Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 905 – The True Meaning Of Martial Dao

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Chapter 905: The True Meaning of Martial Dao

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Mr. Fu thought to himself for a moment before speaking again after getting a general understanding of Lin Huang and his imperial monsters’ abilities.

“Now, I can see that your imperial monsters are fine and their personal abilities are very powerful. Moreover, with b.l.o.o.d.y, the power of the battle formation isn’t too shabby, but overall, there’s still room for improvement.

“I’ve thought of two directions for now. Firstly would be for b.l.o.o.d.y to possess Supreme Intelligence. Get it to learn more often. It’s a superb a.s.sistant to you. The more powerful it is, the more powerful your imperial monster team will be. You could prioritize its training.

“Also, you could consider adding some equipment for your imperial monsters.”

“Although the big guy Tyrant has a super powerful defense, there’s nothing wrong with getting it a set of battle armor. Moreover, since he has so much strength, the impact of using large weapons will definitely be better than fighting with his fists. You could get him a hammer, an ax, a mace or a saber. With his current intelligence, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to pick up human combat skills.

“Bai also has great ability and powerful battle consciousness. He’s suitable for learning many genres of combat skills including the sword, the saber, and the spear. He can create a weapon of many forms, so he must unleash that advantage of his.

“You could change the bone spears in the two knights’ hands into demiG.o.d relics and get them to acquire more human spear combat skills.”

Mr. Fu commented on each and every one of the 13 monsters. He raised a number of questions too, including the changing of equipment and learning combat skills that Lin Huang had thought of before.

Lin Huang nodded continuously as he listened.

After he was done commenting on the imperial monsters, Mr. Fu trained his eyes back on Lin Huang. “Now, you. Your overall ability’s already compelling, but the biggest weakest that you currently have would be your low combat strength.

“I only have two suggestions for you. Firstly, elevate yourself to imperial-level as soon as possible under the premise that you won’t hurt yourself. Of course, you’re actually executing it well. The speed of your combat strength elevation is already terrifying. Just maintain this momentum.

“Secondly, break through to level-6 on Sword Dao as soon as you can. If possible, advance beyond that after you’ve reached level-6.”

“Master, isn’t level-6 Sword Dao the final destination? Is there a higher level above that?” Lin Huang could not help but ask.

From the countless doc.u.ments that he had read, all of them only had recordings of up to level-6 on Martial Dao. Level-6 Deity was the final destination of all Martial Dao.

“Let’s talk about Sword Dao. Indeed, the level-6 Deity’s final destination.” Mr. Fu nodded lightly. “But you can actually break through above level-6.”

“Any Martial Dao will experience a transformation once they’ve broken through level-6. Then, the true meaning of Martial Dao will dawn upon them.

“The true meaning of Martial Dao is a power that contains a rule, one that’s comparable with divine skill and elemental rules. Only True G.o.ds can master the rule. Even Virtual G.o.ds can’t master it.

“Theoretically, one could say that a person would have the ability to kill G.o.ds when one masters the true meaning of Martial Dao.

“If you’ve mastered the true meaning of Sword Dao, no matter whether you’re on immortal- or imperial-level, you’ll be able to kill Virtual G.o.ds in theory. You could even harm True G.o.ds!”

Shock was written all over Lin Huang’s face, but he understood what Mr. Fu meant. “So, the true meaning of Martial Dao is like a sharp blade that could be used to kill an adult even if it’s held by a child.”

“Yes, it’s like a blade to slay G.o.ds,” Mr. Fu confirmed and subsequently became upset and apologetic. “But I won’t be able to get there even before I die.”

“To me, you’re the person who is most likely to attain that level on the entire continent at the moment.” Mr. Fu was only unsettled for a moment before he lifted his head to look at Lin Huang with antic.i.p.ation.

“I’ll try my best…” Lin Huang had no idea what to say. Although he knew very well that he had great talent, it was not ridiculously excellent. The main reason he could reach this level in Sword Dao was because of his Goldfinger, Xiao Hei.

It was already past two in the afternoon when they came out of Mr. Fu’s Kingdom.

Lin Huang thought he would just skip lunch and get back to his room to practice his sword skills.

However, Mr. Fu insisted on cooking. As a Food Hunter, he could not accept someone being hungry.

He looked annoyed as he rifled through Lin Huang’s refrigerator. In the end, he did not use any of Lin Huang’s ingredients and used all the food he stored in his storage ring.

In less than 20 minutes, a few dishes that seemed to be sparkling were served. Lin Huang was dumbstruck, gawking at the spread.

‘The food sparkles? Will I become a G.o.d after eating them?’

Soon, the fragrance wafting from the kitchen spread through the rooms. The Witch was drooling as she lingered around the dining table. Even Lin Xin who was playing Gunmaster in the game pod came downstairs following the fragrance.

“What’s that? It smells so amazing!”

“Master’s cooking. Would you guys want to order anything?” Lin Huang said while smiling.

Lin Xin struggled for a while. It had been less than two hours since she had her lunch. As a lady who was going through p.u.b.erty, she took her figure very seriously. Apart from main meals, she often watched the snacks that she ate. However, she could not handle the amazing smell that was coming from the kitchen. In the end, she decided to give in to the temptation of delicious food.

Six dishes and a large bowl of soup were served. Every one of them looked exquisite with appealing colors of their own.

Lin Xin snapped pictures of the food immediately.

Even Lin Huang, who usually hated taking pictures before eating, could not help but snap one and shared it with his friends.

It was the best meal Lin Huang and the rest ever had.

On the other hand, Mr. Fu stopped eating after trying a few dishes. He brought a bottle of wine out of his Emperor’s Heart Ring while watching Lin Huang and the rest attack the food clumsily.

Lin Xin ate until she was a little bloated before shyly stopping. She secretly got up and returned to her room when Lin Huang was not looking.

In contrast, the Witch did not care about her image as she gorged on the food and moaned with her mouth full, “It’s so good…”

After all of the dishes were wiped clean, the Witch initiated taking care of the cleaning task. “I’ll do the dishes!”

As she brought the plates to the kitchen, she secretly turned her head to peep at Lin Huang and Mr. Fu. Noticing that they were not looking at her, she stuck her tongue out and was ready to lick the sauce on the plate.

At that moment, Lin Huang’s voice came to her ears to warn, “Don’t lick the plates!”

The Witch then put the plate down shyly.

In the living room, Mr. Fu, who was sitting on the couch, asked Lin Huang, “It’s the New Year tomorrow. Don’t you want to summon your imperial monsters out for fresh air?”

“I got them out two days ago, but they were a nuisance and messed up the house,” Lin Huang explained while smiling. “I thought since you were coming, I’d better recall them right away.”

“It’s fine. Let them out. The more, the merrier.” Mr. Fu drank a mouthful of wine and announced, “I’ll cook a feast tomorrow.”

When the Witch, who was doing the dishes in the kitchen, heard the word ‘feast’, she began to listen attentively.

Seeing that Mr. Fu did not mind, Lin Huang nodded and summoned Bai and the rest.

He could not help but feel excited as he wondered what kind of feast Mr. Fu would prepare tomorrow.

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