills on the G.o.d-level. Only those who’ve mastered Divine Power are capable of duplicating them.” Mr. Fu immediately knew what happened. “You don’t need to come over. I’ll visit you in two days although I might have to disguise myself then.”

“Alright. We can celebrate the New Year together.” Lin Huang nodded in agreement.

After hanging up with Mr. Fu, Lin Huang immediately contacted Yang Ling who was also a traveler so that he could unlock hundreds of Emperor’s Heart Rings for him.

After dealing with Yang Ling, he then contacted the black market in Division 3 to make an appointment to settle the relics and the rest of the rewards he had obtained after the New Year. Since those items were illegal especially because he obtained them from killing the members from the underworld, he could only sell them at the black market.

Having settled what he needed to, he then opened the Heart Network and began to search for relics that he could buy as a gift for Lin Xin. Unfortunately for him, the presents he had prepared earlier could no longer be used now.

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